The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter One Hundred and One

Leah's POV

I lift my eyes to the kitchen clock when I saw Jordan standing in the doorway, staring at me with a longing which turns my knees to jelly!

"Hey?" I greet him, confused that he's back already and didn't go to the office with his grandpa!

His eyes scrutinizes the kitchen as he walks towards me with a smirk.

"Hey!" His tone was suddenly husky as he took the dishcloth out of my hand and drew me into his arms.

Instead of kissing me and initiating a make out session, Jordan wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tightly against his chest.

"You and Jayden are the reason I was born," Jordan whispered against my hair.

Realizing something happen but now may not the time to ask, I allow Jordan to hug and caress my back and shoulder, whispering all the sweet things I love hearing him say to me.

After what seems like an eternity, Jordan finally drew away from me and looked around the empty kitchen.

"Where's Mrs. Sanchez?" He shook off his jacket and fold the sleeves of his shirt before walking towards the kitchen sink.

Confused as to what his plans are, "uh, she went to the laundry and the supermarket." I explained.

"Did you get fired?" I asked stupidly.

Mentally slapping myself.

He's the boss, nobody's going to fire him?



I have to talk to him about the girls concern about their mother but first I need to know why my CEO husband is doing the dishes in our kitchen, dressed in his office attire when he should be at his office, adding to the millions he already has.

Turning around, Jordan laughs at my question, his eyes twinkling joyously.

"Can't I come home and help my wife do the dishes?" He asks, turning back to the few dishes left in the sink.

"Jordan, what are you doing?" I asked again.

The manner in which he came back home and hug me, then the few words he uttered to me, is definitely cause for concern.

"Did you cheat on me?" I asked the first thing that came to my mind and something I am always scared about!

Dropping the cloth in his hand, Jordan turned to face me, more confused than me.

"Cheat on you?" Lowering his head with raised eyebrows, he asks, bewildered.

Wiping his hand with the kitchen towel which he immediately drops.

"Do you think I would cheat on you?" He asks and the hurt I see in his eyes and the softness in his voice, I knew he didn't cheat on me.

I shook my head but the words which left my mouth wasn't the same.

"You're a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have you." My words stopped him as he was approaching me. "But you chose me, a simple nobody." I looked downwards as I spoke. "Like me." I finally lifted my eyes to see him smiling at me.

"Leah before you, I never trusted any woman, not even my mother and you are not and never will be a nobody because you are my wife, the wife of Branson's CEO and the mother of the future CEO of Branson!" He moves towards me and pulls me into his arms. "And you're the newest shareholder and the newest member of the Branson's board!" He said and as he expected, his words shocked me.

"What?" I gasped out, thankful Mrs. Sanchez is out and Jay is in his playpen in the living room.

Chuckling, he stared down into my horrified eyes.

"Grandma signed over her shares of Branson to you and dad signed his shares to you and Jade." Jordan words continue to baffle me.

"But.. but." Unable to believe what I am hearing and wondering why Julien would sign over his shares in his father's company when he still has many working years ahead of him at Bransons.

"Why me and why would your father sign over his shares when he is still very much a part of the company?" I can't believe what I was hearing and if Jordan wasn't holding me, I might have fallen from shock.

Lifting his eyes to the clock on the wall,

"I will finish cleaning up and call Mrs. Sanchez while you and Jayden, dress for the office." Kissing me on the lips, Jordan slaps me on the butt and turned me towards the doorway.

"I'm late for work and my PA could be a bitch if she doesn't know where I am and if I leave her to make excuses for me." He chuckles, leaving me to do as he says.

Grandma signed over her shares to her great-grand but of course as Jayden's mother, it's in my name and so did his grandfather.

I pulled out three different office suits before I settle for a black and green ensemble I never wore because of my unplanned pregnancy and surprisingly, it actually fit my full breast.

Packing Jay's bag is always a task because I keep thinking he would need everything in his room when he is out.

Ensuring I have enough pamper, wipes, a few change of clothing and my tits, I felt that Jay will have everything he would need while we are out!

Jordan was ready when I return downstairs with my son, my handbag and his two baby bags.

Chuckling when Jordan saw me coming down the stairs, he ran up to help me, taking the baby from my arms.

"Leah, you won't need all of that." Jordan laughs at my expression.

"I have my needs and Jayden has his," I explain my handbag but truth be told, I haven't cleaned out this handbag and it has my important stuff.

"So why am I going to the office?" I asked curiously from the backseat with Jayden!

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