Captured By The Mafia

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Jenna Smith has just graduated from high school and is moving to New York with her bestfriend Amy and boyfriend James to start their first day of college. Jenna quickly finds out that nobody is truly who they say they are and is pushed to an whole new dark world that she obviously wasn't prepared for. 🔥WARNING 🔥 STRONG LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE!! Readers 18+

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1


Please don't hesitate to ask questions or make comments. Not tolerating any negative comments. Also this is my story so do not plagiarized. Plagiarism is illegal. Thank you please enjoy!😊


Waking up to a very annoying alarm clock and an annoying Amy.

I didn't even get an ounce of sleep last night.To worried about how my first day would be like. I definitely didn't want a repeat of my freshman year in high school. I was constantly being bullied by these girls who felt like I wasn't good enough to step foot in they school. But one day James my friend at the time saw the girls push me into my locker laughing and let's just say the girls never bothered me again. A year later James became my boyfriend.

Present time...

"Come on Jen! We don't have that much time until our first class."

"Ok, okay I'm up! Can you please stop jumping on me already!"

"Just go finish getting dress. I promise I'll be ready in twenty."

"Alright, but you better hurry because James text me and said he is pulling up soon."

I watched Amy excitedly running out of my room. Singing you are my rock by Beyoncé. Shaking my head I get out of the bed to get ready for my first day of college.

I know what you are thinking about. Why is my boyfriend texting my best friend? Well you see 10 years ago Amy was James best friend first. Like they literally grew up together. I just so happened to move next door to them both five years later they knocked on my door to welcome me into the neighborhood and well the rest is history. So,no I don't think it's weird he text Amy instead of me.He probably knew I would be asleep.You know him not wanting to wake me and all. He's thoughtful that way.

35 minutes passed....

"Baby I can't believe you made us late on our first day." James said while looking around for the office.

"Yeah Jenna, you know we had to be here early to speak with the dean about our schedules."

"I said am sorry gishh. I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself."

I notice how Amy rolled her eyes at me with a disgust look on her face. Amy was really starting to make me mad. I guess James notice as well because he had this evil smirk on his face while staring at Amy, nobody paid any attention to the fact I was watching their reactions.

20 minutes later after getting our schedules.

"Well I have literature for my first class what about you guys?" I say while blowing my breath.

"I have history", Amy said then James followed behind her as she begins to walk off.

"Where are you going James?" I asked him suspiciously.

He came to me and kissed my cheek."Babe I have the same class as Amy first period."

"Oh alright then." Why didn't you just say that instead of walking off from me?"

"Im sorry baby, don't look so sad am pretty sure you will do just fine on your own."" Talk to you later?" James says with his devilishly smile that I hate but love so much.

"Oohh...kay just behave James, I mean it."

"Baby I always behave."

"Yeah right," I say rolling my eyes.

James grab Amy and told her to come on while I stood there looking confused Very confused.


It's the end of the day and I have sat on this bench waiting for Amy and James for about an hour now. Wondering what the hell is taking so long.

I begin to walk back to the school building, when I saw Amy coming out of the gym door giggling and James coming right behind her doing the same.

I begin to get angry just watching them enjoy each other company while I sat outside in the hot sun waiting for them for a freaking hour.

"What the heck is so funny I quickly say."

Amy and James had this shock expression on their faces Amy brought her head down while James rushed to me smiling.

"What's the matter baby?"

"Really James, what do you think?"

"I don't understand what did I do wrong this time?" James saying with a furious look on his face.

"Don't you dare James!" "You two left me outside for an hour, where have guys been?"

James was going to speak when Amy came up to me cheering.

"Sweetie don't be mad,I have a surprise announcement."

I stop staring at James to look at Amy to hear what she had to say.

"So there's this party that everyone at the school is going to that will be held at the M Voltage club tonight." "Some girls I bump into told me about it and they invited us to come."

"I really don't know if I should go Ams. I mean it's a school night,I don't want to have a hangover the next morning. I mean trying to have a good year."

"You can have a good year Jen and have a good night."

"I don't know. James are you coming?"

"No baby I'm going to have party with you another time I want to get started on this assignment for pre calculus."

"Oh ok then, well I guess I will go with you Ams, but you better not leave me for some hot guy tonight."

"I won't, I promise."

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