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Mrs Shara Dellion Smith

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This is my story in which people used me as trash and doormat. Myself Mrs. Shara Dellion Smith, 32yrs old and wife of Mr Dellion Smith, 40yrs old who is an Employee in an IT field and owns an small restaurants. From where to start my story, from my past or present ?

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I am not a Doormat

A Doormat placed to wipe People shoes on entering a building or Home. Same as an doormat, i was used by the people to use me and wipe there worries or anger in them.

Enough right now, everything has an limit. Its enough that people used me for their own benefits and throwed me. Its enough of being selfless and lost my own self respect. Its enough of making others satisfy and happy by loosing my own happiness. Its enough of being innocent and trust people blindly and lose my own identity.

Its Enough now, not anymore be an innocent, selfless and trust anyone blindly especially Loving each and everyone and get only heart broken each time.

What is my mistake in it ? This is my story in which people used me as trash and doormat.

Myself Mrs. Shara Dellion Smith, 32yrs old and wife of Mr Dellion Smith, 40yrs old who is an Employee in an IT field and owns an small restaurants.

From where to start my story, from my past or present ?
Okay let me start from my past,

I was once Ms.Shara Kumar, only daughter for my parents Mrs.Rani Kumar and Mr.Kumar. We are from South India. My life with my parents was not an Bed of Roses but it was an Bed of Thorns. Once my father was best dad, best husband and best man but everything got changed when our other family members and my dad’s friend become jealous of our beautiful world. My dad got changed completely and he become drunken, and starting hitting my mom. He too used to hit me and hates me.

Finally when i was age of 14, my dad and mom got separated. Our other family members used this as an chance and started stealing money from my mom and abuse me sometimes. Whenever my cousins needs help, I have to do it, if not they used to abuse and hit me. Once the work is done, they throw me as an trash. Sometimes they used to ignore me saying - “I am bad omen”.

I got tired of this kind of treatment from people. Once i lost my hope in my life and tried for suicide but my mom saved me. My mother Rani is my best friend and lovely mother who showers me with an unconditional love, supports and encourage me to grow stronger to face this world alone being an single girl. With the help of my mom, i completed my schooling and college. Even my school and college days was not bed of roses but only thorns. I dont have any friends and my classmates used to make fun of me saying “I dont have father”. This had an big impact on me.

Finally at the age of 25, my family forced me to marry an guy who is an womanizer and drunk. Me and my mom tried very hard to stop the marriage but everything went in vain. I got married to the guy my family chosed for me. My life once again turned into the hell and my newly wedded husband started to martial rape me and harassed me. My In-Laws used to abused me. This continues for only an month. After one month of my marriage, i was thrown out of my husband home saying they got bored of me.

I was pushed to depression and unable to come out that torture, i faced in my husband home. Once again my mom helped me and gave her support to overcome from this phase. I got divorce from that hell.

Again i continued my studies in Master degree. I also enrolled myself in fashion designer course and completed it successfully. Now i started to earn myself and enjoying life with my mom Rani happily without anyone’s support. As usual people started their stories seeing me and mom staying alone. But this time i wont be an weak girl and cry for everything. I am not going to let people use me as an doormat and spoil my life. I am not going to backoff from my path of success. My each and every steps in my life was successful with my mom beside me.

Finally now at the age of 32, again i am getting married to Mr.Dellion Smith, age of 40 and who is an bachelor. I was very happy to getting marry to my Dellion who loves me unconditionally and takes good care of me. More than me, my mom was happy seeing my happiness.

Day of our marriage arrived, I was very my much excited to become Mrs. Shara Dellion Smith. My happiness was no bound and i got married to my Love, my Dellion. This is my heavenly day.

But once again my heavenly day has turned into an horrible day and my life has been ended on the same day of my marriage, when my Dellion’s real wife Sonia and their 10years old son Leo visited our marriage. This is an biggest shock to me and my mom after knowing my Dellion is not an bachelor but already has an family - wife and son.

To be Continued as My husband Dellion...

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