The Hate List

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Chapter 8 - Kitty

The locker bay was empty when I entered it. It designed like a big garage like building with three sections different sections. One for the year 10, one for the year 11 and one for the year 12s.

It was the Monday recess after Alesia’s big party. A lot of the year level was still worn out from the underage drinking that occurred there. In my morning Methods class that I shared with

I had left the comforts of the school library to enter the empty, cold locker bay. Unlike the library which was always loud during recess and lunch, the locker bay was filled with an unnatural silence. It was different to how it was before class when everyone would push and shove as they tried to reach their locker.

Angelica and her friends were on the oval. Everyone else in our year level was hanging out far away from the silence and coldness of the empty, locker bay. So no one would see what I was about to do.

Millie had called me straight after Alesia’s party to tell me about Renate and George’s dirty little secret. After the call had finished, she sent the photo. I had immediately enlarged and printed it from my home computer. It was slightly burly, as it had been taken by a mobile phone camera and not a proper camera. I had to put the brightness and contrast up. I edited the photo in a word document so it didn’t look entirely professional. You could still recognise Renate and George, which was all that matter in the end.

I looked around the locker bay. Millie had given me Grace’s locker number, it was 92. I laughed to myself as I spotted the position of her locker. It was a bottom locker. Popular Grace was struck with a bottom locker while loser I had managed to get a top one. The lockers were the same size, but I knew from experience, that having to crouch done on the cold concrete floor is not only annoying but also uncomfortable.

Not even being popular grantees that you will get the desired top locker.

I walked towards her locker; I bent down and slipped the photo through the gap between the door and the frame of the locker. Grace would find it when she came to collect her books for the next period.

I realised as I left the locker bay, that I didn’t feel sorry for what I had just done. As much as a can’t stand Grace, she deserves better than a boyfriend that cheated her with one of her close friends.

I am not even sure it Renate was really her friend or if any of the girls she hangs out with actually like her.

I smiled as I took out a pen and the list from my blazer pocket and crossed of Renate and George’s names.

I will leave getting revenge to Grace.

That girl has anger management issues so this may not end well.

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