The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Nineteen

Jordan's POV

Me: "Yes Leah, I promise to behave myself," Vinnie chuckles when he hears the promise I am making to Leah.

She is still sceptical about me buying out the shares of Ambrose Construction and then shutting down the company.

I am prepared to suffer the loss just to have them out or our lives, period.

Leah: "Jordan," Leah continues whining because she's still afraid of young Ambrose calling the cops on me.

I lift my eyes when my office door was suddenly flung open, by non other than my grandfather, followed by my father-in-law!

Me: "Hey babe, I've got to go, grandpa just paid me an unexpected visit." I said, omitting to tell her that her father is also here.

Leah never one to prolong when I say that I have to go, was already, ready to hang up.

Leah: "Uh, okay, I love you and please behave." She orders me but she knows when it comes to ending this feud with the Ambrose, I do it my way!

Me: "Yeah, uh... me too." I subtly, responded to her words of endearment.

My wise wife caught on quickly!

Leah: "I love you!" Leah repeated firmly.

Me: "Yeah I know." I watch grandpa pull a chair, whilst indicating another one for Andrew to sit on.

As Leah spoke, all I am thinking about is the purpose of Andrew's presence.

Leah: "Is that how you're going to play it?" Leah's tone indicate that I should respond in kind otherwise, I will regret it later.

Me: "I love you Leah," I respond as softly as I could.

"I don't think Leah heard you," grandpa laughs, while Vinnie erupts into laughter.

Me: "Did you hear me?" I whispered again, glaring at my grandpa and Vinnie, while Andrew looks on in amusement.

Leah: "Yeah, I heard," she laughs on the other end. "Go forth and conquer." Leah says before hanging up.

Lowering the phone, I frowned at grandpa, glancing between him and Andrew.

"Why are you both here?" I got straight to the point, since I didn't mention this meeting to grandpa, I am baffled as to his reason for being here as well as Andrew.

Grandpa nods at Andrew, before looking at me.

"I may not be the head of Branson Group anymore but I am still a part of the company." Grandpa, twitches an eyebrow at me.

Leaning back in the CEO's chair, grandpa vacated a few months ago.

"I'm listening," I said, shifting the clock on my desk to check the time.

"So I will be handling this morning's board meeting." Grandpa was saying when I slammed my hand on the table.

Standing, I lean across the desk to face him, "like hell you are," I responded to his decision.

Shaking his head slowly, "hear me out." Grandpa says softly, causing me to immediately regret my outburst.

Grandpa would always have mines and Leah's best interest at heart.

Vinnie sat quietly, making notes of God knows what as Grandpa spoke to me.

"I'm listening," is all I could say.

Tilting his head at Andrew, "I invited Andrew here because when this meeting is over, your father will have nothing, except his shares in the company, with which he could go rogue with." Grandpa's words surprised me because I didn't think dad would run with his shares.

Propping my chin with my two index fingers, I nod for grandpa to continue, while I mind started jumping all over the place, as I try to figure out, how to keep a grip on my father.

"Andrew here," grandpa nods at my father-in-law, "is willing to return to his field of expertise and work with your father." Grandpa says and I realise he already has a plan in place, to appease my father.

I exchange a quick glance with Andrew before focusing on grandpa.

"Why?" Is all I want to know.

Holding his chin, grandpa rubs his thumb on his cheek.

"Because of your mother, I have had to pull the CEO post from under your father and if he is bankrupt, then there's no telling what he may do." Grandpa was saying but I shook my head.

"I would never allow that," I responded impatiently.

Leaning forward, grandpa meets my gaze head on.

"Trust me." Grandpa responded calmly.

Of course I trust grandpa but this is my time.

From the corner of my eyes, I observe Vinnie nodding slowly at me.

"Do you know what grandpa is going to do at the meeting?" I frowned at Andrew.

Smiling politely, "yes I do and for the sake of your family and relationships, I agreed with him." Andrew endorses whatever grandpa decides to do.

Nodding to Vinnie, "give him the file and the floor," I instructed him.

Maybe crippling my father is wrong but he needs to understand that I am not grandpa and I won't always be complacent.

Grandpa, Vinnie and I entered the boardroom on time and the first person I sought out was my father, who sat at his regular seat, staring at us, his eyes filled with uncertainty.

Taking my position at the head of the table, smiling politely at the members present.

"Good morning and thank you for coming in on short notice but a situation has risen on a personal level that could affect the company, if it is not dealt with now." I informed the men and women who listens attentively and looks on curiously.

"Mr. Branson Sen. The founder and the wisest among us all, is here to rectify the problem his way, which is peacefully." I glance at grandpa as some of the members around the table, chuckles lightly.

From the corner of my eyes, dad breath a sigh of relief because grandpa always makes things easier for him but not me!

Nodding to Vinnie, "give him the file and the floor." I struc

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