The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighteen

Jordan's POV

With a tray of sliced cheese cake and cold juices in hand, I walked towards the sitting room, when I saw Mrs. Ambrose running out in tears!

What the fuck?

I moved impatiently towards the sitting room when I heard my mother's voice, berating my wife the same way she berates me.

"I honestly don't give a darn about your thoughts concerning me but what I do care about, is my husband." I stopped when I heard Leah's voice!

"Jordan is your son but he is my husband and please remember that from now on." I heard Leah say.

I rounded the corner towards the sitting room to see Mrs. Sanchez and Rosie at the door looking on while my sister sat timidly in a corner, something she does wherever my mother is in the room and my very pregnant wife with her hands on her hips glaring at my mother.

"Leah!" Mom yells her name but Leah cuts her off.

"I said that it's Mrs. Branson to you!" Leah corrected my mother, whose shoulders tensed up from where I stood.

Mrs. Sanchez and Rosie stopped me from going further into the room.

"My son could do much better than you and sticking him with a child so early in your marriage isn't going to lock him down." Mom tells Leah.

Leah appeared hurt by mom's words but Rosie pushed me out of the room now but at least we were within earshot.

I didn't see but I heard my wife's soft voice that sounds almost broken, that had me pushing past Rosie and then Leah words hit me.

"You really have no respect for your son, do you?" Leah asks softly.

If a pin, were to drop now I would hear it.

When mom didn't answer, Leah continued, "I am so done trying to keep you in my husband's life." She tells mom. "So from now on, I suggest you continue keeping your distance from me and please let the Ambrose family know that I will no longer being playing nice." She added then paused, "you can leave now."

"You can't put me out of my son's home." Mom was saying and having heard enough I moved pass Rosie and entered the sitting room where my mom stood glaring at Leah.

"Jordan," Jade stood up, nervously.

Mom spun around, her eyes softening pitifully, "Jordan thank God you're here," mom cries softly, turning to look at Leah, who is turning back around to face us, shaking her head with an amuse expression.

"I came to see you and she told me to leave." Mom was saying when Rosie came to relieve me of the tray I have been holding.

"Thanks," I nod graciously to Rosie, glancing briefly at Leah, who appeared composed before returning my attention to my mother.

"Okay," I responded to her complaint but I had a question of my own. "But why did I see Mrs. Ambrose running down the corridor?" With my eyes glued to her face, I didn't miss the surprise, mom quickly masked, as she turns to look at Leah once.

Paying her no mind, Leah was already sinking her teeth in a slice of cheesecake!

"She," pointing at Leah, "insulted her and put her out and she also had her." Pausing mom points at Rosie, "put Evelyn out." Mom said accusingly.

Raising my eyebrow, I look at Jade.

"That's not true," Jade tells me but I could see her shrink back as mom turn to glare at her.

"That's all I need to know," I said, dismissing mom's complaint against my wife and my friend.

"Lunch will be served soon and you are welcome to join us but if you remain, I will not condone you disrespecting my wife." I told mom and this time she couldn't hide her shock, hearing my words.

Narrowing her eyes, mom looks at Leah and then back at me.

"If you really loved me, you would have married someone who would have loved and respected me but instead you chose this." Mom was saying when I snapped at her.

"STOP!" I yelled and I could hear my voice echoing through the room.

Clenching my fists, "I said, you are welcome to remain but if you disrespect my wife, then you know where the exit is." I forced myself not to express how angry I was.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Leah standing up.

"Jordan," Leah calls softly.

Turning around to face her shaking her head at me.

I knew she doesn't want me arguing with mom because of her and I promised to honor that, since she first met my mother.

Nodding slowly, I left mom to join Leah and Rosie.

"Jade would you offer your mother a slice of cake," Leah says softly.

Jade looked at me first before placing a slice on a saucer for mom.

"Mom?" Jade approaches mom slowly. "You can have a seat here." Jade was saying when mom flung the saucer off her hands.

Glaring angrily at Jade now, "stop pretending to care," mom snapped at Jade, glancing at me as I move to stand beside Jade. "The both of you," she added, not hurt but angry.

Nodding slowly, I realize mom will never try to be a mother to us.

"You know where the exit is," I repeated the same words I uttered a few minutes ago.

Glancing once again at Leah, mom turned and walked of the apartment as Jade bends to pick up the broken pieces of the saucer.

Mrs. Sanchez was quickly beside us, "leave it," she tells Jade but she shook her head and continued cleaning the floor.

"Thank God it didn't fall on the rug," Jade chuckles, with her eyes kept downcast to cover the hurt she feels.

"You shouldn't have given her such a large piece"

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