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MC Little Treasure

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Four year old Alia is a sweet little girl who is living with her mother and her mother's boyfriend but they were both abusive to her and treat her like a slave. Alexander "Rage" Thomas is Devil Warrior's MC Pres. For him his family and his MC is his life. You touch any of them and you'll never see another day again. But what happens when he suddenly got a call from a social worker asking if he's willing to take in his daughter which he knows nothing about. Find out how he's going to handle this big change in his life. And will Alia ever feel how it is to be loved and cared for especially around big and tattooed man.

Drama / Children
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Chapter 1

Alia POV:

I woke up from the continuous banging on the door. I am so scared, I quickly hide myself in the corner of my small room in our old rundown house. What if it is the same big tattooed men with their motorbikes that always go here to give my mom the funny drink and some white powder? I don't like those men, whenever they drink that funny drink and put that white powder on their nose they all get violent. Sometimes they would even help my mother beat me just because they said it is fun for them to do so.

I don't know what to do. I don't think I can take if they hurt me again. I already got a very bad beating from my mom last night because I drop the plate that I was washing.

She got mad, she keep hitting me with her belt, slapping my face, kicking my stomach and punching me everywhere. She also pick up a piece of broken glass and write the word "useless" on my stomach, she says it is me because I am useless I never do anything right. She said I can't even wash plate properly.

She only stop when someone ring her and then she got out of our house. I cleaned up the broken glass and my blood that is on the floor. I don't want her to get back and see that the place is not yet cleaned or else she would beat me again.

I was shocked when the basement door suddenly opened. I started crying because I am so afraid. I can see a lot of big men wearing the same clothes. Then one of them said softly "We are the police little one, we are not going to hurt you"

"What's a powice? I don't know you please just leave me alone. If you are looking for mommy I don't know where she is" I said while trying to hide more on the corner.

then the man said "We are not looking for your mom little one. We already have her. We are the police, we are the one responsible for looking for bad people and I am sorry to say little one that your mother is one of those bad people that's why we have to get her and locked her up in jail. We are here to get you and look for some other family members of yours so they can look after you and take care of you."

--time skip--

We went to a place the man called a powice stawytion. He gave me burger, fries and chocolate drink but I am not really hungry. I don't really eat a lot, it's not that because I don't want to but because my mom doesn't really let me eat always. She will just give me some bread that already taste bad and some water. That's why I got used to not really eating.

I always cook for her but I am not allowed to eat any of the food aside from what she give me. One time I was really really hungry because it's been a few days since she last give me bread so I try to get some apple from the kitchen table but she caught me and I got beaten for it.

I got back to the present when the Powiceman asked me what my name is. I said "My name is Alia Thomas"

Policeman: "Hi I am Gary, How old are you little one?"

Alia: "I am 4 years old"

Gary: "Do you know who your father is?"

Alia: "No"

Gary: "We need to get some blood samples from you little one to see if you got any family members or relatives okay?"

And I just nod my head. I don't really know who my father is. I only know that we got the same eyes or that we somehow look the same because everytime my mom looks at me she always says that she hates me because she can see him in me especially my eyes.

I flinched from the sudden noise the door made when another powiceman entered and showed some paper to Gary. He read it then a few minutes after he looked at me and told me that they found my birth certificate hidden on my mom's room when they searched the house. He said that my father's name is written on it and he will coordinate with a social worker to see if I can live with my dad. He told me to just wait and gave me some crayons and coloring books. I felt happy because I always see the kids from the playground that I passed by when my mom make me buy grocery or buy her funny drinks do this when they are at the picnic table. They look so happy and seem to enjoy it.

I don't have any friends, my mom won't let me play with other kids. I don't have toys either. I only have one stuff bunny that I call "Cuddles" because it is so soft. I found it on the bin one time when my mom told me to buy her funny drink. You might be wondering why I can buy it for her even though I am just 4 years old, it is because my mom knows the owner of the shop. Anyway when I found Cuddles I hide it first outside our house because I know my mom will get mad if she saw me holding it. I only took it inside when my mom got out.

I hide Cuddles under my few clothes on the broken little closet that I have on the basement. I can't really hide it under the bed or pillow because I only have an old broken matress that I sleep on and I don't have pillows as well just a blanket that has full of holes already.

I was busy coloring when I heard Gary the powiceman said that a social worker is here to talk to me. Then I saw a beautiful woman walking behind Gary, she look nice and smiles at me.

"Hi Alia! I am Bianca your social worker, and I am very happy to inform you that your dad is very much willing to take you in. He was quite shocked at first because apparently your mother didn't told him that he has a daughter but anyway baby he would love to have you" the woman said with a full genuinely smile on her face.

I don't really know what to say. I am afraid. What if he is like my mother? What if he will hurt me as well? What if he also have friends just like the big tattooed man on a motorbikes that comes to our house to have fun with my mom?

There are so many things that goes through my mind that I can feel myself slowly falling asleep.
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