The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Three

Jordan's POV

"I want this overtime in cash," Vinnie says, dropping the paintbrush on the plastic that's spread on the floor of the nursery we've been working on for the past three weeks.

Nodding, "okay but I was under the impression that you were doing this for your Godchild?" Shurgging, I continued slapping paint against the wall.

Laying flat on the floor. "I don't understand," Vinnie continued. "You have a contractor, why didn't you allow him to do this room too?" Vinnie whined.

Replacing the roller brush on the tray.

"This is much more personal." I retorted, smiling as I gaze around the room hoping Leah loves the characters I had a professional artist come in to do.

Following my gaze, "you know she's going to love it as much as she loves the three sixty you've done since finding out the alert her doctor put on her." Vinnie words, reminded me of how much of an ass I was a couple weeks ago, when I couldn't handle the possibility of losing my wife in childbirth, the same way her father lost her mother.

Unwilling to continue with the trend of the conversation, I picked up the roller brush again, hoping to be done this weekend with all the guys help.

Chuckling, Vinne sat up.

"So I heard a bit of gossip from Michael, who heard it from his cousin in Seattle." Vinnie laughs.

Not interested, I didn't turn around to encourage Vinnie in gossiping when we could be finishing up tonight, since it's the only room to complete now with the entire house furnish and ready for moving in, except this one.

"So Michael's cousin," pausing, "uh, what was her name again?" Vinnie ask but since I wasn't interested, I didn't tell him that it's Chris.. something or the other.

Tired to trying to remember, "well anyway, word around Seattle is that the Ambrose family have gone bankrupt." Vinnie laughs.

Surprise, I turned around at that, frowning at the news.

"It's only been a few weeks since Leah spoke to Ambrose," I shook my head at that news. "Something isn't adding up." I sat on the floor. "You know our rep says that on the business front, all is well." I reminded Vinnie, who is privy to the same information, that I am.

Chuckling, "yeah but apparently Ambrose has tightened his wallet." Vinnie couldn't help himself since he found it so amusing.

With a small smile, "so the kids are no longer part of the elite crowd?" I haven't given a thought to how thing would play out for the Ambrose kids, when daddy start to mortgage and sell of properties to offset his debts and keep his construction business afloat.

Chuckling, "oh how the mighty have fallen." Vinnie with renewed strength grabbed his discarded roller brush and started painting virgiously.

I dropped Vinnie off before returning to a very quiet house.

I went into the kitchen to check for left overs before going venturing upstairs.

I stood watching a plate I filled with chicken heat in the microwave, thinking about surprising Leah with the house and the nursery by the end of the month.

"Why didn't you wake me?" I jumped a little in surprise when I heard her soft voice. "I would have taken your dinner out for you." Leah, yawns sleepily while approaching me.

I knew I was dirty and smelly so I nod, "maybe you should go back up and I'll join you soon." I open the microwave to take out my dinner.

"I wasn't upstairs and I am hungry too since I waited downstairs for you." She turned to the refrigerator and pulled out a cake container, with cheesecake.

I fight a chuckle as Leah gets down on the only thing she fancies these days.

Waving the fork she was eating with in my face, "how are you looking so..." pausing she leans closer while I back away.

"What are you doing?" I asked quickly, hoping she doesn't smell the paint.

Putting down the fork, she leans back with folded arms to stare at me.

"I think the question is, "what are you doing!" She tells me.

Having already plan an excuse, "Kern grandmother is doing some work and we're all pitching in to help her." I shrugged, trying to throw her off.

Since Leah doesn't know Kern's grandmother, she nods slowly before attacking the cheesecake once again.

I raise my eyebrows as Leah starts giggling.

"What's so funny?" I smile at her joy.

Hazel eyes twinkling, "Jade figured you were building furniture for the baby, fully aware that you guys can pound a nail." Leah giggles at the humor of that thought.

Yeah, Vinnie and I are novices at painting, that's why a two day job is taking us two weeks.

"And you listen to Jade?" I had to know if she suspected anything.

Shaking her head, Leah cleans her plate with a wide grin, staring at my plate.

"Are you done?" She was already standing so nod for her to take the plate to wash.

All I could think about is strangling Jade and her big mouth.

With her back to me, I watch Leah wash the few dishes we used with a contented smile on her face.

"Leah if things work out that you end up being a full time mom, would you be happy with that.

Drying her hands, Leah turned around with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"If you work full-time from here, I won't mind." She packs the dishes on the rack.

"From here?" I repeated, smiling to myself. So she doesn't suspect a thing, I thought as we made our way upstairs.

Grandpa called me into the office early the next morning, for an emergency meeting, so I had to call Jade to stay with Leah.

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