The Hate List

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Chapter 59 – Angie (Four years earlier)

"Hi, Mum!" I said cheerily as I climbed into the passenger seat of the car.

My mum looked at me angrily. "You're late," she told me. As she started the car and prepared to leave the school car park.

"I'm not late!" I grumbled as I crossed my arms over my chest. My cheery mood from before was destroyed.

"We agreed that we would meet here at 5 o'clock." My mother reminded me. "It's now five ten."

"I lost track of time," I told her. "I was doing my homework."

"I am already leaving for work half an hour early to pick you up. You could at least been waiting for me." My mother complained.

"Why can't you just pick me up when school ends at three fifteen, like everyone else's parents?" I complained. "I'm the only person that has to wait almost two hours to be picked up."

"I would have been happy to send you off to the local public school, but you want to go to a private school because it was where all your friends were going." My mum remained me. "I'm sorry to break the news to you, but private school fees are a lot more expensive than public tuition fees. Right now, I'm working two jobs just so I will have enough money to send you to this school next year."

I fell silent. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I spoke again. "Has Richard paid the child support yet?" I asked nervously.

"Angelica, your useless father hasn't paid child support in over four years. What makes you think he is going to start now?" she reminded me.

I nodded in agreement. Richard Harrington was my biological father and a pretty useless one at that. He had walked at on my mother and me when I was five. One day, he just decided he didn't love my mum anymore. He packed his bags and left.

I still remember that day. I was sitting on the large mailbox outside of my house, as I watched Richard place his bags into the boot of his car. After he had finished packing the car, he came up to me and told me that no matter what happened, he would come back to visit me. He reminded me that even though he was no longer in love with my mother, he still loved me and that he would always love me. Then he got into his car and drove away.

That was the last time I ever called him dad.

For about a year, every day after school, I would wait patiently for him to come back.

On the weekends, I would get up at six AM. I would brush my hair and dress nicely, praying that this would be the day that my father came back for me. That it would be the day that he finally walked through the front door. I imagined that he would come home and tell me he was sorry that it took him so long to get here. That he got caught up with something he couldn't avoid. He would hug me and tell me he loved me and that he was never going to leave me again. He never did come back. It was just a child's fantasy. Like a fairy tale.

Eventually, I stopped waiting. Not because I didn't want him to come back but because I knew he never would.

Three years later, Richard found a new wife. Now they are happily married with two children. My mother and I weren't good enough for him. So he left and found himself a family that was. I was invited to the wedding, but I didn't go. I didn't want to see the women he had replaced my mother with.

The day he got remarried, I legally changed my last name from Harrington to my mum's maiden name McCann. I had always been jealous of Tabby. She grew up without a father as well but, at least, her father wanted her, unlike mine

The remaining ride home was silent and uncomfortable. When we arrived back, we both silently left the car and went inside. It was then that my mother looked at me more closely.

"Angelica, are you wearing makeup?" She asked even more annoyed than before.

"It not a big deal," I told her.

"Your school has a no make-up rule!" she told me angrily. She looked at my long hair that was out. "You are also supposed to tie your hair up for school."

"It's not that big of a deal," I told her annoyed "every girl does it."

"Are you sure of that Angelica?" my mother answered. "I saw Katarina this morning when I dropped you off at school. She wasn't wearing any makeup and her hair was tied up."

"She is a frickin' goody two shoes!" I yelled angrily. Why did my mum always have to bring up little miss perfect's name?

"Language Angelica!" my mother scolded. "Have you gotten your marks back from your last science test?"

I groaned slightly. I had hoped my mum had forgotten about the test. "I got fifty-eight percent."

"That's a horrible mark, Angelica," my mother groaned.

"I still passed. The pass mark is thirty-five percent!" I protested.

"Just because it's a passing grade does not make it any good!" My mother told me angrily. "I didn't spend thousands of dollars sending you to a private school for you to not to try to your school work. What did the other girls get?"

"Millie got the same mark as I, and Tabby got a sixty-two," I told her.

"What about Katarina?"

"Full marks," I murmured.

"You need to try harder Angelica," my mother told me.

"I did try!" I yelled at her.

"Well, it wasn't hard enough," my mother replied.

"I studied all night for that test," I complained. "But nothing I ever do is good enough for you."

"That is not true," my mother protested. "I never said that."

"You didn't have to!" I yelled back. "We both know you prefer to have perfect little Katarina as your daughter anyway."

"I never said that!" my mother yelled back. "Stop twisting my words."

"Just admit it!" I screamed. "You like her better. Why wouldn't you? Everybody else does."

I turned away from my mother and ran to my bedroom. I slammed the door shut. I moved to sit on my bed. There I hugged my legs to my chest and began to cry.

Why does everyone like her better?

What is so special about Kitty?

What makes her so valuable?

No matter how hard I try, nothing ever comes close to perfect little Kitty. Even my best friends, Tabby and Millie like her better.

I pushed myself off my bed and began to pace around my room. That is it, I decided. I am done being one of the sidekicks in Katarina's epic life story.

I am done with her.

Because as long as she is around, I will always be second. As long as she is around, no one will ever care about me.

I just need a new group of popular friends and to turn Katarina into the school loser. Amelia and Tabitha will, of course, choose Katarina. Unless I threaten to tell everyone Tabitha's secret. I smiled. Tabitha would rather die than have anyone else find out she was dyslexic.

As for the other girls in my year level, I was already close with Renate and Lisa. Both of them also wanted to be popular. I would need Grace as well. She is already a total bitch, she could be the one that helps me to keep people in line. I am sure I can get Lisa and Renate to at least pretend to like Grace. I will also invite Alesia to be friends with us. At the moment I just need numbers. If she annoys me too much, I can just get rid of her later. The good thing about Alesia is that she is so desperate to be accepted she will do literally anything I ask. It is kind of pathetic actually. Wherever Alesia goes, the fat friend of hers Maya follows. Maya is just as annoying as Alesia, but for now, I will allow her to hang with us. If she opposes me, I can always get rid of her.

Now for guys. The easy way to keep preteen girls under your control use their hormones to your advance. I already know that Toby is interested is me. All I need to do is to invite him to hang out with us. If Toby comes, he will mostly likely bring Austin, George, and Jason with him which also works in my favour as Katarina happens to have a crush on George. I know Grace is interested in him as well. I just need to find a way to set up Grace and George.

This is all coming together nicely, I decided. I just needed to put the plan into action.

With Katarina out of the picture, I might be able to finally get the only thing I have ever wanted.

For someone else to actually want me.

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