The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Four

Jordan's POV

The meeting wasn't a board meeting but a family meeting, now the question remains, why are they holding it at Branson's headquarters?

"Who died and didn't leave us something in their will?" I chuckle dryly, pulling a chair beside Jade, whose fixated on mom.

"Something bad is happening, check out mom's expression." Jade whispers, leaning her head on my shoulder.

Mom sat across from us alone, with grandpa and grandma at the head of the table and dad beside them, smiling at Jade and I.

Mom sat with a strange man, who kept leafing through some papers in front of him.

"So I am here, what is the keep back now?" I ask but I was staring at the man beside my mother.

Sitting upright, I glance at my father and then at mom again.

"What's going on, dad." Fully aware that my mother won't answer me, I went straight to my father. "Are you guys finally getting a divorce?" I suspect that's what's going on and the man beside my mother is her lawyer.

Before dad could respond, "don't you dare answer that." Mom instructed dad, glaring angrily at him.

Jade sat upright, "if he is divorcing you then I commend him for finally growing some balls." Jade responded, challenging mom to respond.

Instead mom turned to the man beside her, "do you see what I've been telling you. He encourages my children to disrespect me." Mom paused, curling her lips sadly, pretending to cry. "MY CHILDREN!" Mom raised her voice, to add more emphasis to her words.

Jade stood up and for once I didn't stop her when she turned on mom.

"Your children?" Jade repeated, frowning at mom. "We never had parents, all we ever had were grandparents." Jade tells mom.

"Jade," dad tries to silence her but she wasn't backing down now and I honestly felt if she didn't tell mom off, I would, but in a less dignify way.

"I always wonder if you even gave birth to us." Jade threw at mom who sat there staring at Jade.

"I am so done with you," Jade turns to dad, "if you're divorcing her, then I support you all the way." Turning to stare at mom once again.

Laughing humorously, "you never made time for us and now that you're divorcing dad, I guess this is goodbye." Jade, gives me a sad smile before running off, to cry privately.

"Aren't you leaving too?" Mom stares at me with a bland expression.

Leaning forward, I smile, "do you really, want me leave?" I asked softly wishing I could walk away but I need to remain here to ensure her lawyer doesn't take dad to the cleaners.

Mom clamped up, while her lawyer stared at her, waiting for her to respond.

Of course she won't respond because she would have to lie about being a family oriented woman.

"Good morning folks, sorry I am late?" Grandpa personal lawyer walked in with one of his assistants.

Without making direct eye contact with anyone, Grandpa's lawyer made his way around the table to sit close to my grandparents.

Keeping a keen eye on my mother, I saw her nod to her lawyer, who stood up to address us.

"I have something to say first," grandpa spoke first, eyeing the lawyer from lowered lashes.

"I am obliging you with this impromptu meeting, even if you didn't have the courtesy to inform us about earlier, so all Julien Branson is here for today, is to hear what you have to say and then he goes to court." Grandpa's words stuns mom's lawyer into silence.

Looking down at mom, "you told me you would be informing your husband about these proceedings two weeks ago." Mom's lawyer didn't hide his annoyance and embarrassment at his client's carelessness.

Turning to grandpa's lawyer, "okay, now that we are all here, let's get this over and done with." Mom tells him.

I ended up interrupting Reggie, "no, you can tell us what you want or think you deserve and then we go to court." I said instead.

Taken aback by my comment, mom lifted worried eyes to her lawyer.

Mom's lawyer stared at me thoughtfully, "do want to take this to court?" He asked, glancing briefly at mom.

"Do you, want to take this to court?" I repeated his question.

Turning to the side, the lawyer gives mom a worried expression before speaking again.

"It would be in both parties best interest to do this outside of court." He said.

Chuckling, I stood up realizing mom doesn't want to take this to court and neither does her lawyer.

"Uncle Reg" I smile at the amusement I saw reflected in his eyes. "Hear them out and then we go to court." Pushing back my chair, I moved towards the doorway.

"JORDAN!" Mom yelled at my retreating back.

Stopping, I turned, raising an eyebrow questionably.

Standing, mom kept stabbing her index finger on the glass table.

"This is between your father and I, so stay out!" She says in a demanding tone.

Shaking my head, I face her directly, "Then why are you here, in this building?" I frowned, chuckling at her lawyer when she remained silent.

"You bring this here, you deal with me." Shoving my hands into my pockets, "other than that, meet him at your lawyer's office," appraising the lawyer from head to toe. "That is if he has one." I didn't turn back but took the last three steps out the door, breathing out the breath I was holding.

I headed straight to my office, that Michael now use to see Jade sipping whiskey.

Lifting her eyes, she shoved a glass and the bottle of whiskey towards me.

Without uttering a word, she lifted her glass, "cheers." Jades says softly.


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