The Unspoken

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Nothing can come between you and your best-friend, right? Wrong.

Drama / Romance
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1.1: The Night

Sterling’s p.o.v.

I groaned as I sprayed myself with cologne. I was already nervous enough about not telling her I'd invited him and he was making it worse. Where was he? We were supposed to be leaving soon and he still was nowhere in sight. Not even a text or a call explaining what was taking so long. How was I supposed make this night one she'd remember without him? All of our best memories included him. Just as I put on my watch, following the thought, my phone pinged with an incoming message.

Dante: I’m so sorry Steel. I just… I can’t. I’m still not ready to see her. She might still hate me.

My movements ceased as I stared at my phone confused. He was really backing out. Let me explain a bit, my best-friend, Violet and I were getting ready for a well deserved night out after the week we’d had. I was going to surprise her with a reunion with our other best-friend who seemed to have just disappeared randomly; but I hadn’t expected him to cancel on me. She was so heartbroken when he left and after everything it ws finally the right time to have him back. Now all of my plans for the night were being ruined.

Sterling: Demon please don’t do this. She needs both of us. I can’t do it alone.

Dante: I really am sorry Steel.

My eyes were starting to fill with tears as disbelief and rejection settled deep in my chest. This wasn’t right. She had no reason to hate him, unless there was something neither of them had told me. Something that I didn’t know about them. Part of me wanted to tell him the real reason I needed him here, but as always I chickened out. Panicking, I dialed his number and listened as he sent me straight to voicemail every time. This wasn’t right and he knew it.

“Sterling,” came Violet’s voice as she knocked on my door before entering. She looked so beautiful and there was an excitement in her eyes that hadn’t been there for a while. I wasn’t going to ruin that. Not even for him. Nothing else matteredright now, but her. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine.” I smiled before pulling her into a hug. One that I probably needed more than her. “Ready to go?”

“I was going to ask you that.” she laughed.

“Let’s get going then.” I grinned as we pulled apart before she grabbed my hand and pulled me until I was following her. It was my goal to make tonight a fun and memorable one. She needed it.

Violet’s p.o.v.

His hands caressed my body as we grinded against each other on the dance floor, rubbing me so softly he was leaving goosebumps behind. I could feel all of him pressing up against my back as we moved to the beat. It was taking everything I had no to moan out loud from the feel of it.

Best-friends weren’t supposed to dance like this with each other. Especially not when they’re the opposite sex. We knew this, but we didn’t care. This was a night that we needed after everything. Our night to have fun. A night to distract ourselves from the fact that we were now single.

“Damn Violet, I didn’t know you could move like that.” he whispered in my ear, his breath tickling my neck. Was he doing that on purpose? Intentionally trying to get a rise of me as to make our dancing okay?

“Did you think all my stories were lies Sterling?” I giggled giving my movements a little extra oomph to prove a point. I could tease him just as well with the things that I knew he liked.

“If I did at first, I don’t now.” he teased placing his hands on my hips. I threw my head back against his shoulder, surprised that he was actually keeping up with me. No matter what I did or how I moved, he was right there in step with me. If I grinded against him a little harder, he was right there ready to throw it right back at me. I could feel exactly how much I was turning him on. I would be lying if I said the seat on my panties weren’t soaking wet.

The more we moved, the more sensual our moves became. We were practically dry humping on the floor. We were three drinks in, not including the few shots we pregamed with, and had been on the dance floor a lot longer than we should have. We were trying to compensate for something else and the longer we danced, the clearer it was becoming. It all boiled down to who would initiate it first.

If he didn’t say anything though, neither would I.

The song that was playing began to fade out as a more uptempo one began. I grinned to myself letting the beat take over my body. I let loose, shaking my ass, popping and gyrating against him as if it was my goal to have him in my bed before the night was over. Again he was matching me move for move, beat for beat. It had become like a competition.

It wasn’t like we were trying to out dance each other, nor were we trying to keep up with each other. We were moving perfectly in sync trying to drown out the drunken horndog telling us to go for it. We were teasing each other hoping they’d be the one to snap and make all of this okay.

By the time the song stopped, we were faced to face breathing hard with our bodies pressed tightly against each other.

“You know, for a second I didn’t believe you’d be able to keep up.” I teased my voice barely a whisper. The fact that I was so close to him allowed me to feel the muscles filling out his body. I allowed my hand to give the ones in his arm a squeeze. The sensation I felt went straight to my pussy as so many dirty thoughts crossed my mind.

“Tell me V, did you think that my stories were all lies?” he shot back with a nasty grin on his face. I hated that I knew all the implications behind both the tone and smile, but I can’t deny that it sent a shiver up my spine. He knew my secret fantasies as well as I knew his. My body felt hot against his and it was for all the wrong reasons. Every part of me was shouting at me to let go of who this was and enjoy the alcohol induced fantasy.

Clearly I wasn’t inebriated enough because I was still fighting it. Despite what my body clearly wanted.

“Um… you want another drink?” I asked, trying to look away from his eyes, but I couldn’t. Reaching up to brush the hair out of his face, I lost it. It was like he was compelling me to make the next move. I don’t even think I blinked as those purple flecks in his eyes began to swirl. Before I knew it my lips were on his kissing him deeply.

I could feel his hands as they slid down my back and cupped my ass. He pulled me tighter against him until my nipples were kissing his. As quick as it all started it stopped.

“How about we just get out of here?” he asked as I nodded, afraid of what my voice would sound like. I wanted him to take me right here so that I could cross something off my list, but I would be too loud and didn’t want an audience for my first time tasting the forbidden fruit.

It had taken nearly no time at all to get back to our apartment. The door was barely closed and locked before his lips were on my again. He had me pressed up against it with my hands being held firmly behind my back. I couldn’t believe this was happening and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I was inundated with feelings that I didn’t want to believe I could feel for him.

“Wait, wait.” I breathed trying to think this through. I didn’t want to regret this and I didn’t want this to ruin everything. I needed to make sure that this was something we both wanted and not just something we were doing because we were depraved and decently inebriated.

“I don’t want to wait V. I need to touch you and I need you to want to touch me back.” he forced out his lip planting kisses along my collarbone. I shivered my knees going weak as he hit a spot I’d forgotten existed. “I want this. I want you, don’t you want me?” his lips were back on mine as his hand crept under my skirt and his fingers slid into me. I gasped before moaning into his mouth as he invaded my insides, automatically hitting my spot and making my toes curl. “I need to hear you say it V.” he growled through clenched teeth as his fingers picked up speed. Already my mouth was going dry and my eyes were rolling into the back of my head. He knew how to touch me in a way that both excited me and terrified me. Or maybe it’s just the excitement of knowing that we shouldn’t be doing this, but were going to give in either way.

“Fuck Sterling! I… I… I want youuuu!” I screamed out, rocking my hips against his fingers harder to fully ride out my climax. A memory of me once telling him that once I got started my pussy was so sensitive I could come all night from anything; even something as simple as an accidental brush. From the look in his eyes, I knew he was going to test how true that was. I could feel as his fingers left me before they started toying with my clit rubbing around it but not quite touching it. It both annoyed me and turned me on. I was very conflicted. “Please don’t tease me.” I begged a violent shiver shaking me weak as he allowed his thumb to bush over my clit quickly. I was already on edge, seconds from coming and he knew it.

“Don’t you remember, teasing is my speciality.” he winked and everything that happened next seemed to blur past with a single blink. I was lifted into the air at the same time his hand was removed from my pussy; all the while he was holding my legs open as he positioned himself between my legs. I was still pressed against the front door screaming for dear life as his tongue swiped against my folds before he suctioned me into his mouth. The explosion that had come from me was so powerful I blacked out for a second. I felt like I had fallen off the face of the earth and came back twice from how powerful that orgasm had been. He had barely gotten started and I was just cumming repeatedly. That didn’t deter him as he continued to slurp and lap at my juices, each touch prolonging my orgasm. Was it dangerous to cum endless for at least ten minutes? “You really are sensitive, huh?” he asked as my legs went limp around his shoulders.

“Apparently your muscles aren’t all for show.” I teased not liking how easy it was for him to get to me. “Could’ve given a girl a warning.” I chastised, but that seemed to only make his cocky smirk widen.

“You wouldn’t have experienced pure euphoria if I did.” he winked, literally letting my body slide down his until my legs were wrapped around his waist instead of his shoulders. I had to admit, I was loving this a little bit too much. Most guys didn’t pick you up anymore and the few that did barely could hold your weight after a while. His lips were on mine again, kissing me slowly, letting me feel the softness of his lips against mine. How they overpowered mine just enough to give me a false sense of being in control. He used just enough force to show he was in charge while also maintaining the fact that my body was in control. I tried to pay attention to what he was doing, but I couldn’t focus on anything other than the deep sensual way he was kissing me.

I was so wrapped up in just his lips that I didn’t realize I was clinging to him desperate to have him closer. I didn’t feel it as he lifted me up and pulled my panties aside. I wasn’t aware of how careful he was sliding into me until he began to stretch me out. I gasped leaving my mouth unguarded as he stuck his tongue in coaxing mine out so that he could suck on it. His hands had found things to do, sending me deeper into a kind of pleasure I didn’t know was possible. I could feel him working himself in and out of me letting me get used to him and when I least expected it, he slammed me onto the couch, filled me to the brim, and rubbed my clit making me scream my release until I was hoarse as he fucked me roughly.

… … … … … …

Somehow we’d made it to at least one of our bedrooms, but I wasn’t sure who’s. Every inch of me was sore and tired. Being extremely sensitive used to seem like such a good thing, but now I’m realizing that they just didn’t know what to do. They were boys and Sterling… Sterling was a man. From the second we enter the apartment has been a sensory overload and I was finding it hard to contain myself. I didn’t even know if we were using a condom or not, but the thought of my best-friend taking me raw had me leaking like a faucet.

“Are you ready for me?” he asked, his voice smooth and rough bouncing from the walls. The room sounded like it had an echo. “What you’re feeling right now is all your senses coming alive. Each inch of you is now as sensitive as your clit. This time when you pass out, you’ll stay out.” Okay, my best-friend was a damn freak and I was loving it. I could feel something cold and wet hit my asshole before his fingers entered me as he rubbed it in. Apparently, we were in my room. Or someone wasn’t being honest about our assplay conversation.

I waited for him to finish, my body already in a constant state of being on edge. All night I let him have full control, but now it was my turn. As soon as I felt his weight denting the bed behind me I moved, making him fall face first into the mattress. He flipped over shocked as I straddled him.

“I think the question is, are you ready for me?” I winked teasing him as I grinded back and forth letting his dick slide between my pussy folds. “Thanks for warming me up.”

I braced myself as he entered me before sliding myself down his shaft until I was completely stretched around him. It was painful, but nowhere near where I thought it was going to be. I knew I wouldn’t last long no matter what I tried to do. The sensation of it all combined was killing me. I threw all inhibitions out the window and just let go. Instantly his hands grabbed my waist trying to slow me down, but I was lost.

“Fuck Violet. Slow down or imma cum in yo ass.” he groaned, but that only charged me up more. I was bouncing on his dick as if nothing else mattered. Again he was meeting me thrust for thrust. The harder he moved the easier it became. I could feel it vibrating through. Starting from the tips of my fingers and toes and working its way through every vein and muscle in my body. I knew what was coming, but I wasn’t prepared for the way it took over my body.

“I’m gonna cum!” I cried out trying to bounce harder, but I was weak. He knew this and took advantage, flipping me over until my back was pressed against his chest with me still on top of him. My knees were bent as my legs were spread on the outside of his. He entered me again slowly working himself in and out so that I could get used to him again.

“Let’s cum together.” he whispered in my ear before his hand gripped around my neck and he fucked my ass without holding back. It almost felt like he was trying to intentionally hurt me and I was shocked by how much I was loving. The obscenities flowing from my mouth each time he bottomed out in me were enough to make a sailor blush.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” I screamed, finally feeling my high start to come down as I came and felt him start to fill my asshole with his cum.

Once we were cleaned up, I was shocked that he came back to my room and laid with me. One thing was for sure, we shouldn’t have waited so long to do that.

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