The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twelve

Leah's POV

Mr. Branson eventually gave up, frowning with concern as he saw Jordan hovering over me.

"Are you okay?" Mr. Branson asks, his worried eyes darting between Jordan and I. I simply nod because I was fine and now I am not.

Lifting my eyes to Jordan, I wish I could say that I am fine so that he won't have to worry but I can't because I can't force myself to stand anymore.

"Jordan," I whisper, my head suddenly light as I fell faint in his arms.

I could hear angry voices in the distance until everything became quiet.

I kept trying to swallow but my throat was sore and dry.

"Jordan?" I whispered, opening my eyes while trying to sit up.

"I'm here," a soft tired voice whispers.

Smiling, "I'm thirsty." I whispered, thankfully Jordan is always there to feed me.

"Yeah," Jordan responds, helping me to sit up, even though I am fine and I could do it on my own.

Instead of allowing me to drink water from the cup, Jordan insists he feed me ice with a spoon.

Finally I looked around at the white walls.

I'm in a hospital!

"My son," I could feel myself ready to cry but Jordan cupped my face, narrowing his eyes, he reassures me.

"Our baby is fine but if you don't relax and continue worrying then it's going to be a problem." Even though his voice was gentle, his gaze were questioning.

Fearful of losing our baby, I nod quickly ready to obey everyone who has well intentions for my son and I.

"We're back in the city?" I asked but I already knew as I start recalling being at the cottage for a relaxing weekend when Jordan's parents showed up with Rawle and his family.

When would those people leave me alone?

They didn't want me around them and I left and started a new life and now they are always trying to get in my face.

"When can I go home?" I have never had the cause to remain in a hospital before and I don't want to remain here longer than I have too.

With his sexy smirk which I've learned to love, "you are officially on bed rest." Jordan smiles.

Why is he so happy about me being stuck in the hospital?

"Where's Vinnie?" I asked instead because he would surely spring me from the hospital.

Looking over his shoulder, "yeah," Jordan stands up. "You've got a full house out there," Jordan nods over his shoulder. "I should let them know you're awake." Leaning down, Jordan plants a kiss on my forehead and suddenly wrapped his arms around my neck, burying my face against his chest.

"God Leah, I can't lose you," Jordan cries, his body shaking with soft sobs. "I can't even remember what life was like before you." He cries.

With my lips pressed against his chest, I couldn't move my lips to reassure him that I'm not going anywhere.

All I could do was wait for him to empty his fears in my arms and being healthy is the only assurance he wants.

Finally Jordan lifts his head as the door behind him was pushed open.

"Leah, you're awake?" I heard Rosie before I saw her behind Jordan's back.

Jordan reluctantly moved so that Rosie could hug me, using that time to wipe his eyes and get his emotion under control.

One by one, everyone who were at the cottage with us came to hug me, including Mr. Branson.

"Leah, I am so sorry for causing you stress," Mr. Branson, the last to greet me, remained beside my bed. "I didn't know that boy followed you outside," he was saying, wiping his face, he continued shaking his head sorrowfully.

"If anything had, happen to you or the baby, Jordan would have never forgiven me and I would have never forgiven myself." I heard everything he said but one thing stuck to my head, 'the boy followed us.'

I want to ask what happen but I am afraid to know and maybe not knowing will be less stress for my son and I.

Reaching out, I held his hand. "We're fine and now I'm on bedrest for a while, so please don't worry and don't blame yourself." I smile to reassure him.

A young nurse came in and emptied the room for the doctor to come in.

"When can I go home?" I whispered to the nurse.

Smiling, "if you promise to stay in bed, maybe later." She says, turning to give the middle aged doctor my chart.

After introducing herself, Dr. Salandy, took my pressure and started asking questions while Jordan stood to the side with his arms folded, looking on with his usual bland expression that doesn't give his thoughts away.

"I'm going to release you because your husband promised you will not be working or doing anything stressful." As Dr. Salandy spoke I contain my happiness and I kept nodding, in total agreement, ready to do whatever the doctor ordered.

Vinnie left to drop Rosie and the girls home, so Jordan and I left with Jade and Michael.

What surprised us the most was Mr. Branson who leaned against the door waiting on us.

Standing straight, he came and hugged me under Jordan's watchful eyes.

"Leah, I am so glad you're home but you need to relax." He said.

I nod but Jordan had to have his say.

"She was relaxing," Jordan reminded his father.

Nodding at Jordan's words, "yes, yes and how many times can I say that I'm sorry for you to forgive me." Mr. Branson responds softly to Jordan.

Pushing past her father and brother, "okay, okay, we've already had this conversation and Leah need to put her feet up."

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