The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Jordan's POV

The next few days dragged on as we wait for the judge to finalize everything between my parents, since dad's lawyer has already submitted all his assets.

Even though we are both married adults, Jade and I both had an interview with the judge in his chambers and I am not sure if it's from having a conversation with mom or dad or maybe it's because of the millions, mom believes she's owed, not checking the millions, she already blew out on herself and her lifestyle.

The reality is that even though mom didn't sign a prenup, dad's assets over the years were used by the both of them.

"If mom knew she was going to divorce dad, she should have gone light on her spending." Jade mocks, as we drove to court to hear the judge divide their assets.

"Let's get today over with and then we'll see how it goes from here onwards," I still haven't mention to Jade about making arrangements to give mom an allowance but like Leah, grandpa supports my decision and signed off on me adding to her allowance.

Vinnie is driving so, I am in the backseat with my sister who sits restlessly beside me.

"Relax Jade," I clutch her behind her neck to help keep her still.

Glaring at me, "I am relax, I just need to pee." She shoves my hand away, leaning forward in her seat. "Stop at starbucks." She instructs Vinnie.

"Okay but you're buying breakfast." Vinnie responds, changing lanes for the short stop.

"I guess you don't have to be in highschool to be hurt over your parents divorce." Vinnie says as we watch Jade running towards Starbucks.

"No we don't." I responded by including myself with Jade. I believe it's for the best but having parents divorcing this late in life, still hurts.

I mentally promise to never put my child or children, through what Jade, Leah or I went through.

By the time we arrived, with our stomach filled from the heavy breakfast Jade bought, mom and her court appointed attorney were already seated, as was dad and his attorney.

Sensing that Jade and I were in the room, mom turned to smile at us, or me to be precise since Jade refused to acknowledge her after her last conversation with her.

I nod, acknowledging her, still wondering if it's too late to become friends with her.

"ALL RISE!" The court's clerk shout from the front of the room.

I listen carefully as the judge spoke to mom, while reading from some documents on his desk.

"Mrs. Branson." The Judge starts with an indifferent look in his eyes, dividing the money dad owns between the both of them.

A search was made to ensure dad didn't sell or sign over any of his assets to Jade or I because of the divorce.

Since everything was in order, the amount the judge split between my parents isn't the amount of money mom is accustom having at her disposal, she turned to glare angrily at dad.

The judge also requested dad to pay mom a monthly allowance, as per his monthly income, which could vary because of his upcoming projects with Andrew.

Mom would get a substantial amount from those upcoming projects but she doesn't need to know that yet.

Dad didn't flinch at the ruling but he did smile when the judge ruled that, the moment mom marries, all allowance would cease.

I immediately started calculating in my head, how much I would be giving mom, when Jade started giggling.

"Take that bitch," Jade snickers, causing Vinnie and I to shush her at the same time.

I could have been in the same position as dad, if I had chosen a woman like mom but grandpa instantly knew Leah was a gem, whom he could trust with Branson's assets.

"I'll be there in a bit," I said to Vinnie and Jade when the judge was finish with his ruling over my parents divorced.

"Are you really going to talk to her?" Jade curled the corners of her mouth and looked at mom, her gray eyes filled with disgust.

"Jade please, not now." I responded curtly to her question.

Sensing this is not a time to reprimand me for waiting to speak to mom once again, Jade nods, walking ahead of Vinnie.

Slapping me on the shoulder, Vinnie follows Jade out.

Mom didn't move, even after her attorney left.

"Mom," I called softly, standing behind her chair.

The teary eyed woman who turned to face me, isn't the same woman, I have grown accustomed to seeing over the years.

Gone is the proud smirk, as she spins her diamond engagement and wedding band on the table.

"I'm paying for my deeds," mom chuckles. "Evie will have a good laugh when she hears that after all I did, I ended up with nothing." From the corner of her eye, mom raised an eyebrow to stare at me.

I remained silent, as she started spinning her rings again.

"If I didn't seduce your father and gotten pregnant with you, Evie would have been your mother." Mom laughs.

I have no idea who Evie is or what the fuck mom's babbling about.

"But you are my mother," I said instead.

Covering the spinning rings on the table, mom turned to frown at me.

"After the way I have treated you and Jade, you still consider me your mother?" Mom straighten in her seat, getting a good view of me, allowing me to also get a glimpse of her expression.

"Even though you didn't love us or have time for us, we still love you." I admitted not just for myself but Jade, who loves mom.

Shaking her head in defeat, "I don't hate you, I just loved the money more."

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