The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Six

Jordan's POV

Jade didn't give mom a chance to speak, instead she walked away and turned from the doorway.

"Aren't you coming?" Jade asks.

Lifting my hand, "give me a minute." I nod for Vinnie to go with her, while I remain.

Like Jade said before, mom was never there for us so if the judge grants a divorce today, we may never see her again.

"I didn't want things to turn out like this." Mom's eyes were filled with tears, something that is uncommon to me.

Shoving my hands in my pocket, I wait for her to continue.

Clutching her chest, "I.. I..." mom stammered, averting her eyes from mines.

If she hope a few drop of tears would make a difference today, then she's going to be gravely disappointed.

"I wasn't cut out for this life," with her tears all gone, mom starts speaking fluently.

"I realize it too late but being a mother wasn't in the cards for me. I found myself forced to carry not one but two babies." Mom's tone became accusing.

If she saw the hurt in my eyes caused by her words, she definitely ignored it.

"I can't go on this way so I want out but your father has nothing since your grandfather gave everything to you." Mom finally came clean about what she really wants.

To be free of not just dad but Jade and I but I was slower in seeing right through her.

"Jade was right about you all along," I started backing away, glancing at the clock on the wall, "the clock is ticking, you should get your lawyer here." Turning my back, I walk away while she shouted after me.

Depending on what the judge rules, I will keep a promise I made to myself and that is to give her an allowance each month to keep her afloat but I will not support her lavish lifestyle.

Grandpa remained at the office as usual so it was just Jade and dad, huddling in a corner, with Vinnie standing awkwardly at the side.

"Jordan," Jade ran towards me throwing herself into my arms.

Lifting her eyes to stare into mines. "She doesn't care, does she?" Jade whispers.

Nodding, I pulled her into a bear hug, feeling her body shaking in my arms.

Jade must have been afraid to hear how mom felt about us, so being rude to mom was her defence.

With tears in his eyes, dad stared at us but he kept his distance.

It's going to take awhile but if dad wants to really remain a part of our lives, we are willing to keep him.

I know Leah forgive him for his involvement with Ambrose and has accepted him but she still has no idea about my parents upcoming divorce.

"We have less than fifteen minutes to grab a quick bite." Vinnie interrupts us.

"God I'm so hungry." Jade tugs me behind her leaving Vinnie and dad to walk briskly behind us.

By the time we left the courtroom this afternoon, mom's attorney still didn't show and the court appointed an attorney for her, with a new date set in four days.

As promised, we were home in time for lunch and as usual, we had a crowd.

I have now decided to tell Mrs. Sanchez about our new home because she will be needing extra help so I am leaving it up to her and Vinnie to recruit extra help because Leah wants to focus on the baby herself, which suits me just fine.

"Leah may I speak to you in private?" Dad asks my wife as we were finishing with lunch.

Narrowing my eyes on him, curious about the private conversation he wants to have with my wife.

With a small smile, Leah nods.

"Let me help clear the table first." She tells him, while walking towards the kitchen with both our dishes, while Jade, Rosie and Mrs. Sanchez helped cleared the balance.

"I feel he is telling her about the divorce." Jade says, as she caught me glancing at the closed office door.

I am okay with that, I just hope she doesn't question me for not sharing it earlier with her.

Even now, I am not sure why I kept it away from her of all people.

Finally Leah and dad exit my office, with Leah's head bent and dad wearing the same contented smile he has been wearing for the past week.

"Okay, so I am off." Dad tells us, giving Jade a slight hug, then approaching me. "I know I don't deserve it but thank you for your support and your help." He says softly.

I am not sure how I am suppose to respond being caught in the middle of my parents divorce, to the parent who chose to remain with us.

"Yeah," I answered awkwardly, returning my gaze to Leah who stood chatting with Rosie and Vinnie.

"I told her and I told her that I wanted to be the one to tell her." Dad explains, confirming that he knew I never said anything about his divorce to my wife.

After dad left, I got caught up with some work with Vinnie that I didn't get to discuss what dad said to her.

"I'll bow out of this evening work," I told Vinnie when he was packing up his desk. "I need to spend sometime with Leah." I explained even though I didn't need to.

Vinnie took his evening off to spend with Rosie, whom he planned to surprise with an engagement ring at our housewarming because that is the last thing she would be expecting but we have to get the nursery completed.

"I am sorry for not telling you about my folks," I stated to tell Leah but she shushed me.

"I think I understand but I want you to know one thing.

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