Out In The Wind

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“Oh my gosh! Did you see that last bid!” I scream at the top of my lungs, sitting on the chair in front of Patrick’s desk.

“I told you it’s going to be great!” Patrick shouts back.

I can almost feel the excitement in the room, and the only thing that could make it better as Patrick wraps his arms around me from behind would have been if Mandy and I were still friends and she was here cheering with me.

“I don’t know how I am ever going to repay Mister Graham,” I say, feeling tears sting behind my eyes as I pick up the book from the desk and opening it up, running my hand over the signature inside. “He gave me so much when he gave me this book. This is going to be enough to get us our own place.”

“Cory,” Patrick says as he spins the chair around so that I am facing him. He takes the book out of my hands and gently places it behind me on the desk before he puts my hands on his hips. “Everyone wants to pick you up, because you are the light in our lives.”

I feel myself blush as I look down to his shoes. What does one answer back to a compliment like that? I have never been good with receiving compliments. I have always sort off brushed them off in a way.

“I’m going to do good with this money. I’m not just gonna get us a place. I am going back to the park for Dumbledore. I want to help him as well. It’s the right thing to do,” I say, still looking down.

“Then we do that,” Patrick answers. “See, this is why I love you so much. You always think of others. You are really a good guy. But maybe you should turn around right now.”

I turn myself around in the chair, seeing the last minute ticking down on eBay as yet more bids come streaming in, one after the other. I can feel tears burning behind my eyes as the last few seconds count down and the very last bid comes in. More money than what I could have dreamt of making. Enough to rent our own place, and enough to take Patrick on a real date I will be paying for without any excuses.

“Are you crying?” Patrick asks as he turns the chair around so that I look him in the eyes once more.

“We’re getting our own place,” I whisper. “And I’m taking you on a date. Just us. Together.”

“We don’t need to go on a date to be just us, together,” Patrick says as he pulls me up from the chair.

I feel his lips in my neck, his tongue playing in circles as he draws me so close to him that I can feel his skin through his clothes. But I don’t kiss him back. I push him away and look him square in the eyes, his face full of question marks.

“Are we doing this?” I ask Patrick, watching as his hand almost automatically goes up to push his curls back.

“I don’t know Cory…” he answers. “Are we?”

“We’re talking about the same thing right?” I ask, thinking to myself that whatever he answers now will either make or break what is going to happen next.

“Finally become one?” he answers as I feel a rush going down my spine, finally knowing that the time has come, that I can give myself to him, no matter what.

“You jump, I jump,” I say, smiling slightly as I reach out for his hand, taking it in mine and kissing the palm of his hand and then placing it on my chest to rest there as I move closer, this time pushing him down on his bed, slowly lowering my face to kiss first his one eyelid, and then the next.

“I love you Cory,” he whispers as I draw back, taking off my shirt, my shoes and my pants, standing before Patrick in only my underwear.

For the first time and what I hope will not be my last I experience a little bit of what true love is meant to be. I expected Patrick to look at me with lust in his eyes, losing control like he did last time, but he doesn’t. Instead he gets up from the bed and start undressing, but going one step further than me, pulling down his underwear, revealing his manhood that bounces back from his underwear against his stomach.

“This is me Cory. Just me. It’s all I have to offer you, and I know it isn’t much, but underneath this skin you will find a heart beating just for you, and that can be yours too if you want it,” Patrick whispers.

I swallow on the lump in my throat before I step forward, placing my hands on his chest as I push him back to the bed, making him lay down on his back before I finally drop my underwear as well and lay myself down on top of him.

“You have the most beautiful eyes,” Patrick says, running his fingers through my hair, pushing it out of my face.

“This is the moment where you shut up,” I whisper with a giggle as I feel both our hardons press against each other, the feeling of being this close to Patrick giving me chills all over my body and making me shiver.

“But are you ready?” Patrick asks, speaking again even after I told him not to. He has no idea what I am feeling inside. Aside from being a horny teenager, I am also with someone I actually love, someone who is looking out for me first, and if he says another word, making me realize once again that I don’t deserve someone as great as him, I might just get up, put on my clothing and run into the world never to be seen again.

As an answer I press my lips against his, which immediately makes way for my tongue to enter his as his hands find their way to my back, one moving up to my hair, and the other one moving down to my left leg.

As Patrick’s hands move all over my body and my lips explore his I can feel the gasp inside me, but it’s not until his hand reaches my shaft that I actually let out an audible sigh.

In an instant Patrick rolls me on my back, taking control of the situation, pinning down my hands next to my head as his mouth explores my neck… My chest… I giggle when his tongue moves over my navel, making him look up and smile at me before he does it again, making me giggle a second time. A giggle that disappears as soon as I feel the hot pocket that is his mouth close around me.

“Oh fuck…” I mutter only now noticing that Patrick isn’t even holding on to my hands anymore. I push myself in an upright position, watching his mouth go up and down on me, his eyes focused on mine as I start to breathe heavily.

Not once does Patrick break eye contact, not even when I press my eyes shut, just enjoying the most wonderful feeling I have ever had in my life.

“Stop,” I mutter, making Patrick stop immediately, taking his mouth off me.

“Yes baby?” he asks.

“I want to go all the way,” I whisper. “I want to give myself to you.”

I always thought I would be nervous at this point, but I’m not. I’m not scared at all.

Patrick smiles as me as he pushes a finger in his mouth and sucks on it for a second.

“Just lay back and relax,” he says, and as soon as I feel the duvet against my back once more I don’t only feel his mouth back on me again, but also his finger somewhere a little bit south, circling, searching for an entrance.

I take a sharp pull of air as he enters me, feeling a burning sensation, but trying my best to concentrate on what his mouth is doing as I feel his finger moving slowly, entering me bit by bit.

I take another sharp breath as I feel a jerk going through my body as his finger reaches a spot I didn’t even know I had, making me want to lose my mind, making my hardness ache like never before, the blood pulsing through my veins and my head rushing as I push myself back up, making him pull out of me, his mouth leaving my manhood.

As I stand up from the bed he does as well. He reaches over to the bedside table and open up the drawer, pulling out a bottle of lubrication that he opens up and squirts on his fingers, before he puts it down and pull me against him, making us press up against each other, our hearts pounding in the hot pieces of flesh pressed between us.

I feel the cold against my backside as his finger searches for the entrance and I lock lips with him again as he finds the spot, but this time the kisses aren’t gentle and slow. I can feel as Patrick bruises my lips as I press my nails against his back, making him arch his back, pressing even harder against me, his finger moving faster, making me moan in his mouth before he pushes me down on the bed again, making me fall hard against the covers, empty of his finger.

He grabs me by the ankles and pull be closer to the side of the bed, balancing my feet on his shoulders, standing closer, and closer, and closer…

“Oh my god!” I gasp as he enters me, making me claw the bedding on either side as my head rolls back, arching myself, wanting more of him… So much more.

“Please don’t let this ever end,” I mutter through moans as he moves back and forth, making me breath shallow and heavy all at the same time.

But it does end. All things end.

My life with a father in it ended.

My time on the street ends.

My time of lying ends.

The time of having a mask in front of my face to protect myself ends.

And… When I wake up the next morning with Patrick holding me in his arms, my head resting on his chest, moving up and down in a rhythmic way, I know my time as a virgin has ended, and with that any possible way I could protect my heart against Patrick, because finally we are one…

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