The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty

Leah's POV

"No news is good news, Leah." Jade sings as she joins me in the sitting room which has become my permanent residence, other than my bedroom, with Jade and Michael being my two jailors.

Ignoring Jade, I flung a napkin across to Michael who is scribbling on a file, he's working on.

"Come on Michael," I yelled impatiently. "You could have sent a fly on the wall today." Folding my arms I glare at him.

Jade starts giggling, bringing a flush to Michael's cheeks.

Nodding thoughtfully, "why didn't you guys think of that earlier?" Jade is actually considering my dumb comment.

Throwing another napkin at Michael, "hand me my phone please," I asked, since it was charging behind the sofa he's sitting at.

Pointing to the napkins on the floor, "whose cleaning that?" Jade, another neat freak asks, while bending to pick up the napkins I threw on the ground and who are you going to call?" She asks while handing me my phone.

Shrugging casually, "my father of course, since I was busy all weekend I didn't get to update him about the problems we encountered." And it's true because I haven't spoken to daddy since I mention the trip we were taking.

Grabbing my phone greedily, I immediately sent a text to Vinnie.

As much as I want Jordan's father to cut ties with uncle Carl, I'm still not sure how I feel about Jordan's plans but then again, when it comes to business and his plans for the company, I can't oppose him!

"Lunch is ready," Mrs. Sanchez interrupted us.

I exchange a quick glance with Jade and Michael, since the last thing on my mind is food!

Even before opening the message from Vinnie, I smiled when I heard the notification on my phone.

My eyes widen in surprise as I read Vinnie's quick message.

Instead of relaying Vinnie's message to Jade and Michael, I messaged Jordan instead.

"What?" Michael asks, while I wait for Jordan's message.

Since his grandpa has taken over the meeting, Jordan should be able to sneak a message to his very pregnant wife.

"What?" I repeated Michael's question.

Lifting her hands in exasperation, "what did Vinnie say, Leah?" Shaking her head, Jade moves to sit beside Michael, "what did Vinnie say?" Jade asks again, calmly this time .

Realizing she's just as anxious about this meeting with her brother and father having a face off in the board room, "your grandfather took over the meeting for Jordan," I repeated the one sentence Vinnie sent me.

Jade seems to sigh in relief, "that's a good thing right?" Jade asks me then hugging Michael's arm. "Right?" She tries to hide her concern, as she stares into Michael's eyes.

Nodding, "yeah babe," Michael agrees when my phone started ringing .

Staring at the caller ID, I lift my eyes to Jade. "It's Jordan." I answered her silent question.

Moving to sit beside me, Jade grabs the phone from my hand.

"Jordan?" Jade whispers softly, then pause as she as listens to her brother.

Shaking her head, "no, no." Jade says quickly. "She's fine," she looks at me but refuse to give me back my phone. "We are just worried." Her eyes, which is a reflection of her brothers, softens.

Jade kept nodding as she listens to whatever her brother was saying to her.

As the frown she was wearing slowly disappears, Jade finally give me the phone, then joins Michael, who was staring intently at her.

Me: "Jordan?" I whispered nervously, when I shouldn't be because Jade appears fine.

Jordan: "Are you okay?" Was Jordan's first question.

Embarrassed that I pulled Jordan out of the meeting, which will make him concern about me.

Me: "Actually, I was worried about you having to deal with your father," I explain why I disturbed him. "I am sorry for taking you out of the meeting." I added apologetically.

Jordan: "That's okay, grandpa came in early and took over the meeting and the main thing is that you're okay." I could hear the light tone in Jordan's voice, which is totally different from when he was dressing for the meeting this morning.

Me: "Are you okay with that?" I wondered.

Jordan: "Oh yeah," he chuckles lightly.

I want to talk more but I've kept him away long enough.

Me: "I know you need to get back to your meeting." I told him. "Mrs. Sanchez has already finish lunch so come home quickly." I couldn't help adding.

Jordan: "Yes ma'am," he chuckles. "I love you but let me talk to Jade before you cut off." Jordan says.

Me: "I love you," I blush, my eyes darting to Jade and Michael who were both staring at me. "Hold on." I added, stretching the phone out to Jade.

"He needs to speak to you." I told Jade, turning to Mrs. Sanchez who was still waiting on us after I gave the phone to Jade.

"We will wait until Jordan returns to have lunch." I told Mrs. Sanchez.

Smiling, Mrs. Sanchez waves her index finger at me. "Okay but you miss will eat something light now." Without waiting for me to reluctantly agree, Mrs. Sanchez left, followed by Jade, who is still on the phone.

I stared curiously at them but Jade is also a shareholder who decided to sit out of this meeting.

By the time Jordan returned home he was followed by his grandfather, Vinnie, his father and to my surprise and delight, my father.

"Daddy," I stood and stretched out my arms at him as he came to pull me into a hug. "I miss you." I tell him as he kissed the top of my head.

Kissing my forehead, "I miss you to princess." He tells me, indicating I should sit down.

"How come you're here today?"

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