The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Two

Leah's POV

I made a silent promise to myself when Jordan and I got married, about meddling in his business affairs but I refuse to have him involved with uncle Carl and not get involved.

"What are you going to say?" Jade asks, as Vinnie organize a video conference with the office of Ambrose Construction in Seattle.

Having already thought it through, "there is only one thing to do." I avoid looking at Jordan who sits on the sofa while I make myself comfortable behind his chair.

Spinning slowly, with a big grin. "I could get accustom, to this." I wink at Jordan.

With a slight smirk at the corners of his lips, Jordan shook his head.

"Maybe we could use it in the nursery to rock the baby?" Jordan asks.

"No no!" I said quickly, caressing the hand rest of the dark gray executive office chair. "This is not the color I visualize for our baby's room.

"And what color do you visualize?" Vinnie asked, appearing absentminded from the other end of the desk.

I saw Jordan glance briefly at Vinnie, who is humming while testing the camera and sound from the laptop to the television screen.

"What are you guys up too?" I asked curiously.

Jordan shook his head, while Vinnie continues humming.

Coming around the desk, Jordan sat on the edge, pulling his executive chair with me in it, towards him.

"Don't I have a right to add my personal touch in my baby's nursery?" Raising an eyebrow, it was now Jordan's turn to give me a curious smile.

Averting my eyes from his to Jade. "What is he hiding?" I asked but she shrugged her shoulders.

"I wish I knew but he is hiding something." Jade agreed with me.

Again I swear he looked at Vinnie, with a mysterious expression.

"Ten minutes till the meeting Leah and then we go online for paint and furniture for Junior's room." Vinnie stands, while Jordan wheel another chair closer to me.

"They are not expecting me," I told Vinnie, "so focus the camera on Jordan first, so that he can explain how things with be happening from now on, if he desires Branson to work with him." I explained.

"You know your recommendation will bankrupt him right?" Vinnie reminds me.

"Isn't that the objective?" I asked, hating to make this move but if Uncle Carl wants to be associated with us to build his business, he has to cut the loose ends, starting with those who doesn't bring in a profit to the company and he has to curb his spending with what I have in mind, his lifestyle will have to do a U-turn.

"Jordan my boy, I hope everything on your end is going according to plan?" I heard Uncle Carl greet Jordan excitedly.

Shaking his head, "actually there has been a change and that's the reason for the call." Jordan informs Uncle Carl.

"What happened?" Uncle Carl's voice sounded anxious.

For the first time since the online meeting started, Jordan glance in my direction.

"Actually my wife has some suggestions which she would like to lay out to you before we go any further." Jordan responded.

"Leah?" Uncle Carl asks.

Nodding, "that's my wife." He turns the laptop in my line of vision.

"Uncle Carl," I greeted him politely but he appeared nervous and he has every right to be, because I haven't told anyone, other than Mr. Branson about my plan to ensure, Jordan does no business with Uncle Carl.

On my end the meeting went smoothly since I did all of the talking, making my recommendations known to Uncle Carl and shutting him down, when he asked about Jordan's thoughts concerning my suggestions.

"You're becoming a ruthless business woman and your husband should do well to remember that." Vinnie chuckles, as he switches of the system after our online meeting was over.

Smiling at the smirk on Jordan's face, "no, my husband should do well to remember to avoid people who hates his wife." Tired of sitting in one position, I stood up slowly, stretching my arms.

"I am so hungry." I whined to no one in particular.

"When are you never hungry?" I asked instead.

Ignoring Vinnie, I left to see what Mrs. Sanchez has this early in the day!

As I had hoped, Uncle Carl had to mortgage his mansion and put a few of his properties on the market to cover the investment made by Branson Group.

I expect there will be tantrums because the lifestyles of the rich and famous, will be changed rapidly, if Uncle Carl wants Ambrose Construction to succeed.

Jordan never discussed my meeting with Uncle Carl and I felt appreciated that he didn't second guess me.

The only thing that had me concern is the amount of evenings Jordan and Vinnie spent out while Jade and I remain at the penthouse with Michael as my jailor.

"What is Jordan up too?" I ask Jade for the hundredth time.

Sliding on the bed with me, "he'll never tell a blabbermouth like me." Jade admits dryly, as she comes to keep me company on another of Jordan's and Vinnie's late night.

Looking away thoughtfully with a deep frown. "But." Jade paused, pulling a pillow to the foot of the bed, before throwing herself on it, leaving me in suspense.

"But?" I prompted Jade.

Laughing at my impatience, "I don't know but I think it has something to do with the baby." Jade explains.

Twitching my mouth, "the baby?" I repeated, wondering what they could be doing during in the evenings for the baby.

"I don't know but maybe they are building furniture." Jade guessed.

I couldn't help the laughter that erupted from me.

When Jade met my smiles she burst out laughing too.

Shaking her head, "yeah, I can't see them pounding a nail."

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