The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eleven

Leah's POV

Jordan refused to accept his father's explanation and an argument ensued.

Grabbing my hand, "come," Mrs. Sanchez says, nodding to the girls. "Let's take a walk," she glares at both Jordan and his father, before dragging me unwillingly through the back door.

"Mrs. Sanchez," I turned when she shut the door behind us, "maybe we should stay with them, especially with Michael being so out of it." I wanted to go back in but she won't let me.

Chuckling, "he won't hit his father." She assures me as we walk towards the lake or is it a river since the water is running.

While Janelle and Shennel tried to enjoy nature my mind remained at the cottage, on Jordan.

"Pregnancy suits you," a soft voice says from the side of us.


Mrs. Sanchez was the first to turn, her body tensing up beside me.

"Janelle," I hollowed for the girls to join us because with him on the outside, for peace sake I prefer to go back where Jordan is.

Grabbing both their hands, "let's go," they didn't question me and allowed me to lead them.

Reaching out a hand, Rawle tried to stop me. "Hey you don't have to go, I just want to talk." He says softly, pretending to be kind.

Backing away out of his reach, "I am here with my family and I don't need any problems with you." I said firmly and continued walking towards the cottage.

"Aren't you a bit curious as to why your mother-in-law invited me here?" His questions stopped me for a second but Mrs. Sanchez was quick to tug me along.

Rawle started following us, which upset me more because if Jordan were to meet up with him, it won't be good.

"I don't have a mother-in-law," I don't know why but the words just flew out of my mouth.

I didn't stop to see Rawle's expression, wishing I was already at the cottage door.

"That's harsh, even for you Leah." Rawle says.

Harsh? Harsh?

Turning angrily at him, "I don't see Lissa, is she still in bed or did your bulldog run her off too?" I turned and continued the short walk towards the cottage.

"It was never her Leah, it was always you." Rawle says and I realize he had stopped and that suit me fine.

Rawle spoke louder, "you still love me that's why you're afraid to talk to me," Rawle had the audacity to shout out.

What the fool doesn't realize is that I don't want my husband to see him around me.

"Mrs. Branson knows that you love me and this trip is Jordan trying to appease you since he prefers to spend time in the office rather than with you." Rawle hollowered but he is so far from the truth, that I couldn't help snickering at his stupidity.

Despite the setbacks Jordan and I have been having, he's never far away and always has someone near when he can't be.

"LEAH!" Rawle voice echoes through the silence. "LEAH!" He yells again and this time, his tone has changed aggressively.

With a hand on my lower back, "let's go, even I don't want Jordan to meet this man," Mrs. Sanchez frowns worriedly.

How did a few minutes walk take us so far from the cottage, I wondered, feeling my leg pulling a bit.

"Maybe we should leave," I said.

"Oh yes, please let's leave," Janelle hugged my arm tightly, as she pleaded. "The jungle is not for me." She added.

Shenelle chuckles, "oh please Janelle, are you going to tell your friends you went on a safari" Shenelle stares at her sister in disbelief.

Nodding quickly, Janelle points behind us at Rawle. "Yes and there's a wild animal following us." She says.

Mrs. Sanchez turned around for a second and shook her head, as I push open the cottage door.

"That boy has a death wish." She whispers and like her, I don't want Jordan to know about this, I just want to leave.

"That's why I am here and no other reason." I heard Mr. Branson pleading to as I entered into the room first, followed by the girls and then Mrs. Sanchez.

I looked around the kitchen to see Michael's head bent on the table with Vinnie, Rosie and Jade still missing.

"Mr. Branson, I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful but maybe you should leave and make an appointment to meet with Jordan next week or if you and your guests want to remain," I lift my eyes to my tense husband, "maybe, we should leave." I tell him and I honestly want to leave because just knowing these people are here with Jordan's mother is unsettling.

Jordan averts his eyes from mines, "no dad and his family should leave." Jordan gives his father a firm glare.

"Leah," Mr. Branson tried to speak but I cut him off because I can feel a headache coming on and I don't want to scare Jordan.

Touching my forehead, I close my eyes for a second. "Mr. Branson please," I started but now he was the one to interrupt me, as Jordan moved quickly to my side.

"It's dad," Mr. Branson says, watching Jordan touch my forehead.

"Are you okay?" He asks and with my eyes closed, I nod because I don't want to give Jordan unnecessary worries.

"Oh so she gets to call you dad and I have to call you you Mr. Branson, huh?" I opened my eyes to see Michael's head up and he's glaring at his father-in-law.

"Wait till the fly hears about this," he lowers his head once again.

Mr. Branson frowns at Michael now. "Is he using drugs?" He asks Jordan his eyes narrowing in disbelief. "What is this fly he keeps seeing?" Mr. Branson continues.

I heard the girls giggling behind me and I couldn't help but join in.

Jordan was too upset to appreciate the humor. "Take the girls and go in there while I sought out this." Jordan says but I shook my head.

"No, Mr. Branson please leave and take your guests with you." I pleaded now. "This is the last place your wife wants to be, so nothing good will happen here with them around."

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