The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Five

Jordan's POV

To an outsider, it would seem as if Jade and I were heartless children but having our parents divorce is a blessing instead of a curse.

If we were still in highschool it might have devastated us but as married adults, I can honestly say what my parents have had over the years isn't normal nor is it healthy.

Mom has nothing to get from the company but she could get what my father owns, which is little.

I now understand why grandpa held back from giving more to dad and why dad invested what he had with the Ambrose.

Since mom loved being with the Ambrose family now she can co-partner a failing company, a loss I am willing to absorb.

"So where are you off to today?" Leah laid a cup of coffee on the dressing table, watching me dress which has become a favorite pastime of hers.

Throwing the tie I was about to use around her shoulder, I drew her closer.

"You know I'm working with grandpa on some legal issues but I'll be home in time for a late lunch." I remind her.

Spending time in court during the morning half day has kept me away from not just home but my regular work, something that would change as soon as the judge issues my parents divorce.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, "and then you and Vinnie disappears for hours on end to help Kern repair his grandmother's home." She smirks, reminding me that she still doesn't believe my explanation.

Chuckling, "you still don't believe me?" I asked, pretending to be hurt when she admits it.

I took a huge gulp of the coffee which might be the only thing I have before going directly to the courthouse.

"I am okay with it once you don't cheat on me." She says.

I spun around unable to believe what I just heard.

"You think I would do that to you?" Throwing the tie on the bed, I pulled her in my arms once again, lifting her chin to stare into those beautiful amber eyes, I can't go a day without seeing my reflection in.

A remorseful look crossed her eyes, before she looked away in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry for saying that," Leah apologizes but that didn't just pop into her head.

Drawing her towards the bed, "talk to me." I pleaded softly.

The last thing I need is for Leah to believe she could lose me, when my biggest fear is losing her.

"I'm sorry, I am being stupid," Leah responded instead.

Grabbing her shoulders, forcing her to look at me. "Tell me, why you think I cheat on you." I insisted.

Indicating to her body, "look at me," she says softly. "I am not the same girl you fell in love with." Leah bent her head even lower.

Lifting her chin, forcing her to look at me once again, "no you're not." I agreed with her, watching her lower her eyes once again.

"Look at me." I commanded her.

With a small smile, Leah finally looks at me.

"You're no longer the girl I fell in love with." Gripping her chin, forcing her to keep her eyes on me. "You're the woman I love, the mother of my child, my life partner and you're perfect." I whispered softly, emotionally moved since I haven't shared my feeling with her in awhile.

Nodding, Leah starts weeping through her smile.

Caressing her tear stained cheek, I leaned lower capturing her lips with mines.

"Never doubt how much you mean to me." I whispered as I drew away.

Even though I am getting late for court, I prefer be late than leave Leah in doubt.

Drawing my neck slowly downwards, "I won't if you keep telling me everyday for the next fifty years." She whispers, pecking my lips lightly, opening her mouth to draw me in.

The constant knocking on the door drew us apart.

"Vinnie," we said simultaneously, chuckling as Leah went to the door and I stood in front of the mirror to finish dressing.

"We're late an..." whatever Vinnie was saying was lost as his eyes fell in Leah's face.

Glancing between the both of us, "what did you do to make her cry?" He instantly accused me.

Chuckling, Leah grabbed his arm, "he told me loves me and will keep reminding me for the next fifty years." Leah tells Vinnie, blushing as her misted eyes met mines.

Glaring at me, "only fifty years?" He asks, "what about the next fifty?" He added throwing an arm around Leah's shoulder.

Nodding at Leah as I pulled on my jacket, "she called the numbers, not me." I correct him.

Nodding as he checks his time, "okay, see you at lunch." Vinnie tells Leah, leaving to give us some privacy.

"Be good to Rosie and Mrs. Sanchez," I reminded Leah as I kissed her goodbye for another tedious day in court, hoping today's the day, my parents divorce is final.

As expected, there was another delay with the absence of mom's lawyer.

It's become a habit when she is here, he isn't and when she isn't, he is.

Whatever game they are playing is tiring the judge.

"Mrs. Branson, since your attorney is absent yet again, I will give you half an hour to get him here or I will personally get you a court appointed attorney.

Mom shook her head her eyes dark as she turns to stare at dad, who has been much more relax since the divorce proceedings started.

Mom jumped when the judge pound his hammer on the table calling the court to a short recess.

"I missed breakfast," I grabbed Jade's hand ready to leave when we heard mom calling us.

"The judge said to call your lawyer not us," Jade responds rudely.

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