The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventeen

Leah's POV

He knew I got the baby's gender without him and now I can't argue with him about fighting in the park, even though Rawle could make a police report.

Jade walked in with a huge smile, followed by Mrs. Sanchez and Rosie who left the girls with her grandmother so that she could spend the day with us.

"I didn't know we had that, in the apartment." I nod to the bottle of JD Jade held, whilst Rosie followed with some glasses.

"Sorry Leah but we will include you in the next three or four months." Jade laughs, while pouring shots for them.

Twitching my nose as I contemplate sharing my feelings with them.

"Actually if I am breastfeeding, it might be a bit longer before I can consume alcohol." I lift my bottle water to take a light sip.

Jade remained with her mouth open while Rosie leans to pat my knee.

"That's great and I admire you for that," she nods in agreement. "It I wasn't so messed up in the beginning, I would have done that with the girls." She sighs wistfully.

"Hey, the girls are amazing and they are healthy, so whatever happened back then didn't hurt them." I assured her.

Nodding, Rosie leans back and drains the remnant of the drink in her glass.

"Yeah Rose," Jade joins in. "You have done great." She chuckles, "I hope I make a great mom, too!" Jade smiles shyly.

Mrs. Sanchez and Rosie turned on her instantly. "Are you pregnant?" They asked in unison.

Shaking her head quickly, Jade lifts her glass and drained her drink down her throat.

"I'm drinking," she chuckles.

The chiming of the doorbell startled us, with Mrs. Sanchez being the first to stand.

"I hope it's not the cops," I whispered, aware that Rawle would have reported Jordan and the guys.

Jade stood nervously, moving the bottle of JD and the glasses, which she shoves behind a sofa in the corner, while Rosie and I stare at her in amusement.

"Relax Jade," Rosie says, holding her by the shoulder and bringing her to sit with us.

All eyes turned to the doorway when Mrs. Branson walked in, followed by Mrs. Ambrose and her f**king daughter.

"What is going on here?" Her eyes fell on Jade first before focusing angrily on me.

Straightening on my seat, I shook my head at her company, "are you speaking to me?" I asked quietly, lifting a finger to stop Mrs. Sanchez from leaving the room to get Jordan.

"Since you came into my son's life all you've done is cause damages, between him and business associates..." Mrs. Branson was saying when I stood to face her, as she looks at me with disgust.

Even though my dress code doesn't match hers, my T-shirt and tights suit me just fine.

"Business associates?" I cut her off, searching my brain to remember which business associate Jordan fell out with because of me.

"My father," Evelyn spat, her face contorted in anger.

Curling the corner of my mouth in amusement, "oh," I shook my head, "my husband doesn't do business with crooked men and furthermore, you are not welcome in my home." I said calmly, turning to Mrs. Sanchez, "please show her out," I told her.

Evelyn her eyes flew to Mrs. Branson who immediately rose to her defense,

"Leah!" Mrs. Branson raised her voice at me.

Lifting an eyebrow, "it's Mrs. Branson to you." I mocked.

"Let's go," Rosie moves forward and shoves Evelyn slightly.

"Leah," Mrs. Ambrose spoke for the first time, her eyes soft and motherly the way she use to be with me.

"Mrs. Ambrose?" I responded calmly.

Pointing at her daughter, "this isn't called for," she tells me.

Nodding in agreement, "no it isn't but I don't want your disrespectful daughter in my home." Nodding to Rosie. "Yeah, help her out."

"Evelyn, just leave." Mrs. Ambrose instructs her daughter firmly.

After exchanging a brief glance with Mrs. Branson, Evelyn huffed and walked out ahead of Rosie, while Mrs. Sanchez stood hovering at the doorway, anxiously.

"Leah," Mrs. Ambrose moved closer to where I stood. "You never use to be like this," she lifts her chin, staring at me in disappointment.

Chuckling dryly, "do you remember the last conversation you had with me and what you said," I asked coolly.

Mrs. Ambrose immediately lowered her eyes in embarrassment, causing Mrs. Branson to stare at her in confusion.

"So if you came here expecting dumb, docile Leah then you're in for a bitter disappointment." I replied.

"You pretended to like me!" Lifting my chin, I continued. "You knew my mother was dead and lead me to believe in a lie. You knew your husband bribed a government official and supported Angie in setting my father up." Stepping forward, I glared angrily at her.

"You," I point at her, "pretended to be a mother but you're nothing but a conniving bitch just like your daughter." I wasn't backing down, even when my mother-in-law glared at me.

"You supported your daughter's affair with your sister's husband," I continued, her eyes widen in disbelief but I won't stop now. "You" raising my finger higher, closer to her face. "You're a disgusting woman and you're training that slut of a daughter to be just like you." I stopped when I saw fear in her eyes.

"She had an affair with Joey?" Mrs. Ambrose stares at me in disbelief.

In just the few minutes the woman's face became drawn.

Chuckling, "do you want to see the videos your nephew sent me?" I mocked.

Shaking her head quickly, Mrs. Ambrose backed away, cowered in fear.

"I'm sorry," she says, glancing my mother-in-law apologetically, before turning to me. "I'm sorry Leah, I didn't know about Joey."

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