The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Leah's unplanned pregnancy is creating unforeseen problems between herself and Jordan. Problems Jordan doesn't see because he's working longer hours to be available when the baby comes. Jordan's desire is to be involved in his child's life and not be emotionally distance from him or her, like his parents were towards himself and Jade. Leah is unaware of Jordan's plans and worries about having to raise her baby alone while Jordan continues to build the Branson's empire. Jordan is hiding behind the Branson Empire so that no one sees his fears, especially Leah.

Drama / Romance
Sabry Singh
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Chapter 1

Leah's POV

Jordan promise to be here and my name is being called but he's still not here.

This is the third visit that he's missing and it frustrates me to point where I can literally hear myself screaming from within.

"LEAH BRANSON!" The nurse dressed in all white with her head bent as she reads from the clipboard, calls for the third time and this time, I didn't miss her impatient tone.

Already standing, I moved towards her slowly, since being six months pregnant is taking a toll on me, especially when it seems as if I am doing this alone.

Staring at me unimpressed because seeing heavily pregnant woman on a daily basis is a norm for her!

"Are you alone?" The nurse asks already turning her back, indicating that I should follow her.

Chuckling, "yes, it seems so." Still in doubt, I glance towards the elevator and the corridor but still there is no sign of Jordan.

Directing me to the patients bed, I wobble slowly not because I am in pain but because I am alone once again.

"Darn you Jordan" I muttered as I make myself comfortable to wait for the doctor to join me for my monthly checkup.

All my frustration disappeared when I saw my baby in the ultrasound.

Smiling, I cover my mouth in awe as I have been doing since my first ultrasound, unable to believe this miracle growing inside me.

"Would you like to know the gender?" Dr. Mehra asks, with a smile.

Jordan and I have decided to wait until the baby is born but he is never here.

Shaking my head, "I don't know." I responded slowly, tempted to know if I'm shopping for a boy or girl.

Turning away from the monitor, "well maybe next time, when your husband comes with you," Dr. Mehra chuckles.

When my husband is here?

When will that be, I wonder and instantly made a decision.

"Yes, please tell me," I didn't miss Dr. Mehra's surprise frown. "I need to start shopping," I laugh nervously.

Pointing to the screen, "it's a boy!" Dr. Mehra says softly and I didn't even know when I started crying, until Dr. Mehra touched my arm.

"Don't overwork yourself," my doctor whispers softly.

Covering my entire face now, I wept in happiness. "We're having a boy and I know Jordan's grandpa is going to be super excited to have a great-grandson, so that his soul could rest in peace. His words, not mines." I chuckle.

I adjust my clothes, while Dr. Mehra continued scribbling on the clipboard.

"Leah your pressure is high," Dr. Mehra lift her eyes giving me a worried look.

Nodding quickly, "okay, please tell me what to do?" Clutching my baby bump, I ask nervously.

"I need to see you next week just to monitor you because I am concern about it." Dr. Mehra knows about my mom, since Jordan made it his business to inform her.

I continued nodding, ready to agree to anything, just to keep my baby safe.

"Should I be worried?" I whispered.

Shaking her head, Dr. Mehra gives me a comforting smile, "no, worrying is only going to make it worse." Dr. Mehra cautions me. "Unless it drops, I will have to continue monitoring you." Standing up, Dr. Mehra hands the clipboard to the nurse beside her.

"Fit her in next week and make an appointment every week, until I say otherwise." Dr. Mehra instructs the nurse, who stared at me, while nodding quietly.

I'm sure my feelings must be showing.

Cradling my baby bump, I felt a soft whimper escaping my lips.

"Leah, I am not saying this to scare you and it's not bad but it is a matter for concern." Dr. Mehra speaks sternly.

"If you don't relax and rest a bit, I may have to hospitalize you." She smiles, patting my arm. "Please relax, I don't want your husband getting upset with me for scaring you." She explains and I know she remembers the first visit, with Jordan hovering over me during the examination.

Forcing a smile, "yeah, thank God he isn't here then," I tried laughing off Jordan not being here as irrelevant.

"Yes," Dr. Mehra agrees, leading me out of the examination room. "Collect your appointment date from the front desk and take care of yourself, until next week." She walks towards another examination room.

Normally I am suppose to call Mr. Branson's driver to pick me up but I don't want to return to the office nor the apartment to have Mrs. Sanchez fussing over me.

On impulse, I bought a lunch and some snacks and took a cab to my apartment, I am still paying rent on and decided a few hours of relaxation should send my pressure down.

Throwing off my clothes in the apartment, I settle in front of the television and searched until I found a comedy, which is suppose to calm me, setting my alarm for four thirty.

Curled up on the bed, I allowed myself to drift off to sleep,with the comedy watching me now.

I turned my sore body, opening my eyes to stretch and gasp at the darkness outside.

Grabbing my phone, that's dead now, I start to panic.

Mrs. Sanchez would be sure to worry and call Jordan if I'm late.

"Darn you Leah. Darn you!" I muttered as I tidied myself and the apartment, while I call for a cab. I decided not to call out to Rosie because she's going to get more frantic than me.

I took out the garbage and went downstairs to wait for the cab, frowning at how late it looks.

All that relaxing and rest is now a waste, since I am anxious to get home.

Jordan would be at the office, so I'll only have to pacify Mrs. Sanchez.

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