The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter One Hundred and Two

Jordan's POV

Leah's expression confirms that Rosie nor Jade mention the changes in my office and that it was made to include her.

Rosie stands beaming behind Leah as she looks around her own office, her eyes starting to glimmer confirming that she is on the brink of tears.

I was evasive on our way over because I wanted everything this morning to be a surprise. especially after walking out with my sister leaving our mother to deal with her problems on her own.

My uncles were called by the cops but they said that are exhausted in their attempts to help her.

I didn't plan this for today but after the morning I had, I decided this is what I need to seal us as partners in the same company, as parents of the same child and as woman I fall asleep with each night and wake up to every morning.

Grandma explained to me that Leah is not her and Leah needs to be involved in the company of the name she now carries and working together is not necessarily a bad thing and at times it is healthy and most of all, Leah is too bright to be stifled.

"Jordan," Leah soft voice broke me out of my thoughts. "I'm not working from home anymore?" She shook her head in disbelief, while I stare at her stunned at her question and Rosie laughing out in the background.

Moving forward I drew her into my arms, "of course you're still going to be working at home," I chuckle with a insineous smirk. "But this is our nine to five gig during the week and," I couldn't continue as Vinnie walked in at the precise moment.

"Hey no hugging and making out during office hours," he stood beside Rosie as he tickles Jay's chin.

Leah turned to face him with a smug look, "that also goes for you." She laughs at his pretence to be offended.

Raising an eyebrow, giving Vinnie a knowing look.

"Actually," I moved away to open my draw and pull out a file, which I extended to Vinnie.

Chuckling without opening it, "is it my termination letter?" He asks.

I continue being evasive hoping Vinnie appreciate the changes grandpa and I made.

Shrugging, "you tell me," I responded as both Rosie and Leah now stared curiously at Vinnie as they wait for him to open the file.

Even though it's been more than two minutes, Vinnie's eyes were still glued to the file he was staring at, the lines between his forehead deepening.

Vinnie, not a guy to show his emotions was probably struggling to get himself together before addressing us.

Taking a deep breath he closed the file and with a light shrug.

"I guess I can't expect any christmas gift from you this year?" He smirks.

I chuckle as Rosie and Leah stared at us still confused.

Nodding to Rosie, "your christmas gift from me this year is my best friend whom I allowed you to pursue and now you have my blessings to marry her." With a quick glance at Rosie, I saw her bent her head with a sad smile while Vinnie beamed from ear to ear.

Leah's eyes were also on Rosie but Leah appeared to be concern.

Sighing, "so you're going to share what's in there?" I asked.

Chuckling, Vinnie opened the file again but this time he was staring at Rosie.

"I am one of the newest shareholders in the Branson Group." Vinnie says slowly as we all watch Rosie's eyes widen in shock with quick glances from Vinnie to me and lastly Leah who was also surprise.

She knew about the wedding gift we have planned but since there are changes in the company this year end, why wait till next year to give it to him?

Covering her mouth in surprise, "oh my God Vinnie, congratulations," Leah was the first to hug and congratulate him before taking Jay from Rosie's arm to free her up to congratulate Vinnie.

Wiping the corner of her eyes, Rosie turns to me.

"This is amazing Jordan" she says, finally smiling at Vinnie. "I am so happy for you and even though you never expected this, I know you're excited." Rosie's voice breaks as she spoke.

After hugging Vinnie and pecking him lightly on the lips, the phone started ringing.

"I'll answer it," Leah volunteered, leaving me with the happy couple.

Staring sadly at Leah's retreating back, Rosie stares at me.

"What is it?" Fully convinced that something is wrong, I asked Rosie.

Wiping her eyes which she instantly lowered.

"Aaron is back and he wants to sue me for custody of the girls if I remarry." She tells me.

Scuffing, "are you fucking kidding me?" I blurted out, feeling my temper rising.

"When did all this happen?" Vinnie's temper also flew rapidly.

Covering her face, Rosie shook her head.

"Three weeks ago," she admitted.

Curbing my temper, I left it up to Vinnie to repeat the words that was on the tip of my tongue.

"And how much money did you give his since then?" Vinnie snapped angrily.

Shaking her head, "none," uncovering her face, she stares at me. "I'm sorry," she whispers softly. "We were in the middle of organizing for the charity ball and I didn't want to bother you," turning to an angry Vinnie, "the both of you." She says.

Glancing at Vinnie, I spoke to Rosie. "Where the fuck is he?" I asked.

I dealt with that bastard the last time and this time, I'm not going to let him slip through my hands again.

Again Rosie shakes her head, "you and the girls are moving into my penthouse today." I instructed, nodding to Vinnie.

Pointing behind her, "but the desk," she was saying but I cut her off.

"Leah will handle it."

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