The Hate List

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Chapter 9 – Millie I

was sitting in on the oval with Angelica, Grace, Renate, Alesia, Tabitha, Denise and Lisa when the bell rang for the end of recess.

As we all rose to our feet and straighten out our school skirts, there were collective questions of ‘is my skirt even at the back’ and ‘is there anything on the back of my skirt’.

Denise, Renate, Angelica and Lisa all put out their cigarettes as we headed off to the locker bay to get our books for next period.

I was filled with nerves on the walk to the locker bay. I knew that Kitty had placed the photo inside of Grace’s locker; I just didn’t know what her reaction was going to be.

There was only one thing I was certain of.

This was Grace.

Whatever the reaction would be, it was going to be big.

As we reached the locker bay, I broke away from the group and headed to my locker and began to take out my English folder. The locker bay was noisy, as usual as more people began to fill it. The noise was however fell silence as Grace screamed.

“YOU BITCH!” she yelled loudly. Everyone fell into an uncomfortable silence, as Grace stormed over to Renate

It was like when you are taking an exam. The room is full of people, but no one makes a sound.

Everyone had turned to look at the angry girl as she slammed Renate’s locker shut and stood beside it, glaring at the French girl.

“What is wrong with you, Grace?” Renate asked.

“You are a backstabbing whore,” Grace angrily told Renate.

Renate took a step back from Grace raising her hands up in front of her. “I don’t know what you are talking about Grace,” she said. She was trying to sound confident, but she was let down as her voice shook.

Grace held up the photo so Renate could see it.

Renate looked from Grace to the picture to back to Grace again.

“Where did you get that?” Renate asked her voice visibly shaking.

Renate always appeared to be carefree, like nothing could ever faze her. Yet at that moment, she reminded me of a terrified little child, who had lost their mother at a shopping centre.

Grace raised her fist and punched Renate. Renate fell to the ground like a stack of bricks. She didn’t even try to find her footing. Instead, she stayed on the floor as Grace yelled at her.

“How could you do this to me,” Grace yelled at her. “I thought you were my friend.”

“No one is your friend,” Renate yelled back. She stayed on the floor but held eye contact Grace in the eyes as she screamed at her. Her voice was no longer shaking, but her French accent was becoming weaker with every word. “No one likes you. Not Angelica or Alesia or Denise or Lisa or Jason or Toby or Xavior or Austin. Not even quiet, innocence Tabitha likes you.”

Alesia, Denise and Lisa all exchanged a glance as Renate mention their names. They didn’t appreciate being dragged into the argument by Renate. Angelica seemed unfazed by Renate comment. Tabitha, however, looked like a startled kitten when Renate mention her name.

“I am pretty sure even Amelia holds a few grudges against you. After all, you were always the worst out of all of us,” Renate continued to yell.

I felt my face pale as Renate name. I am pretty sure I wore the same expression as Tabitha.

“Not to mention if George really loved you he would not have come to me,” Renate yelled, placing an emphasises on the word loved. By the time she had finished her rant, she had risen to a sitting position on the floor.

Grace grabbed Renate’s shoulders and pushed her back against the concrete floor

“What is going on here,” a voice yelled. “You all have a class to get to.” It was Mr Anderson.

He pushed his way through the crowd of students. He gasped loudly as he saw Grace crouching above Renate’s failing body. “GRACE TODD!” He yelled. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Grace looked up at him. She tried to talk, but she seemed to be struggling to find the words.

“Grace, go to the principal’s office now!” he commanded. He turned and noticed Alesia and Denise silently watching the scene unfold. “Alesia and Denise,” he called. “Can you two please take Renate here to the nurse’s office” the two girls nodded and held Renate to her feet. “Everyone else, get to class, nothing to see here.”

As the crowd disappeared, I caught a glimpse of Kitty in the passing crowd. We shared a knowing look before heading to our respective classes.

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