The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter One Hundred and Three


Leah's POV

I smile as Janelle, who took the weekend off college, led Jayden around the dance floor.

Lifting my eyes as I glance around the room, I was impressed to see Jade outdid herself, yet again.

During the past three years as I grew, I've seen the people around me grow with all of us coming in the persons, I believe we were meant to be.

With Jordan and I expecting our second child, I've decided to rock back, relax and enjoy this pregnancy unlike the first one which had Jordan constantly on edge and me always worrying about Jordan's fears with feelings of neglect.

Jordan has been busier than ever since his grandfather is no longer involved with The Branson's Group but he is still the head of the family and very much involved in all our lives, especially since grandma Branson passed.

Beaming with pride, grandpa Branson led the new bride across the dance floor.

Even though this is a low keyed wedding, the crowd was still huge for only close family and friends.

Justin hinted at marriage after seeking permission from the entire Branson clan so many times but Jade was reluctant to give marriage a second try until she became pregnant.

Everything changed after that and in six weeks she was able to organize her own wedding as only she could, with Rosie and the girls as her minions.

I knew she's happy with the way things turned out.

Her thoughts lingered on Michael for a long time about his betrayal and not trusting her with the truth of her mother blackmailing him with the news that she is not a Branson and she would be thrown out when the Bransons find out.

In Michael's defence, he was trying to save his wife pain and heartache and if he had something to hold over Jordan then he knew Jordan won't kick Jade out when the truth comes out.

Justin also showed her, finding her biological father was irrelevant because she already had a family who loved and supported her but what I thought really convince her was grandpa Branson placing her right beside her brother as the co CEO to the company.

The next coming months will be strenuous for Jordan with both Jade and I being pregnant but I know Vinnie will be assisting more during our absences.

"MOMMY MOMMY, I DANCE!" Jayden rushed towards me, his face flushed in excitement.

Chuckling, I drew him into my arms, cringing at his sticky skin.

"Yes I did sweetheart," patting the chair beside me. "Sit down and take a break and let mommy clean you up." I suggested to my restless three year old who was ready to run off again.

Taking out the wipes which is a necessity whenever I take Jayden out.

Pointing to the dancefloor, "dance with aunty." Jayden points at Jade whose, still dancing with grandpa, while Justin stares at his new wife in admiration.

I started wiping Jay's sweating face and neck before pecking him on the lips.

"My boy smells like a baby now!" I teased him fully aware he's going to get annoyed.

Pouting his lips with folded arms, "I not a baby." His mouth and eyes set in determination.

Drawing him unto my lap, "oh but you are my baby and never forget that." I chuckle as I nuzzle his cheeks that is now starting to lose it's baby features as he slowly develops features which make him look more like his father everyday and as Hailey keeps telling me, Jayden is going to be a female magnet!

"But mommy!" Jayden started to complain, when his father joined us.

Lifting Jayden as he struggled to get off my lap, "are you giving mummy trouble?" Jordan lifts an eyebrow to give Jayden a stern frown.

Jayden quiet down in an instant.

Jordan was an easy going dad and left discipling Jayden to me but as if on instinct, Jay realizes the authority figure in Jordan.

Twitching the corners of his mouth as he fought a smile.

"I could hear you guys fighting all across the floor." Jordan tells us with Jay being the first to defend himself.

"But daddy," Jay's lips pout sadly. "Aunty want to dance and mummy made me sit." Jayden complained to his father.

Chuckling at his explanation, Jordan hugs Jayden against his chest.

"Aunty is dancing with uncle Justin," Jordan starts explaining when Jayden cut him off.

Shaking his head firmly, "Aunty love me the most." Jayden refuse to believe his aunty Jade would love anyone other than him.

"Aunty does love you the most," Jade creeps up behind Jayden in her simple strapless bridal gown.

Giggling, Jay turns around to wriggle himself out of his father's clutches.

Lifting his hand in the air to Jade, "dance aunty, dance." he pouts, already aware that it melts her heart.

"Don't lift him," Jordan warns but Jade was already whisking Jay away to the dance floor.

Drawing his chair closer, Jordan pulls me against his shoulder wrapping his arms around my baby bump.

I still have five months to go but I am feeling heavier than I did with Jayden.

"Everything was perfect," Jordan said softly. "I can just imagine grandma smiling and dancing in the midst of us." Jordan whispers softly.

Jordan didn't just lose his grandmother, he also lost his mother because that is who she was to both Jordan and Jade.

Smiling at the thought of grandma flying around the dance floor, like the angel she has always been.

"She was excited about Jade and her doctor, so yeah." Tilting my head upwards to smile at my husband. "Grandma's definitely happy that both her darlings are happy and secure." I tell Jordan, as I remember the responsibility grandma Branson placed in my hand, leaving her family members in my care.

Laying his chin against my neck, "our wedding reception ended up being a major disaster so," with his lips on my neck, "I promise a doover on our fiftieth wedding anniversary." Jordan whispers, his voice lowering seductively.

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