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Raven is finding it hard to get over her past. And her only method of coping with the depression is by shutting everyone out. But what happens when a certain carefree and hyperactive football player tries to get into her little bubble. Will she let him in or will she SHUT him out like the rest.

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Chapter 1

“Alright students I need silence”.The redheaded lady at the front of the class room commanded.
The class instantly became silent, from my 2weeks of being in Rocky highschool I've learnt that no one pisses off Mrs.Hart.

“Now where did we stop?...”she continued but I stopped listening.

My grades have drastically gone down and I know mum is probably still gonna be worrying about me,but hey I'm trying..we moved all the way here to Florida,and I really did have high hopes that I'll be able to put everything behind me and move on... but it seems like it got even worst.
I'm in my last year of high school and my present grades will determine if I'll be able to get into college,but from what I'm looking at,my grade is taking me nowhere close to college.
But if moving to Florida didn't help my condition,how sure am I that going to college will be of any help.when I think about it going to college is probably not going to be the best all alone in a building filled with hundreds of boys and girls,using the same bathroom... I'm not so sure.
If I don't at least try to get in,mum would think that I'm returning to how I was back in Minnesota and she'll try to talk me into going for that stupid counseling thing again...that's the last thing I need,and plus I love my mum alot and seeing her always so concerned about me breaks my heart.
I definitely don't want to be among the list of heartbreakers my mum had.

Fingers began snapping at my front and that's when I realized that I zoned out again.

“Young lady as long as you're in my class,you don't zone out,if you're having trouble concentrating you peacefully get out of my class you understand me?”.The cruel Mrs Hart asked.

You could hear a pin drop in the hushed class room as everyone's eyes were on me.
I let out a quiet yes ma'am.

Soon school was over,I picked up my bag and exited the last class of the day.
I made my way out of school and just when I was about to reach my old little car some one yelled.

But it was too late as a ball came in hard contanct with the side of my head sending me to the cold ground instantly.
I groaned,what just happened.

“Woah that was some hit”.a guy I recognized to be the leader of our school football team said as he helped me up.

“You think”.i mumbled.

“I'm so sorry..are you alright?,you weren't there when I threw the ball,I'm so sorry I probably should have paid more attention to my surroundings before kicking it”.he rambled on.

Well unlike most schools the football team here are actually pretty cool,in my two weeks of coming to this highschool I can tell you that the leader of the football team is really nice,and that's what attracts more girls to him apart from his physical looks.
“It's okay, I'm fine.thanks for the concern”.i finally responded.

“ do you need a ride”.he asked scratching the back of his neck.
“Oh no...I brought a car I'll drive”.i said with a little smile.
“You sure...I mean that ball did hit you you really hard”.he pointed out with concern.
“Na it's good”i said starting to get uncomfortable,I usually don't talk to people for this long most especially the leader of a football team.

“YO JASON,YOU COMING OR WHAT?”,one of the football players yelled.

“JUST A MINUTE”,he yelled back.
He began referring to me this time.
"Alright then if you insist that you're fine then I guess I should let it be”.he said with a soft smile.
I remained silent like the ass that I am.
With an unsure look he said
“Okay then,see you later”.and jogged back to his team.

See you later??...with a sigh I walked back to my rusty car and got in.

I reversed and got out of the school to somewhere I'll like to call home but it doesn't feel like it...I only find home in my mum,but she's probably going to be at her evening shift by now.


Life sucks...

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