The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixteen

Jordan's POV

I had no other choice but lie to Leah because telling her the truth, would add to her stress and I already have a way out of this.

I have no regrets handling young Ambrose the way that I did because he was begging for an asskicking.

Standing under the cold shower, my mind travelled back to over an hour ago.


The guys coaxed Vinnie into dragging me along with them on a early workout in the park.

Even though Michael was reluctant to join us, Jade literally shoved him out the door.

"Take care of my wife and baby," I instructed Jade, who being the only one up to wave us off.

"Darn you Jordan!" Kern yells from across the small field we made including two goal posts. "Are you sure that it's Leah whose pregnant?" He mocks my lazy performance.

Lifting my two hands, I flip him the bird before caressing my flat stomach.

We were about an hour into the game when, we were interrupted.

"Have room for one more?" I heard from behind me and from the glare I saw in Vinnie's eyes, I kinda figured out who it was before turning around.

The guys didn't have to ask any questions because they would have remembered the brother and sister duo, who ended up with an ass kicking at Leah and my wedding.

"Fuck off asshole!" Vinnie says, already clenching his fist ready for a fight.

Moving in front of Vinnie, placing my palms against his chest, stopping him.

"Ignore him." I pushed Vinnie backwards.

Chuckling menacingly, young Ambrose mocked us.

"Yeah Vinnie, listen to your girlfriend." He laughs, causing me to use extra force to hold Vinnie back.

"Why don't you make yourself useful and help your father make some money instead of sponging of mines," I snickered and like Vinnie, I was poised to smack his smug expression.

"You and Leah owe me!" He says accusingly.

Frowning, I lift my hands in surrender to walk away.

"I'm not doing this, at least not in front of witnesses," I muttered, shaking my head at Vinnie to back off.

The jackass laughs mockingly, "yeah walk away boy, just keep walking and very soon your baby will be calling me daddy!" I knew he was provoking me to respond and on that note I responded.

The fool wasn't even prepared to block the fist that connected to his jaw, nor the fist that jammed his stomach and the knee that I hope, destroyed his baby makers.

Collaring him, "this is my last warning, keep the fuck away from my family, my wife and me!" I spat in his face, shoving him backwards watching him fall to the ground.

With blood oozing out of his nose, he smiles!

Pulling out my phone, I dialed the company's lawyer and grandpa good friend.

Me: "Alfred, I want all the shares my father owns in Ambrose construction pull from under him and by nine o, clock on Monday morning, all I need to know is that the company is bankrupt." I hung up the phone smiling as he watch in aghast as I bankrupt his family's business.

"Tell your father, you pushed the button." I turned to walk away when he started shouting at me.

"NO! NO!" Ambrose yelled. "You can't do that!" I knew he was coming after me and I was ready for him.

"LET ME GO!" I turned when I heard that, to see Kern, locking his neck, while holding his hands behind his back.

I walked back to where Kern was holding him with the guys looking on in amusement.

"Do you have a death wish?" Frowning, I shook my head at him.

"Leah would have come back to me if you didn't dangle your millions in her face," Ambrose sneers.

Chuckling, I exchange a smirk with Vinnie, touching my face.

"I can assure you that my wife isn't with me because of money." I wink as his face contorted in anger.

"I will make Leah come back to me!" Ambrose persisted.

"Do not utter my wife's name in your fucking mouth!" I warned but this time it was Vinnie's turn to manhandle him.

Chuckling dryly, I point to one of the garbage bins in the park.

"Dump the garbage over there," I suggested, watching two of the guys drag him, then threw him like a sack of potatoes against the bin.

"Why didn't you beat him up so more?" Cole asks.

Curling my lips in disgust, "he wants a lawsuit and I'm not giving him grounds for one." From dad's expression yesterday, I knew they are desperate and on my count, I'm only responsible for one bruise on his ugly face.

"Call dad and tell him what happen here and if he doesn't cut ties with Ambrose today, he'll lose everything he invested, by Monday." I instructed Vinnie, picking up the football, I started walking towards a vendor selling cold drinks.

"Yeah, you're glad that asshole disrupted the game, since you were losing." Kern laughs!


I am anticipating a call from the cops and I hope Leah is out of sight when they come.

"Hey man," Cole walks out of the kitchen tying an apron and throwing one at me. "We are cooking for the ladies today." He nods to the kitchen.

Catching the apron, I nod to the sitting room, "give me a minute." I walked down the hall.

By the look on Leah's face, I already knew Michael mention it to Jade, who spill the beans.

"Jordan," her eyes wide in fright. "You could get in trouble for that." she says.

Shaking my head, I moved to where she sat, "I have a deal to make with you," I whispered, after giving Michael my apron and shooing Jade away.

Narrowing her eyes, she nods at me.

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