The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifteen

Leah's POV

Even though I am suppose to be on bedrest, I don't think Jordan intends for me to lie in bed all day!

I was already preparing porridge, when Mrs. Sanchez came in scowling at me.

"I'm hungry," I whined, in response to her silent question.

Shaking her head, she took the spoon I was stirring the porridge with and started stirring, directing me to the kitchen table.

"Ever heard of too many cooks spoiling the broth?" I chuckle, reluctantly taking a seat.

Leaning lower, she smiled as she inhales the porridge, I learnt to make from the cook at my former home.

"Morning!" Jade sang brightly, grinning from ear ear, joining Mrs. Sanchez at the stove.

"Nice," she smiles, moving around the kitchen she's familiar with, having lived here at intervals.

"Where are the husbands?" I asked curiously, since Jordan wasn't in bed when I got up, nor was he in the apartment when I hollowered his name.

Shrugging, she place three bowls on the counter, "Vinnie picked them up awhile ago," Jade got some spoons and place the first bowl they dished out in front of me.

Smiling, I shuffle through the porridge for the raisins, cherries and nuts I added.

"Aren't we supposed to be spending the weekend together?" In between sips of the hot porridge, I pretend to be curious but I am apprehensive but I don't know why.

"Yeah but they dressed as if they were going jogging," Jade shrugged it off again.

Why am I unsettled with her explanation?

"And the fat girls just remain behind," I chuckle, winking at Mrs. Sanchez.

Lifting her head of her bowl, "speak for yourself." Jade pretends to be offended although I am the heaviest around the table.

"So what are we having for breakfast?" I ask, my appetite opening even more with this porridge, which is suppose to be a meal in itself.

I realize Jade and Mrs. Sanchez had stopped eating and were staring at me in shock.

"What?" I started licking the spoon.

Shaking her head in disbelief, "you're still hungry after this?" Jade ask, making eye contact with Mrs. Sanchez.

Shaking my head, I lean back and pat my stomach lightly.

"Nope, I'm full but baby is still hungry." Chuckling, I pushed the bowl towards Mrs. Sanchez, "this was yummy," since they don't want me on my feet and standing behind the stove making porridge.

Nodding, Mrs. Sanchez stood and walked to the sink.

"So what would Jordan Jr or Leah Jr like for breakfast?" Mrs. Sanchez smirks.

Rolling my head gently as I consider what I want next.

"You mean Jordan Jr." Jade, whose porridge bowl is now empty, joins Mrs. Sanchez at the sink.

"What?" I asked, surprise that Jade would know that or is she guessing.

"It could be a Leah Jr," I try throwing Jade off because I need to have the ultrasound done in front of Jordan first.

Chuckling, Jade returns to be table after rinsing the dirty dishes.

"Oh you don't have to keep it a secret any longer." Jade says, winking at me.

Averting my eyes, "I have no idea what you're talking about," I pretend to be confused.

Smiling knowingly, Jade leans closer to me, "oh don't worry Jordan told us last night." Jade's innocent words shocked me.

I try masking it as quickly as I could. "We haven't had done the ultrasound yet," I made a feeble attempt to explain but Jade wasn't buying it.

"Oh I saw you Leah," she says. "I saw you window shopping in the boys section." She added.

Chuckling, staring downwards at my protruding stomach, "well I hope it's a boy," I tell her softly, caressing my baby, who even though I can't see, I already can't do without.

"Okay Leah, what does the young master wish to have for breakfast?" Mrs. Sanchez, wiping her hand with a dishcloth, approaches the kitchen table.

I lift my head thoughtfully but couldn't decide, "surprise me," I giggle, "and we can have it in the sitting room." I walked off, aware that Jade is following me.

"So you really don't know the baby's gender?" She sat on the sofa opposite me, with her elbows on her knees to prop her chin.

"I hope we've having a boy," I whispered slowly, hating myself for lying to her.

Clapping happily, Jade sat back on the sofa, "great so you have the boy and I will have the girl." She decides happily.

Sitting upright quickly, "are you pregnant?" Stunned, I reached out and clasped her hands in mine.

Shaking in head quickly denying her being pregnant.

Chuckling lightly, "no no, not yet and believe me when I am, you would be second to know." She assures me, lifting her eyes beyond my shoulders.

"You guys are back," Jade said. Turning around I saw Michael and four guys following him inside the sitting room.

Smiling, I nod in greeting.

I can't remember the names but I remember seeing them at the wedding.

"Sister-in-law," stretching out a hand one of the move to greet me but quickly pulls back his hand. "Sorry, let me wash my hands first." He slapped another guy and along with Michael, the walked down the corridor.

Raising my eyebrow, silently questioning Jordan, who followed in behind them, dressed in a black joggers and a black hoodie, definitely in need of a shower.

"So, the guys invited themselves to spend the afternoon and don't worry, we won't be loud." Jordan was already apologizing for having plans with his friends, which I never objected too.

"Where's Vinnie?" I asked, straightening myself on the chair. "Didn't he go with you guys?" I asked, curiously.

"He's went to pick up Rosie," Jordan informs me.

Nodding, "so have you been up to?" I felt something happened.

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