The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Seven

Leah's POV

"Please never let your mother lack for anything," I told him.

Jordan sat upright, frowning down at me, confused at my comment.

"What are you talking about?" he asked and I wonder if he thought about the fact that he has more than his father and there's a possibility that his mother won't get much from the divorce.

"I mean," I took a little longer than Jordan to push my body backwards to sit upright, beside him.

"Whatever she gets in court from your dad, I still feel that as her son and the CEO of the company, you should also give her an allowance." I stared at my entwined fingers hoping Jordan won't think that I speaking out of place.

Jordan remained dumbfounded at me for a second. "What brought this on?" He responded curiously.

Turning to face him, smiling at this sexy man sitting beside me in bed. How did I get so lucky that a guy as hot and in demand as Jordan would chose to settle for a simple girl like me.

"Leah?" Jordan snapped his fingers in front of my face bringing me out my daydreaming.

Chuckling, I looked away blushing.

Laughing at my expression. "You're mesmerize by my hot bod, aren't you?" Jordan chuckles, making me blush even more.

Shoving him backwards playfully. "You're so vain." Curling my lips, I pretend to be disgusted with him.

Flexing his muscles, "I worked for this and I am proud that you're turned on by my bare chest." Jordan winks, pulling me against his chest, that smells of his signature body bath.

Touching my stomach, "just you wait and see how mesmerize you're gonna be when I lose this baby fat." Twisting my lips, I laugh with him.

Placing his hands on mine, "oh you don't need to lose anything because I've been mesmerize since that first day when you walked into town and turned my life upside down." Jordan says, the laugher leaving his eyes, replaced by a dark smothering look, full of love and lust.

Running my fingers along his chest, "down boy," I whisper as he gently laid me flat on the bed, capturing my lips.

"Jordan we were having a serious discussion and you're distracting me." I wriggled in his arms.

Pausing, Jordan lifts his head, "oh, I am the one distracting you?" Raising his eyebrow, he frowns at me. "You're the one who started it, staring at me wantonly." He said burying his face in my neck again.

Blushing, I wriggle free from his clutches.

"I'm pregnant and pregnant women sometimes..." my voice trails off as I realise what I was about to admit.

Intrigued now, Jordan lifts his head with a mischievous smirk dancing on his lips.

"Pregnant women sometimes what?" He chuckles.

Shaking my head because if I don't finish what I was trying to tell him, then I would lose my nerve.

"Jordan," I whined. "Let's talk about your parents, your mom to be exact." I felt Jordan stiffen above me, before adjusting himself to sit up and helping me to do the same.

Stretching, "I'm listening." He nods at me cautiously.

"Your mom may not get much in her divorce from your father because everything is in both yours and your grandfather's name." I took a deep breath and without looking at Jordan I continued.

"Even if she hasn't been the perfect mom, you should help keep her afloat." Finally I turned to meet his gray eyes, that's darkened with an unreadable expression.

"I mean, if she ends up with no home, buy her one so she can start over the way she wants, without having to tarnish your family name, by telling the world that she's broke and suffering." Still unable to read anything from Jordan's expression, I wonder if I should just drop this conversation.

When Jordan realize I stopped, "I'm listening." He encourages me to continue.

"Just give her a home and an allowance, that's all." I release the breath I was holding in when nods slowly, never taking his eyes off me.

"You're done?" He asks and I nod quickly, already regretting bringing up this conversation

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything but despite the way she treats you and Jade, she is still your mother and she brought you into this world, to make my life complete." I averted my eyes from his, because he's just staring.

"I am glad you agree with me without me having to tell you what I was thinking." Jordan smiles again.

Surprise at his reaction. "You're not upset with me for bringing it up?" I had to know because when Jade finds out, there'll be another reaction.

"I realized she won't be getting much from dad, because of his limited assets, so I planned to give her an allowance after I find out what she'll be receiving when the divorce is final." Jordan explains his plans and I smile, touching his chest where his heart beats softly against the palm of my hand.

"You have a good heart," I smiled softly before leaning my head against his chest.

Placing his hand on my chest, "so do you!" Jordan says leaning his cheek on my head.

"Mom admitted to me today that Jade and I weren't wanted by her and when we came along, we were never a priority and it hurt me." Jordan breaks the short silence. "I am glad Jade wasn't privy to that conversation because she would have continued lashing out at mom." He continued, while I listen in shock.

Lifting my head off his chest, I stare at the vulnerable gray eyes that's staring straight ahead.

"I'm so sorry Jordan," reaching out, I caressed his cheeks. "I am so sorry you had to hear that."

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