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The Dark Truth

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An Ordinary Life

We all wish to be like any other main lead in those dramas that we watch. People who are very lucky to not only find a lover but also to find a good life.

This was something even I wished for when I entered my high school era. My hopes for life were surely high after all the dramas I had watched.

I wanted a boy to like me as I am..... But that's a different story. Cause not everyone is destined to have the main role. And my role was the support character of side heroine.

Yeah... So you might have already thought about how much it sucks to not be the main role but be the supporting one of the side role.....

My story starts from when I was born.... Yeah, it's pretty ordinary like everyone else.

But I wasn't the only one to step in the world. Along with me was my twin sister who looked exactly like me until we were two years old.

So, this where the real story starts from....

At my early years I was quite popular among people near me cause I was kind of an extrovert girl easy to mix with everyone and then those big black eyes and black hair was what made me more beautiful.

I was pretty obvious in people's preferences and could easily make out what were the interests of a person in my later years. Not that I was a boring child or anything. It's just that if I mention it... I bet you will not only be disgusted but laugh as well...

Still do keep in mind that then I was only 2.

INCIDENT 1: So.. I don't exactly remember what happened but my mother was in the kitchen while my father was helping her. While me and my sister were showing each other backs busy playing in our own world.

Then what I remember is me peeing there itself and then swiping it off with my hand to clean it. I really didn't wanted my parents to do it for me so yeah... I did it and when my parents saw this... they started recording it...

It is quite embarrassing but it's just a secret between you and me so you are not allowed to tell to anyone else or your head will be cut off your body!!! Just joking but still please don't tell anyone that I did it.

INCIDENT 2: It was my third birthday and we were celebrating it. My mom had literally called my entire society. But I didn't literally cared cause all I was concerned about was the new white fairy gown with artificial pink rose on the waist line and the sparkle in it's lower part with a pair of wings and a crown and a fairy wand.

While everyone waited for us to come out in an elegant way and all........they were a bit wrong in my case as I ran through the crowd shouting at the top of my voice again and again : "I can fly!!!! I can fly!!!"

Funny right? My early life wasn't that depressing when I think of it.

I was a year younger and 2 minutes smaller than my sister and all my other classmates when I entered the kindergarten. So, at first they weren't quite sure of whether or not letting me get admitted to it but finally agreed.

I totally used to ace all the exams and was the favourite of my class teacher. She used to treasure me according to what I felt.

Then the independence day came and she wanted her class to perform a dance. In that she specially called my mother and asked her to make me practice more as I lagged in it.... a lot....

The next day I don't know what got into me that I skipped half of my junior kg. and directly went to senior kg.

My class teacher saw that through the thin glass between the door. While I passed through there... she looked at me and was like "Where is she going?!"

Before she could catch me and stop me, I had already entered the class and she was unable to do anything. The teacher of the class in which I went didn't even notice me for the entire day until my previous class teacher came and inform her.

Then they called my parents and had a talk that as I was adapting fast.. I could skip my junior kg. and unfortunately my sister was promoted along with me as well.

I have always been clumsy and got many minor scratches until that terrifying day that I still remember.

The alarm clock hadn't went off that day and we were late for school.

As our home was not far from school, we used to walk there. Like any other day we were walking when a crazy person with a motorbike rushed right in my direction and the tire of that bike was right in my knee.

It was bleeding like hell still not even a single tear fell from my eye and instead I was laughing.

My father wrapped it with a cloth and quickly left me at the medic room in the school itself. The nurse herself was horrified at the sight of my wound and shivered with every action of her that she did to treat my wound.

That day my parents treated me to 2 tubs of chocolate ice-cream as I acted very brave and it turned out to be my best day.

Soon time passed and it was my last month in senior kg. We had this special program that we presented at the end of every year. And this time we were going to perform 'Goldilocks and the three Bears' where I was Goldilocks while my sister was the smallest bear.

I still remember how loud she had cried when I had ate her porridge. People say it was the most epic show as people outside the stadium could still hear it from inside the hall.

That's all for this chapter. You might find my book boring but you are still reading it right?

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