Out In The Wind

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The first day of school is always the worst day of the year by far in my honest opinion. You never know what to expect, and as usual I have nothing to wear just like every other kid in the world. The only difference is that I could not have my one little tradition that my parents always paid for this year. This year I would not be able to walk into school with a brand new outfit. The clothing in my closet, or should I say in the small box stashed behind the couch in the living room of Aunt Barbara, would have to do this year.

A small part of me was excited to go back to school. At least it would be something completely normal again. Something that did not change like the rest of my life did. And best of everything I would be able to see Patrick with his wavy hair. On the other side I did not want to see him at all. It’s not like I have ever seen him being outright judgmental about anybody, but this time I was going back without anything to show, and I have to face it… Patrick is intelligent, rich, good looking, and well… just beyond sexy.

My phone vibrating in my pocket startled me a bit as I looked myself up and down in the bathroom mirror. I didn’t look too bad myself, but there was honestly no way that Patrick would notice me.

Mandy: Should I pick u up?

I didn’t even have to think about it… Arriving at school with Mandy in her brand new Ford Focus, instead of my mom’s station wagon? There was no thinking about it at all.

Cory: Yeah! C u in a bit!

I basically ran down the stairs, almost bumping into Aunt Barbara who was coming up the stairs and has been really nice to everybody the past couple of days.

“Careful Cory!” she shouted with a laugh after me as I turned the corner to the kitchen shouting; “Sorry Aunt Barbara,” over my shoulder.

“What the devil is behind you?” mom asked with a smile as she gave Chloe her sippy cup filled with chocolate milk.

“What? Where?” I shouted as I turned around to look at what could possibly be behind me.

“The fact that you are running at such a speed. I assumed you were running away from something?”

“Yes! I mean, no! I mean Mandy is picking me up for school.”

“Gosh… We should really get your mind checked out Cory,” mom said with a giggle. “Here.”

In her outstretched hand was a five dollar note. I looked at it for a moment, but I didn’t take it. What on earth could it be for? I know very well my mom does not have five dollars just to spare.

“And this?” I asked eyeing the note.

“For lunch,” she said with a smile.

“But… Can we afford..?” I asked, the enthusiasm of getting into Mandy’s new car right out the door.

“Yes baby… Would I have given this to you if we couldn’t? Now take it and go! Knowing Mandy you guys will in any case be late for school, so best not to hold her up.”

“Okay mom,” I said as I walked closer to take the money and give her a kiss on the cheek. “Strongs with today.”

“Same to you honey! Steal the hearts off all your teachers!” she shouted after me as I left the kitchen to grab my backpack in the living room and head out the door.

“I will mom!” I shouted back as I left the house in a hurry just to see Mandy already standing in the driveway with her new car.

“Really? Purple?” I asked as I opened the door to the purple car. “Wait, let me guess? It’s custom by daddy dearest and it’s only so that the whole world can see you when you drive into the school grounds?”

“The official story is that I am partly color blind and this will help me find my car easier,” Mandy said with a smirk. “That way I can get the sympathy card as well.”

You’re so vain. You probably think this song is about you. You’re so vain. I’ll bet you think this song is about you. Don’t you? Don’t you?” I start singing at the top of my lungs.

If I was you I’d wanna be me too!” Mandy started singing back toward me in her very best Meghan Trainor impression.

“God no!!! You are one crazy bitch!” I yell above her terrible singing.

“You have no idea baby!” Mandy yelled as her tires screamed over the road in front of Aunt Barbara’s house speeding along the road on our way to school… or not.

It took me about two minutes to realize that we were heading in the complete opposite direction to what we should be heading at.

“You’re going the wrong way,” I firmly told Mandy, putting on my cross-with-you face which usually failed to draw any sympathy with Mandy.

“Am I really?” she said smiling. “It probably depends on where you are heading, and where I am heading I am completely on track.”

“Where are you taking us? I’m gonna be late for the first day of school!” I argued.

“Oh, believe me, you will thank me for the fact that we’re gonna be late. By the way, we won’t be the only ones being late this morning, or any other morning from now.”

“What are you on about?” I was confused now. Very confused.

“Just wait and see!” Mandy yelled at the top of her lungs making me want to jump out of the window.

“Jeez! Can you scream that any louder?” I asked and added as I realized my mistake; “Don’t! I am sure you can scream louder than that.”

“You better know it! We’re almost there,” she said as she made a left that left me squeezed painfully close to the car door.

“Arrive alive…” I mumbled under my breath. More as a prayer than anything else.

“What did you say?” Mandy asked leaning over to my side.


I was right. The first day of school was the worst day of the year, but this year it would not be for the obvious reasons. It would probably be because I would have to spend it in the hospital after an accident caused by Mandy’s reckless driving.

“And here!” Mandy screamed as she brought the car to an abrupt stop right in front of a very old Victorian looking building.

“Where the hell are we?” I could not hide my annoyance with her anymore. Sure, I loved her to bits, but honestly I was not in the mood to play around and be late on my first day of school.

“This is exactly where you want to be right now,” she said as she climbed out of the car. “Now are you coming or not?”

I had the urge to just refuse to get out of the car before she drove me to school, but knowing Mandy who has always gotten everything she wanted and was therefore a spoiled brat that could very maybe throw a tantrum right there outside the car I got out.

The building was beautiful. There was something about the old age that just drew my attention. Still, it was not the place I wanted to be at that moment. Mandy was very wrong about that one.

I read the sign hanging over the front door of the old house. Miss Valetta’s Bordeaux it said in swirly letters.

“I think you have brought me to a strip club,” I said making my own conclusions from the name.

“You would think so, but no. Both the strip clubs in this town only has female strippers and I have no intention of turning you straight. I am quite happy with watching your adorable love life unfold,” Mandy said as she gave a little giggle whilst motioning for me to walk up the stairs to the front door.

“What love life? It’s non-existent,” I answered as I walked up the stairs. Better just get everything over and done with as quickly as possible.

Everything after reaching the top of the stairs happened so quickly… I saw the door opening which made me immediately stop in my tracks. Then I felt a shove from behind me and I lost my balance. Someone caught me and as I looked up…

“Are you okay buddy?” His voice sounded like molten chocolate, complimenting his wavy dark brown hair that framed his face.

“Uhm… I fell…”

I wanted to face palm myself. I was standing in the arms of what I thought to be the hottest guy in school and I could not even come up with something intelligent to say. I had to state the obvious.

“Yeah,” he laughed. It wasn’t that deep, but he didn’t have a timed voice either. Maybe you would call it average. I would call it perfection. “You’re a bit clumsy this morning.”

“Thanks for catching me,” I said, still not being able to tear my eyes away from his.

“No problem, don’t make a habit of it,” Patrick said with a smile as he released me, even though I wished he would still hold me, because I had no idea if my legs would be able to keep me standing up right.

“Cory,” I said as I stuck out my hand towards him. We knew each other. But we have never met. We were in the same classes. We shared the cafeteria, and I swooned when he walked past in the hallway. But we have never officially met.

“Patrick,” he said as he took my hand. His hands were soft. But not soft like a girl. It was manly, but taken well care off.

“I know…” I muttered, looking down towards his white Converse.

“You do?” he asked and I was just in time to look towards his eyes where one eyebrow was arched high above his left eye.

“We had English and History together last year,” I mumbled under my breath, now slowly cursing Mandy. If I knew where I was going and if I had time to prepare I would not have ended up in such an awkward position saying all the wrong stuff to my crush of the past five years.

“Cool. Well maybe I’ll catch you around,” Patrick said as he turned away and walked down the steps past Mandy.

I kept on watching him as he climbed into his red Toyota trunk and drove away – obviously to be on time for his first day of school, which I would not be on time for.

“You owe me!” I growled towards Mandy as Patrick’s truck drove out of sight.

“I believe the phrase is; ‘thank you’, to which I would say; ‘you are more than welcome’.”

“Shut up,” I told her as I marched passed her and towards her car. I was right. Mandy was out to ruin my life this year and the first day of it was already the worst so far.

“I don’t want to be late for school!” I yelled over my shoulder to where she was still standing in front of the old building, admiring a rose vine climbing up one of the pillars keeping the porch roof in position.

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