The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Ten

Jordan's POV

Even though Leah was bothered about my parents and their guests not having kitchen help, she couldn't do anything about it because when grandpa sent Mrs. Sanchez to work with me, she had already quit her job at my parents home.

She and my mother, kept clashing until she eventually submitted her resignation.

"It wouldn't make a difference because mom never appreciated Mrs. Sanchez and I don't think the Ambrose family would want Rosie serving them." Jade jokes, while I sat near Shenelle, joking with the girls to bring a smile to their faces.

"She might consider us selfish." Leah says.

Lifting my eyes to hers, I could see the concern in her face.

Before I could respond to her, Jade responded.

"This has nothing to do with you and it was my call." Jade muttered. "If mom has a problem, she deal with me.

"I had to tell mom off when I was removing some things for breakfast and coffee." Jade continued, turning to Leah. "Sorry, I forgot to bring the tea." Jade curls her lips downwards frowning sadly at Leah.

Rosie stood up. "I don't know about you guys but we are not a coward bunch so if Leah wants tea, we go to the kitchen and get her tea." Stretching out a hand towards Leah who was more than willing to go with Rosie.

"Mom," Janelle yelled loudly at Rosie retreating back.

Covering her ears, Rosie turned and frowned at Janelle.

"What?" Rosie whispered, glaring at Vinnie when he starts chuckling at her expression.

Vinnie pulls an imaginary zip over his lips and leaned back against the sofa.

"Can we go for a walk when aunty Leah gets her tea?" With her eyes opened wide, Janelle whispers to her mother, who seemed to be straining to hear Janelle's words.

With her hands on her hips, "speak up and stop playing with me otherwise there will be no internet for a week when we get back home." Rosie threatens.

"Sorry," Janelle mumbles with a small smile at Vinnie.

Rosie looks between the both of them, "okay then." She turned and walked out without hearing Janelle's request.

I was pondering if that was good parenting or bad parenting when the girls hi-five each other.

Imitating Rosie with my hand on my hips, "well guess whose remaining in the cottage for the balance of the day." I pretended to be stern giving the girls a hard glare.

Chuckling, "you and Leah," Michael says with a mouth full of biscuit cake which Mrs. Sanchez made especially for Leah.

Michael throws an arm around around Jade's shoulder, pulling her into a side hug.

"Sweetheart, I'm sure you wish you were an insect on the wall to hear your sister-in-law greet her mother-in-law?" Michael teased, winking at me.

Drawing away quickly from his embrace, "oh, I can be a fly," tiptoeing, she plants a kiss on Michael's lips. "That's why I fell in love with you," she touches his forehead and left to join Rosie and Leah.

Everyone remained quiet in the room, including the girls as we wait for the ladies to return.

"Why so glum?" Vinnie throws a napkin at girls. "Don't worry, we will be going on a hike when your mom gets back but maybe you should make some sandwiches in the meantime." He added.

They moved towards the kitchen table, when Shenelle says, "Uncle Vinnie, there's no bread here.

Standing up with his hands on his head, "oh darn," he mutters. "It's in the kitchen, let me go and bring some." Vinnie was out the door before it clicked that he wanted to join Jade.

Leah and my dad returned about twenty minutes later, laughing and talking but when my eyes met my fathers, I couldn't hide the anger.

"Jordan," dad was the first to speak. "I had nothing to do with Ambrose family being here." Dad was quick to say in his defence.

"And yet they are here!" I glared angrily at him.

Leah moved quickly towards my side, hugging my arm as if she expected me to take a swing at my father.

"Hear him out Jordan," my peacemaker wife butts in.

Michael sits with a smirk on his face, staring at his father-in-law and I in amusement. It's only now that I realize, he has a serious hangover.

"Oh, I can't wait to hear what daddy has to say," Michael chuckles.

Dad turns on Michael, "it's Mr. Branson to you!" Dad points and glares at his son-in-law.

Lifting his hands in surrender, "yes sir, Mr. Branson." Michael pretends to be apologetic and salutes dad.

Shaking his head at Michael, dad turns his attention back to me. "Jordan, Carl wanted to speak to you so he and I arranged to pay you a short visit but," dad's voice trailed off and now his eyes softens as he smiles at Leah.

"I'm listening," I said, hoping he doesn't think being sorry changes anything.

"Ah," dad pulls a chair at the table as far away from Michael as he could. "Well your mother found out and behind my back," dad stops and takes a deep awkward breath. "Well you know your mother," dad says as if that is suppose to excuse him for bringing visitors announced at my one weekend away with my wife since our honeymoon.

"No we don't, please enlighten us." Michael leans forward to stare into dad's eyes just to annoy him.

Glaring at Michael again and then at me, "send him to sleep off last night's hangover." Dad instructs me but Michael isn't my problem.

Dad looks around the room frowning, "where is Jade?" He asks me and then Michael.

Pointing sleepily to the wall, "she's a fly on the wall." Michael whispers, annoying dad some more..

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