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Today at 3:15pm

By N_Risa All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


It all started when troublemaker Asher - sent to his private school's detention, as per usual- finally decides to interact with a certain raven haired teen who usually sits besides him. It's a shame that no one warned her of his alluring green eyes and his iconic white smile. Oh yeah - they did!

The New Girl besides Me

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” ~ Mike Murdock

Pencils sharpened, papers stacked and clock ticking. Yes! Everything was perfectly in order. She flipped her wrist and casted a knowing gaze at her time glass situated on her left hand. As expected, everything was right on time; just the way she liked it. Habitually, she adjusted her red horned-rim spectacles as a sharp rumbling emerged from the left side of the room.

The sudden click caused a few students to turn their heads and a cherry lipped girl to release a flirtatious grin.

“Good evening Mister Aldrin,” the woman charmed, and with a courteous smile, “Nice to see you again.”

The lad simpered and shot a half-hearted glance around the room in the 5 seconds it took the bell to ring. “Seems like I beat the warning bell again.”

“I’m so pleased that you take pleasure in your detention punctuality,” her voice curt, her face half-smiling.

The moment his eyes glanced an unfamiliar detention resident, he couldn’t contain his sudden adrenaline rush. Taking his eyes off the distracted brown eye lassie, he opted to concoct a witty reply to the teacher, “What can I say Mrs. H.? Wouldn’t miss your dark eyes for the world.”

Annoyed, she quickly conjectured, ” Just sit down Mister Aldrin, I think we all would like the day to be over ” slurring her words even more, she continued in a patronizing tone, “I for one cannot wait for your parents to see the marvelous reasons for your detainment today.”

He ‘tsked’ as he traveled from chair to chair, focusing only on the cherry lipped girl.

The teacher rhythmically tapped her pen as she waited for the others to show. Today, a whopping 16 students were registered to confinement,16; that was 9 more students than yesterday. She watched with distaste as Asher took a familiar seat at the center of the room; how that miscreant loved his attention.

Annex to Asher sat a silky haired blonde with a tad bit too much blush and mascara for an educational setting. Her uniform was infamously altered to highlight her rather buxom features. Her eager almond eyes pierced the side profile of the nonchalant emerald eyed lad.

“Well looky~who decided to sit next to me today!” Rather coquettish, she leaned in closer to Asher to let her golden showers flow closer to him. The fact that it smelt like cherries just brought more attention to her lips.
‘Damn it’ he thought. Honestly he could barely remember the last time they kissed. He briefly remembered her whispering all the things she’d do to him but the kiss-
“Lauren, I haven’t seen you since yesterday” he philandered as his hands instinctively drowned in her sea of voluminous golden locks until he made his way to her scalp, massaging it to her delight. Still she she bit her tounge. A natural reaction to those in similar situations. You see, albeit she enjoyed the free scalp treatment, she always held a slight distaste for men who were unable to correctly pronounce her name.

“It’s Laurel,” easing the new formed tension between them, she reverted to sultry whispers in his ears and idle fingers along his chest. Mind you they were still in detention and a collective 15 people, including the teacher were forced to witness.

‘McAllister, Aldrin, would you two cease and desist; immediately!” Mrs H. cautiously glanced at a sheet of paper ahead of her. Its contents comprised of a chronological list of all the detention students’ name and reason. She grimaced as she looked at 10:23 entry. “McAllister, this is the third time for the week you’ve been here ... and on the same charges!”

“This isn’t juvenile court. Besides... It’s the 21st century, we make-out in the streets and we play footsies under the table, get with it!”

“You know what I don’t get miss McAllister? How do your parents allow you to defame this institute with this lorelei themed, sorry excuse for the school’s official uniform?”

Rising from his seat, Asher laughed, “She’ spoken like a true thot.”

“That’s it! You two... Split. Up. Now!”

“Already on it,” and in a playful manner, he continued, “Won’t happen again teach.”

“You hope your over privileged behind you don’t... Asher, you’re looking at suspension... Corinth private high school will not stand for excess shenanigans!”

In a series of hushed ‘yeahs’, ‘okays’ and ‘whatevers’, Asher took even, careful steps towards the left side of the room; occasionally neatening his school’s tie in the process.

Amused, Mila glanced at the commotion occurring at her right, only to meet emerald eyes and a toothy grin. He pursed his lips to formulate a question but, alas, the sound of his voice was drowned out by the sound of the bell; the sound of the beginning of stolen free time.

“Class, it is exactly 3:15. CPHS detention begins no-”


Startled, the teacher took a harsh step backwards resulting in the murder-by-chalkdust of her new tailored pencil skirt. Appalled, she removed a satin cloth from her purse and began dusting the unfathomable catastrophe from her clothes. Stomping loudly on her heels, she rushed to the door, “To what do I owe this displeasure?” Regaining her composure, the teacher continued, “Belle!”

The timid blonde, only sixteen years of age, shied at her best friend’s side. It wasn’t her fault though, private school teachers always had a knack for instilling fear into the young girl’s mind. Her face was like a wounded puppy and her voice, distressed as a dying rabbit. Precariously, she yelped, “I-I-Imogene isn’t in yet.”

Silence. Only the frame of a rigid girl stood annex her and a comforting young lad behind her.

The teacher began tapping her shoes, “Miss Childs, could you kindly find your way to the classroom!” The woman spoke in an all too familiar demeaning tone which Imogene hated the most. She didn’t deserve to be there and she knew it. And in a flash of fury, Imogene made her intentions known in a rather haughty and priggish matter.

Naturally, this made students such as Jace, Laurel, Julie and even Mila snicker and rile.

“A~hem” Mrs. H. coughed. “Childs, you assaulted another student”

“You mean Jameson?” And as honey olive eyes met a shaded green, they quarreled until she took the seat suspiciously saved for her.

A student at front, completely fed up of their banter, exclaimed, “Oh for the love of Mary, just kiss and make up... Geez!”

Attempting to avoid being noticed, Mila switched her attention to Asher. She knew if she let her curiosity best her, Imogene would catch her in detention and freak out.

Innocently she asked, “You’re from my gym class, right?”

It wasn’t as if she didn’t know him, he was popular; everyone knew him. She just never gotten the chance to talk to him, he was known for his juvenile delinquency after all.

“And math, and English”

“This teacher seems familiar with you. What did you do?”

Pulling out his detention slip,he released a proud grin:

NAME: Asher Aldrin

CLASS: 11th grade

DATE & TIME: 19-02-2016 at 8:42am

REASON: Thumping another student on the head with a Bible while screaming “infidel”

SIGNED: Professor Atkins

GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE: ____________________

Mila could barely stifle her laughter as she leant over her desk to read the contents of his first slip. Mind you, she didn’t fear getting caught by the tightly wounded teacher. Of course not, she fell asleep eons ago, it was the bickering red head behind her she was afraid of. Mila was deathly afraid of disappointing her classmate Imogene.
The girl had this hold on her. Disappointment was never an option!
She laughed at him, “Didn’t peg you for a bible thumper”

Her face slightly dangling beneath his wasn’t helping him ease his upcoming labido. He suppressed a soft moan as he inadvertently reddened at their closeness. She was far too innocent and that was bad, bad, bad! He worshiped those types. By now she was practically sprawled on his desk as she reread his slip with awe. Never had she ever,seen or even heard of anyone bold enough to do the unbelievable! She was amazed.

However Asher’s only concern was how to get her away without physically touching her. For goodness sake, he could smell the moisturizers in her hair and he could even tell you what fragrance her shampoo was ; evergreen spearmint.

Luckily he managed to retain his cool as he whispered a sardonic ‘Har Har’ to the unusually vibrant ravenette. She was gorgeous, fit and , as he noticed before, possess a lot of good assets. All that aside, he couldn’t let the school find out he liked a jock. Now, her closer friends Imogene Childs and Belle Archibald would have sufficed, but everyone knew Imogene was Jameson’s girl - well everyone but Imogene, Jameson and Poppy, but that issue was too sensitive to resolve. And Belle? Even if she was older, she’d still be jailbait. Which meant that Asher’s mind was still stuck on her.

From the back of the class, the prim and proper, model student continued to complain of her wrongful incrimination. She tilted her head to the figure of a young boy faking slumber besides her and he was still wearing that god-awful red hat. In a fit of rage, she lifted his hat and pushed his shoulders in a way that he was sure to topple off his chair.

" The fuck? ” he managed to say, swiping his hat back in the process.

“Do Not Swear” she moped, ” my being here is all your fault ”
Her words were slow, careful; calculated.

He grinned and slicked his fingers into her hand bag until he felt a short rough piece of paper amongst her stuff. “Says here that you assaulted another student AND showed signs of indecent behavior”

“As I said” she quickly extended her hands to his as she stole back her slip, “this is your fault

“Sorry toots, it’s not my fault that you have no chill.”

Satisfied with her own retort, Mila returned to her seat and focused on the open camouflage notebook ahead of her. As she jotted down a series of idle scribbles and dots, Asher just had to be cliché and ask, “What’cha doing?”


“What kind of homework?”


“Mind if I have a look?”

She crinkled her nose and looked at him with disbelief. Occasionally, she’d see his homework scores at the top of Mrs. Mathews desk. And by occasionally, I meant twice a week, because Asher was against 8am math classes and Math on Friday, so his papers usually stayed overnight on school grounds. She couldn’t begin to understand how this lad, who seemed so uninterested in life, could possibly be so smart. With nothing to lose, she replied, “Y- Yeah? Sure!”

He leaned over on her desk and eyed the problem with a careful gaze. With the question still at hand, he made idle flirts and suggestive moves towards the hopeful girl.

“Asher,” she paused and tried to refocus the slightly twitching individual.

“Yeah babe”

Unflattering goosebumps rose on her hands as she pointed to her desk, “The question is down there, not on my face,”

“Uh-huh,” he signed off as he read the question at hand, “Find the roots ... X squared minus 2X minus two, huh”

Asher assumed a catatonic state as he mentally attempted to solve it, or so Mila thought. Worried she took a reassuring hand towards his, “Asher ? You all right?”

Snapping out of his trance, he blurted, “The fuck is this?”

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