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# 2 | Soulmate

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Chapter 2

The door of the elevator opened smoothly and Jesse guided Elaine out and they walked straight down the hallway and Elaine pointed her finger to their room number “015”which was the last and it was located directly opposite to the elevator.

Jesse nodded as a gesture that he noticed the room and Elaine casually rested her head on his shoulder as they strolled their way to the room.

Jesse took the key from his wife and opened the door and gently pushed the door inwards and accompanied her into the room.

He let go off the knob once they were inside and closed the door behind him. He placed the blue card effortlessly into the “insert” section of the tiny box that was glued on the wall and all the lights switched on by itself.

“Woww...!” Elaine sounded astonished because that was the first time she had seen something that sophisticated in that small town.

The hotel manager, Mr. Henry who was in his early 50s; with his dark brown hair still intact, gave his words to Jesse that he will do whatever he can to make their day feel special and Mr. Henry definitely stood by to his promise.

The bed was fully decorated with rose petals of different colors and there were tiny scented candles everywhere which lit the room to a sunset feel and those fragrant candles somehow managed to mask the cologne that Jesse and Elaine had on them.

It may not be a big deal to anyone but living in a small town where one can only buy candles for birthday and holidays; those scented candles were a surprise element.

There was also a wine bottle and pair of wine glasses placed near the bed and Elaine smiled to herself as it would ended up laying there orphaned because neither of them drink.

“Is he gonna charge us for this extra decor ?” Elaine asked Jesse as she picked up one of the pink rose petal and snuffled the scent of it.

Jesse laughed a little and said, “Of course not hun. He told me it was free. Plus, they do these kinds regularly.”

Elaine took her time to look out from the broad window and saw other buildings was way shorter than she thought; standing in that high rise hotel.

She saw the gas station and also one of her favorite place to go which was the “Benny’s Burger” outlet. She licked her lips as she could literally smell the burger buns from their room.

Oh! Yum!

Most of buildings have turned on their lights and it shined like stars on earth through the night. Elaine looked up to the sky and saw the moon which playfully sneaked behind those storm clouds as they passed through it and it was pretty windy because those lushes trees swayed more than they would usually do.

She turned herself around and found Jesse had already taken off his black suit and his tie. He had them laid lifelessly on the black chair that was next to him.

He also had removed his watch and placed it on the dressing table and undo few of his shirt buttons, revealing a tiny bit of his hairless chest.

She gulped in some air and cleared her throat and that caught Jesse’s attention. He sat on the little dressing chair and looked up at her as he took off his another shoe.

“Are you okay hun?” He asked in a depth tone, and Elaine sensed herself turning pale.

“Sure. I-I’m fine.” She stammered.

He placed his shoes to the side and walked towards her. Every step that he took was like a big leap for her. Her tiny heart began to beat fast. She placed her hands on the window behind her, making sure that she got hold of her balance.

Jesse came to her and without any delay he knelt in front of her. Elaine immediately squeezed her back on the window and closed her eyes because she did not know what he was going to do.

“Let me help you here.” Jesse gently whispered under his breathe.
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