The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirteen

Jordan's POV

Swirling the whiskey in the glass I held, staring at my father who for some reason came to the hospital and is still hanging around.

Leah don't have a problem with him being here but Jade and I do.

Jade and Michael decided to stay over since they already planned a weekend with Leah and I, so with Jade and Leah searching through baby catalogs and Michael in the entertainment room, I use this opportunity to see what the fuck my father wants, other than me allowing him to use the Branson's name and logo to promote his construction venture, with Carl Ambrose.

"Jordan I didn't know Leah was having a difficult pregnancy," dad who refused a drink started the conversation but not on a note I was expecting.

Smiling cynically, I shook my head. "My wife isn't having a difficult pregnancy," I corrected him.

Leah fainting had nothing in do with a risky pregnancy but from mental exhaustion which surfaced because of her encounter with that fucking Ambrose bastard.

I haven't dealt with him yet but when I am done with him, he and his sister will no longer be part of a elite social circle and my family.

"Then why is she on bedrest?" Dad leaned forward, frown and I smiled.

"After encountering that bastard this morning, what did you expect?" I took a gulp of the whiskey, wincing as the liquid burned when hitting the back of my throat.

My father doesn't need to know about Dr. Mehra's or my concern where Leah's blood pressure is concern.

In fact, he doesn't need to know one fucking thing about my family.

"Why didn't you go back home with mom?" I asked.

Standing up, dad started pacing, a habit I picked up from him.

Grandpa never worries about what to say or what to do. He somehow meets his challenges head on and go with the flow, something I am still learning to do.

"I knew Leah's mom died, I just didn't know how," pausing dad turns giving me a sympathetic nod. "Or when." Dad returns to the chair he just vacated.

Scuffing, "so you stayed back to discuss my wife and my late mother-in-law?" I threw back the balance of whiskey, before standing to refill my glass.

Narrowing his eyes, dad frowns deeply at me. "I know that going into business with Carl is not something you approve of but that doesn't mean I don't care about you and Leah." Dad raised his voice.

Shaking my head in disbelief, unable to believe my father who was never there for Jade and I while we were growing up, suddenly wants to show his love, all of a sudden?

Moving to another sofa I sprawled off lazily.

"Oh, I have no problem with you and Ambrose doing business together." I reminded him of the first conversation we had concerning this arrangement.

"What I have a problem with, is you trying to push it down my fucking throat." I distinctly remember telling him, Branson and I want nothing to do with his business deal.

Dad moved closer to where I sat, desperation written all over his face.

What the hell did he get himself into?

"I'm not asking you for money," dad explained but as I listen, I couldn't get his expression out of my mind.

"All I am asking as a Branson and a shareholder of Branson Groups, is to use the name on the letterhead." Dad's request sounds more like a plea.

"Isn't your name good enough?" I wondered aloud, "or is it the Ambrose name that's the problem?" I have been following dad's business venture and it hasn't take off as he thought it would have.

Shaking his head, dad sighs.

"I didn't realize, Andrew was the man behind the company." Dad admitted something grandpa and I knew, from the moment Andrew resigned.

Laughing mockingly, "and you think Branson's logo will change that? How again?" If dad believes I'm going to allow him to drag Branson's reputation through the mud, like Carl tried to do with the Morrison name, then he'd better think again.

"Jordan," dad started but I cut him off.

"Listen, you're my father and Leah advise me to keep my eyes on your investment and I have been doing just that." If dad choose to ignore my advice, then this will be the last conversation I will having with him concerning his investment with Ambrose.

"I will not go in business with a man who bribed a government into accept drawings and then blame the bribe on someone else." I was explaining something dad already knew, when he cut me off.

"That is all water under the bridge," dad reminded me, about the case being thrown out because the government official in question, died of a heart attack.

Shaking my head, I stare at my father in disbelief. "So because the main witness dies, doesn't make it go away, especially to a businessman you're approaching to invest in him." I couldn't understand my father's strong desire to remain with a crooked man like Ambrose.

Chuckling sarcastically, dad give me pitiful smirk. "You've had it easy all your life and had the Branson's empire dropped on your lap because you were the boss's pet," I leaned back in the chair to listen to what my dad is spewing at me.

"I'm listening," I tell the man who should have been the one, training me to take over from him, instead of me taking over from grandpa, to continue.

"So am I," Jade says, walking into the sitting room.

Sitting upright, I glance over her shoulder because the last thing I need is Leah getting caught in the middle of this mess that this the Branson family.

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