The Hate List

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Chapter 60 - Kitty

"Are you ready?" Millie asked me. She sounded as nervous as I felt.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I answered honestly.

It was Monday recess. Neither of us had seen Angelica yet. Tabby, Blake, Jonah, Jude, and Aiden were in the library with Toby and George. We had already told them that after today, it would all be over. Toby and George now knew that it was us. Like Renate and Denise, they somehow don't hate us for what we did.

After today, our revenge plan will be over.

Millie and I were sitting on the oval in Angelica's usual stop as we waited patiently for her to arrive. My stomach was full of butterflies. I thought I was ready to confront Angelica, but now that the moment had arrived I was no longer so sure.

"Amelia!" Angelica called happily as she spotted Millie. She stopped suddenly when she saw me and sitting beside her. "What is she doing here?" Angelica demanded angrily.

Millie stood up and faced Angelica. "It's over Angie," she told her. She used Angelica's old nickname mockingly.

Angelica turned pale, "What are you talking about?"

I smiled as I stood up to stand beside Millie. "So you haven't figured it out yet?" I asked. I copied Angelica's mocking tone she always used when talking to me.

"Everything Grace said about me is true," Millie told her.

Angelica turned pale. "You're lying," she accused weakly. She was trying to sound confident, but it didn't work. She knew she had lost.

Millie shook her head. "She was right the whole time, and you just thought she was paranoid."

"We were the ones that put the photo of Renate and George kissing in Grace's locker," I told her.

"We exposed Jason as a drug dealer," Millie added. "Which also cause Lisa to leave."

"We found Xavior's other sexual assaults victims, and he was turned in by police as a rapist," I told her.

"We made Denise and Toby realise what they were doing to people like us was wrong," Millie said confidently.

"We created enough tension between your friends that you took out Grace and Alesia all by yourself," I finished.

"And I pretended to be one of your friends the whole time," Millie finished.

Angelica looked at Millie and me. "Why?" she asked weakly. "Why did you do it?"

"For Maya," Millie told her. "So you could never treat anyone the same way you treated her."

"You did all this because that loser killed herself?!" Angelica demanded angrily.

"She was not a loser!" I yelled. "She was a kind, caring person and she was sick. She was sick because of what you did to her! You were the one that forced her into depression and because of that, she killed herself! You're the reason she's dead!"

"This was never about Maya was it?" Angelica demanded as she looked at us. "This was about me ditching you two back in year seven!"

"You are sort of right," Millie told her.

"Millie," I said, looking at her in surprised.

"When I first came up with the idea of taking you down, it was year nine. After Grace stole Kitty's towel on camp." Millie explained. "I was angry and wanted to make you pay for what you had put us through, but I wasn't going to go through with it. You weren't worth it. Then Maya killed herself, and none of you seemed to care. You were all going on about your lives as if nothing had happened. As if a girl didn't commit suicide because of the bullying that you did. That was when I made the decision to act. It was why I shared my idea with Kitty."

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked her.

Millie ignored me. She just kept staring straight at Angelica. "What started as my personal vendetta against you, changed into revenge for Maya?"

"I thought we were friends Amelia," Angelica said annoyed.

"So did I!" Millie yelled at her. She was far angrier that I have seen her. "I thought we were best friends, but then you went and ditched me when a better deal came along."

"Millie..." Angelica started.

"Don't call me that!" Millie yelled. "You lost the right to use that nickname the day you walked away from us. I used to always wonder why you did it, but you know what? I don't fricken care anymore. I don't care why you did it!" Her voice raised in volume with every word. "I am done, Angelica. I am done with pretending to be you friend, but most importantly, I am done caring about what you or anyone else really thinks of me!"

Millie angrily turned around and began to walk away. She stopped suddenly and looked back at me. "Are you coming, Kitty?" She asked me.

"I'll catch up," I told her. Millie nodded and walked off in the direction of the library.

"I am not like her," I told Angelica firmly. "I still want to know why you did it. Why did you decide that you didn't want to be friends with me anymore? And why did you treat me like crap? Why Angie? Why did you put me through that?" I stopped talking suddenly, as I looked down at my feet. I took a deep breath before facing Angelica again and asking the question I have wanted so badly to know the answer to for years. "What did I do to make you hate me so much?" I asked quietly

"I did it because of you!" she snapped at me, ignoring my question. There was a hatred in her voice that I had never heard before.

"What did I ever do to make you hate me so much?" I repeated, this time, louder and harsher.

"It's not what you did, it's who you are," Angelica explained bitterly as if she expected me to just know what she was talking about.

I looked at her in surprise. "I don't follow," I told her.

"Do you have any idea how hard is to be friends with you? No matter what I did, it never came close to what you accomplish!" Angelica screamed at me as she began to cry. “‘Why can't you be more like little miss perfect Katarina?'"

"Who said that?" I asked confused.

"My mum. Every single fucking day we were friends," Angelica told me angrily. "You were little miss perfect and no matter how hard I tried, it was never good enough. You were smarter, prettier, and perfect. Everyone always liked you better than me."

"That's not true," I defended.

"Yes, it is!" Angelica yelled. "That is why I did it. I was tired of never being good enough compared to you."

I stared at Angelica. "I can't believe this," I said.

"This is all your fault," she told me.

"No, it's not, Angelica," I told her as I smiled.

I felt a sense of relief wash over me. For so long I had wondered what I did to Angelica to make her hate me so much. Now I knew. I finally knew the truth. "This was never even about me in the first place," I told her harshly.

"What are you talking about?" Angelica demanded angrily. "You made me do this."

"You did this, not me," I reminded her. "You did it because you were insecure and paranoid. It never had anything to do with me."

Angelica just stared at me quietly.

"You are so self-centred and selfish you couldn't stand the idea of someone being liked more than you," I told her.

Angelica didn't say a word.

"You know, there was a time that I wanted to be you," I told her. "I still hated you for what you did, but a small part of me wanted people to treat me like they treated you. Well not anymore."

"Do you still hate me?" She asked quietly.

I shook my head. "No, I feel sorry for you. I pity you!" I told her harshly. "You're so pathetic that I can't bring myself to hate you anymore."

"I am not pathetic!" Angelica defended weakly.

"Yes, you are," I expressed her. "Your own insecurities caused you to destroy the only true friendship you ever had. If that is not pathetic, what is?"

Angelica lowered her eyes to the ground.

"I look forward to never seeing you again after I graduate," I told her coldly.

I turned around and began to walk away. I suddenly thought of something else to say to her. I stopped suddenly and looked back at Angelica. "Do you know what the really sad part is Angelica?" I asked her.

"What?" She said annoyed.

"I'm actually not that smart," I told her.

"What are you talking about?" She asked me. It was now her turn to look confused.

"I took an IQ test a few years ago, I have average intelligence," I told her. "The only reason I do really well at school is that I pay attention, work hard, do all the homework, and study a lot."

Angelica didn't say anything.

"Do you know what is even sadder?" I asked her.

Angelica shook her head.

"If you put as much work into your school work as you did being a bully, you would be getting better grades than me," I told her. Without another word, I turned around and walked to the library, leaving Angelica all alone.

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