The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Two

Jordan's POV

"What the fuck do you mean she's not home?" I yelled at Mrs. Sanchez, while I check the time.

I listen as Mrs. Sanchez explains Leah not being home and her being unable to get me for the past two hours.

Vinnie, who sat opposite me, lift his eyes curiously as he wait for me to finish yelling.

Without waiting for Mrs. Sanchez to respond, I hung up the phone and with a worried frown, "Leah isn't home yet," I explained my reason for my outburst.

Nodding, Vinnie started packing away the files scattered on my desk, "call her phone," he suggested something Mrs. Sanchez said she already tried but the phone went straight to voicemail.

"Check security and see what time she logged out," Grabbing my jacket, I made movements to leave the office to check on Leah.

Tapping my fingers on the desk I wait for Vinnie to finish speaking to security but by his expression I sense that something isn't right.

"What?" I yelled while he was still on the phone.

Covering the speaker, Vinnie glared at me. "She didn't sign in this morning." Vinnie says, hanging up the phone.

Frowning, I took more than a second to digest this piece of information in.

"How did we," and I included Vinnie in this. "Not know that Leah didn't show up to work?" I yelled, grabbing my keys and heading towards the office door.

"JORDAN!" Vinnie yells running to keep up with me. "She's not home where are you and going?" Stopping, I turned to glare at him.

"How the fuck, didn't I know she wasn't at the office today?" I ask but I sense I was speaking to myself and not Vinnie.

Raising his eyebrows, Vinnie scowls at me, "Because you've been so fucking busy hiding behind this fucking company," throwing the files on the desk, Vinnie vents his anger on me. "You've been using all your spare time hiding in this fucking building!" Vinnie who has become even closer to Leah because of her close relationship to Rosie, his girlfriend, yells at me and because it's personal, I can't argue with his truths.

Sitting in the passenger seat of Vinnie's SUV, I massage my temple as my mind wander back to four months ago when Leah went to visit a doctor recommended by her father.


Me: "Yeah," I answered my phone softly as I try not to wake Leah who was still curled up in my arms.

Vinnie: "I got an email from Jacks," Vinnie the caller started and I wonder why a message from our Pilot is so important this early in the morning.

Sliding slowly off the bed so that I don't wake Leah.

Me: "And" I asked, walking into the bathroom and shutting the door, before I switch on the lights.

Vinnie: "Jade booked it for her and Leah to make a round trip to Seattle." Vinnie explains and even though I have no reason to distrust my wife or sister, I am suddenly stunned.

Me: "Uh huh," since Leah or Jade mention it to me I had nothing to add to this conversation.

Me: "Let me call you back," I said hanging up the phone and instantly punched in my sisters num.

I contemplated waking Leah but decided against it when Vinnie arrived for us to make a quick dash to the office before joining the girls on their trip to Seattle.

Unlike Andrew, I was unable to remain at ease when Leah ask the necessary questions relating to her having problems, like her mother did during her birth.

I listen and I understood but I refuse to accept the doctors explanation that what happened to Kathleen Morrison, happens in every ten thousand pregnancies.

While Leah did all the necessary tests on that day, I was on the edge.

I want a family with Leah but if Leah isn't there, it won't be a family and if anything happens to her because of a pregnancy cause by me, I would never forgive myself.

Before I could make a decision, we found out that Leah was already pregnant while the tests were being done.

Leah was ecstatic while I fought my fear by pretending to be happy.

I was happy! I am happy but losing Leah is not something I envision in this lifetime.

The past few months since finding out about our growing family, has brought joy to most of my family members and all our friends but other than Vinnie, no one knows my deep fears.

Dr. Mehra has been relaying her findings after every visit but I am still unable to grasp the confidence speaks with.

"Jordan, Jordan!" I hear from a distance.


I open my eyes to see we're already at the apartment. Without saying a word I was out of the vehicle leaving Vinnie behind and heading for the lift.

Mrs. Sanchez didn't call and I didn't try back after getting Leah's voicemail.

"Hold the fucking doors!" Vinnie yelled.

Shaking his head he joins me as we made our ascent to my penthouse.

"Jordan, you need to get your shit together and be there for Leah." Vinnie says, in his no nonsense tone.

I didn't bother to respond because I have no excuse for not being there with her one hundred percent.

My phone started ringing and without looking at the caller ID, I answered it quickly.

Me: "Leah!" I said into the phone.

Mrs. Sanchez: "She just came in," Mrs. Sanchez responds calmly.

Me: "I'm on my way up." I hung up the phone, sighing in relief.

Turning to Vinnie, "Mrs. Sanchez said she just came in." Throwing my head backwards, I raked my fingers through my head.

"Make a trip to the building site before you come into the office tomorrow." I said, walking out the lift.

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