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A Young Lady's Journal

By Margaret Katerina Hill All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


I will be coming of age in one week and I have three suitors all interested in marrying me, but none of them wish to marry for love but for money. Who will i choose? The man i have become attracted to and wish to marry has suddenly disappeared without a trace after he promised to come back to me and ask for my hand.

Monday the 25th of May 1922.

Dear Journal, it is Monday the 25th of May 1922. I live in Manchester England. My parents are George and Mary Radcliffe, married on Saturday 27th September in the year 1890. They have been married for thirty years. They are happy, loving, love and spoil their four children and want them to marry, live happily and have children of their own one day. They are kind hearted, honest, selfless, supportive and serve their country. George has blue eyes and black hair. Mary has auburn hair and brown eyes. I have two older brothers, Robert James Radcliffe who is thirty years old he is my oldest brother. He is happily married to Maria Costello and they have an eighteen-month-old daughter named Isabella and are also expecting another child in July, he loves his daughter and loves playing with her. He is a big child at heart. Daniel Leonard Radcliffe who is twenty-eight years old and my second oldest brother. He is a very intelligent, reserved man and has a serious nature at times. He has been married for one year to Avery Williams and they are attempting to conceive their first child, he is strong with a medium build; He has strawberry blonde hair with blue eyes. He is very funny, loves to laugh and make jokes. I also have one younger sister, Edith Rose Radcliffe who is fifteen years old turning sixteen in July. She is very hyperactive, and playful and immature at times. She loves to play with her dolls. She is an extrovert, always likes a good joke and to have a good laugh. She wants to have an adventure when she grows up. She has straight auburn hair with blue eyes. My name is Margaret Elizabeth Radcliffe. Today is my birthday, I am now twenty years old born in May in the year 1904. I have a serious nature but I still love to have fun. I am kind, compassionate, optimistic, lady like, always happy, strong, and independent. I love to read and buy new clothes. My hair is straight auburn hair with a slight curl at the bottom, and I have blue eyes. My family call me Maggie or Madge for short instead of Margaret.

It will be my coming of age ball at the end of the month of May.

Today my Mother received invitations for the two of us to go to the ball being held by the Montgomery’s at 4:00, so we are going shopping to buy a new dress for myself as I am now 20 years old and Mother wants to show me off to everyone. Mother won’t let Edith come though as she says she is too young. So, I told Edith that she could come to my coming of age ball.

The ball held by the Montgomery’s was fantastic, I danced for ages, whenever I stopped dancing someone else would come and ask me to dance. Everyone wanted to dance with me, and talk to me, it was like somehow word had got around fast that I was now 20 and eligible for marriage.

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