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The Revolution Blues

By Peter C. Ormerod All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Thriller


Rachel Porcher has sterling credentials and a prestigious job at the White House—and yet she’s increasingly convinced she may be more machine than human. Examining the age-old question of what makes us human—refracted through the lens of the digital age—a wide cast of characters revolve, collide, and interweave around the nucleus of Rachel Porcher. Set in dystopia America a decade hence, the lives of Americans have been decimated by corporate greed, automation, ineffective policy, and globalization; all three branches of the U.S. government have been crippled and corrupted; and the Silicon Valley technology bubble has popped, leaving only two rival technology titans, FrienDexx and Brickster, stronger than ever, aggressively expanding to all corners of modern life, including the defense industry. Against this backdrop, follow the members of an as-yet uncorrupted DARPA program tasked with creating the first Sentient Machines, an enigmatic domestic anti-technology terrorist group’s attempt to topple the broken government and the corporate parasites it hosts, and the CEO of FrienDexx’s desperate attempts to obtain the ability to create his own Sentient Machines.


Well I’m a barrel of laughs with my carbine on.

I keep ’em hoppin’ till my ammunition’s gone.

But I’m still not happy,

I feel like there’s something wrong.

I’ve got the revolution blues.

I see bloody fountains,

and ten million dune buggies

comin’ down the mountain.

— Neil Young, “The Revolution Blues”

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