The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fourteen

Jordan's POV

Thankfully it was only Jade!

Slamming the door shut behind her, she walks further inside, her eyes glued on dad.

I smiled at the weariness in his eyes as he met my sisters glare.

He started this conversation and for the first time, mom isn't here to berate us for standing for our rights, against our father.

"Tell me daddy," Jade sits on the arm of the sofa I sat on. "Tell me how is Jordan's grandpa's pet?" She asks softly, still focus on dad, who would have already started yelling at me but because it's Jade, he will give it sometime.

"Because grandpa cared enough about Jordan and showed him love and patience, when you consider him to be trouble?" Jade continues, her voice breaking.

"Because grandpa took the time to show Jordan when he was going in the wrong direction, while you and mom, would just darn him to hell, instead of spending a second to understand him, or even me?" Tears were running down her eyes, Jade slams her palm against her chest.

"When Jordan graduated from high school who made the time to show up for his graduation?" Jade stood up walking closer to dad and I tried pulling her backwards. "Huh" shrugging my hand back, "tell me" she persisted. "Tell me who was there to cheer him on when he graduated from college?" Jade continued while dad remained silent, his expressionless eyes stuck on her face.

Shaking her head she laughs, "you want to know why mom wouldn't like Leah?" Jade asks without waiting for his response, "because Leah isn't like her!" Smiling through tears, "she would never get Leah to turn against Jordan or judge Jordan because of his faults," Jade sits beside dad now.

Still laughing, "you know why I married Michael?" Leaning forward I wait for her to tell dad because other than falling in love with him, I didn't think there was another reason.

"Because mom don't like him." Jade chuckles, turning towards me. "Do you remember when you would call me a serial dater? I kept bringing guys around and immediately breakup with them after introducing them to mom?" Jade nods encouraging me to nod in agreement with her, remembering those days.

Turning back she smiled at dad, "it's because MOM LIKED THEM!" Jade stressed.

Wiping her eyes, she sits on the arm of my chair, once again wrapping her arms around my neck, with her head resting on top of mines.

"Michael is the best and I'm glad I waited." I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Yeah, he is." I chuckle because she already knew if I didn't approve, they wouldn't be married.

Dad frowned at us but I could see the corners of his mouth curling into a soft smile.

"Your mother and I failed you both but still you turned out good," dad tells Jade and I, his eyes confirming his how impress he feels.

I was about to say it's all thanks to grandpa but I held my tongue.

"Yes daddy, you failed us both and now you're expecting your first grandchild, do you want to fail him too?" Jade tells dad but for some reason only the word 'him' registered.

"Him?" I repeated, lifting my eyes curiously to Jade.

Jade frowns just as confused, shrugging her shoulders, "Leah speaks about the baby as if it's a boy and it's catchy." Jade chuckles but still she frowns as she turns her attention back to dad.

"I hope I can be a better grandfather than I was a father," dad smiles but my mind is running away from him and this conversation.

Leah spoke about the baby as if it's a boy, while in the hospital.

Moving Jade aside anxious to speak to Leah.

Turning to dad, "are we done here, I need to check on Leah." I was just being courteous because even if he wasn't done, I am done.

"Jordan," dad called as I was walking out but I, responded by lifting my palm at him.

"Dad, if it concerns bringing Ambrose construction under the Branson logo, then it's a no from me but you are welcome to bring it to the board." I suggested although, both he and I know he doesn't stand a fucking chance in hell with getting the board to agree, if grandpa, Jade and I don't support him.

Lifting his chin, he nods in understanding but I can see that he's still ready to oppose me.

"Just know this," I added to silence him. "I will be bringing the bribery case to the meeting, even though the witness is dead and I will be opposing you and it's not because it's you but because it's Carl Ambrose." On that note I nod without waiting for dad's response as usual and left in search of my beloved wife, wondering if she got the baby's gender without me.

I knew she got the gender results without me but then again I didn't attend a few visits with her so she got the gender, without me.

I strode into the bedroom stopping in my tracks when I saw her curled up on the bed fast asleep.

"Leah?" I whispered, caressing her face but other than a soft hum, Leah turned to her side and with a contented smile, she continued dreaming.

"I've got a bone to pick with you in the morning." I whispered, planting a soft smack on her lips.

I chuckle when she sucked in her lips licking it. She must really miss the taste of alcohol.

Jade and Michael were alone in the kitchen, "where's the old man?" I asked moving to search the refrigerator.

"He left," Jade says, leaning sleepily against Michael.

Staring at them, I grinned, "I think I'm having a son!"

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