The Hate List

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Chapter 7 - Millie

I took a deep breath before ringing Alesia’s door bell. I could already hear the loud music coming from inside. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was terrified.

The door opened behind it stood Alesia. Her dyed red hair had been straightened and reached her elbows. As usual, she was caked in make-up. She wore a pair of black denim shorts and a sparkling purple singlet with a pair of silver high heels.

“Amelia,” she shrieked excitedly when she saw me. “I’m glad you could make it.” She looked me up and down as I began to regret my fashion choice.

I was wearing faded light blue skinny jeans and an oversized cream jumper with a pair of mint green lace-ups street shoes that I had bought at Target for ten dollars because they looked like the popular Vans shoes. My light brown hair was out and wavy. The only make-up I was wearing mascara and pink lipstick.

To my surprise, Alesia smiled. “Cute outfit, come in.”

I turned around to where my dad was waiting in the car. I waved goodbye before following Alesia into her home. The music was ten times louder once I had walked inside.

The house was full of wasted teenagers.

Most of them I knew the names of because I was in their class at school but had never had an actual proper conversation with. Other I wasn’t are aware of their names, but I had seen their faces before.

I found myself wondering how many of them knew who I was or even cared.

“Drinks are in the kitchen” Alesia explained to me. “And if you decide to drink, don’t drink to get drunk please.” I looked at Alesia in surprise. Noticing my shock expression she told me, “People do stupid things when they are drunk. That is why I am staying sober. So I can make sure no one jumps out of a window or tries to burn my house down.”

“Amelia, over here” I heard someone yell. It turned to see Angelica. Angelica brown hair had been curled into loose ringlets. She had bright red lipstick and dark brown eye shadow. She showed off her model shaped body in a blue button up shirt and black skin tight jeans. On her feet, she wore bright red heels.

I was already shorter than Angelica without her wearing heels. Now I didn’t even reach her shoulders.

“Everyone is over by the couches,” she took me. I nodded in response and said goodbye to Alesia before following Angelica.

Angelica led be to the living room where there was two couch facing each other.

Lisa and Denise sat on the floor leaning against the first couch. They were both holding red plastic cups and were undeniably wasted.

Lisa wore a frilly red top and a denim skirt. Her feet were bare. I noticed a pair of black heels beside her. She wasn’t as caked in make-up this time. While she was wearing a lot of make-up it has been applied in a flattering way

Denise wore a long sleeve, low cut black dress. I was amazed by how much better the dress she was wearing looked on her then our school uniform. The v-neck collar of the dress showed off her chest in an appealing way.

Austin Jackson sitting on the first couch with his legs spent out along the length of it. Renate sat on his lap holding a red cup as he whispers something to her.

Austin was dressing in red jeans and an oversized hoodie.

Renate was a short black flowing skirt and a white button-up shirt with a black collar and black lace up boots the finish just above her ankles. She twisted her blonde hair in her fingers as she happy flirted away.

Sitting directly across from them was Grace and her boyfriend, George Sonnier. They were taking no notice of the other teens around them. George was lying down on the couch with Grace on top of him. George was running his hands through her thick brown hair as they made out.

Toby Wilkinson and Jason Adams stood at the end of the first couch and were discussing something in low voices.

Tabitha sat in the opposite corner of the first couch to Renate and Austin. She looked even more out of place than I felt. She wore dark blue skinny jeans and a black hoodie.

She hugged her legs close to her chest while staring at the floor.

“I’m back,” Angelica announced. “Get a room,” She told Grace and George as she walked past. George was too busy putting his hands down Grace’s pants to notice Angelica.

Angelica walked over to her boyfriend Toby and kissed him. Toby was the same height as Angelica when she wasn’t wearing heels, so he was a lot shorter than her now.

Feeling awkward and out of place, I took a seat need to Lisa

“Hi Amelia,” Denise said giddily. She raised her plastic cup. “Do you want a drink?”

I smiled and took the cup from her and took a sip.

“Your make-up looks really nice today, Lisa,” I told Lisa

“Thanks,” Lisa smiled. “Denise did it for me.”

“Ladies I am here,” a loud voice announced. I groaned knowing exactly who it was. I turned to see Xavior Norton walking towards us as if he owned the place. He wore a white T-shirt with tight black jeans and a leather jacket

“What is that loser doing here,” he snarled when he noticed me on the floor

“I could say the same thing about you,” I replied harshly, before taking another sip from the plastic cup

“BURN!” Lisa shrieked before she burst into a fit of giggles.

“Amelia is one of us now,” Angelica explained as she turned to Xavior

“Well in that case,” Xavior said with his ‘playboy’ smile. “How would you like to spend the night with me?”

I burst out laughing, Xavior’s smile fell instantly. “You’re serious?” I said surprised.

Xavior replied as if was obvious.

“Sorry dude,” I answered, stretching out the word dude. “You’re not my type.

“I will change your mind, Bennett, Mark my words,” he said as he walked past me. “Tabitha” he yelled as he noticed her. He reached out to grab her, but Tabitha pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me,” She warned.

“Lighten up Tabitha,” Grace yelled at her. Tabitha just glared at her

The music changed to single ladies by Beyoncé

“This is our song,” Denise cheered. She climbed to her feet and grabbed on to my arm.

“Come on dance with me,” She said.

Without waiting for a response, she dragged me towards the dancing teenagers with Lisa trailing behind us. I dance alongside them to single ladies.

I am not even sure if you would call it dancing. It was basically swaying to the music while singing loudly out of tune. After the song finished, we just keep dancing.

At around the tenth song, a boy came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

His breath stank of alcohol

“How are you doing tonight, sweetheart?” He said to me.

“Get off me,” I replied as I kicked him so he released his grip on me. I turned around and pushed him away. He looked back at me disappointedly before moving away. I turned back to look at Denise and Lisa. Both had stopped dancing and were no staring at me with a shock expression.

“What did you do that for Amelia?” Denise asked me.

“Yeah Amelia,” Lisa agreed, “He was hot.

I sighed. “I need some air,” I told them. Without waiting for a response, I walked away and headed for the bathroom

I opened the door without knocking first.

Big mistake.

George was inside making out with Grace, his hands in her thin blonde hair

“Sorry,” I yelled as I closed the door. It was only after I closed the door that I realised something

Grace doesn’t have thin blonde hair. Her hair was thick and a greyish-black colour.

I reopened the door. The two teen were still making out having not even noticed me.

It wasn’t Grace that was kissing George, but her so-called friend, Renate.

I smiled as I took out my phone and took a picture. Neither noticed me. I closed the door and walked back to the couch with one thought

Revenge is sweet.

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