The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Leah's POV

Since his parents divorced, Jordan appeared distracted, when he thinks I'm not looking but when our eyes meet, he does a three sixty on me.

Jade expressives her feelings, which is great but her brother, is another story.

He's keeping his feeling about his parents divorce to himself and I don't think it's healthy for him or us.

Without knocking, I walked into Jordan's office, hearing him dictate a message to Vinnie.

Lifting his head, Jordan raises his eyebrow, with a small smile, when he sees me.

"Thank God, I need a break," Vinnie got up and walked out the office, wiping imaginary sweat on his forehead.

Leaning back in his chair, clicking his pen, "I guess we both, needed a break," putting down his pen, Jordan held out his hands towards me.

I walked into the circle of his arms, as he gently pulled me on his lap, wrapping his arms around my protruding stomach.

"Talk to me," I leaned against his shoulders staring at the wall, in front of us.

Rubbing his chin on my shoulders, I could sense him hesitating but he will have to spill whatever is bothering him eventually, so now is a good time to start.

"I know I am not obligated to but I bought mom a house, with grandpa's approval but Jade doesn't know and I need to tell her before mom tells her in her own way.

Lifting myself of his chest, "that's not a difficult task." I frowned.

Yes Jade wants to see her mother in hell but if she ends up on the streets, it will affect her.

Staring at the office wall, Jordan nods.

Something else is bothering him, I can feel it!

"And?" I asked.

Finally he looks at me, frowning in confusion.

"And?" Jordan repeats.

Turning my body, I wrap my arms around his neck, "and, what's the other thing that's distracting you?" I asked, with my eyes glued to his eyes, I didn't miss the different emotions flickering in his deep grays.

Chuckling, Jordan shakes his head.

"Something is confusing me but and don't know where to start with it." Jordan admits and I smile triumphantly.

"I knew something was bothering you." I chuckle, leaning against his chest once again. "I'm listening." I encouraged him to continue.

I listen as Jordan relayed his conversation with his mother in the courtroom, especially intrigued by the woman, named Evie.

"Let's ask your father." I hid from my father because I was afraid and even though Jordan and his father isn't close, they are getting there.

"Nah," Jordan was saying when I got off his lap and tugged at his arm.

"What?" Jordan allowed me to pull him off the chair but he stood his ground.

"Let's go," I twitched my mouth. "I need a break too," I repeated Vinnie's words.

Lifting his eyebrow, Jordan frowns. "My breaktime is over," Jordan says when I cut him off.

"We've haven't been out on our own in months and," pausing I glare at him. "I want to go out with you." I clench my fists stubbornly. "Just YOU AND ME." I emphasized.

Staring at the papers scattered on his desk, "Leah!" Jordan tried to speak but again I cut him off.

"Jordan!" I stomped my bare feet on his carpet. "Is it too much to ask my husband for some alone time?" Turning around, I started walking away.

"Leah!" Jordan calls but I stubbornly refused to turn around.

"Finish your work quickly because Kern and the guys will be waiting for you, when you're done." I walked into the kitchen to get a snack in the refrigerator, when I felt the door closing.

"What?" I yelled, aware that Jordan followed me.

When I looked at him, I couldn't miss his apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry," he says softly because Mrs. Sanchez and Vinnie are both privilege to our conversation.

"Then take me to the store, I need cheesecake," I lifted my chin determined to have sometime, with him today and also visit the Branson group and his father.

Cornered, Jordan nods.

"Okay, give me five, let me just clear some stuff up with Vinnie." He agrees.

"I love you," I reached up and pecked his cheek lightly before leaving to dress appropriately for the office and some shopping.

"This feels good," I reach out, raking my fingers through Jordan's hair, affectionately. "We haven't been out by ourselves in a long time." I couldn't hide how elated I felt.

"Okay, where to Princess Leah?" Jordan smiles lightly.

Staring at the road, "Branson's Group." I responded.

Jordan remained silent for a few minutes, "Leah," he started. "I'm not sure that's a good idea." He glances sideways briefly.

"Visiting my grandfather-in-law and father-in-law is a bad thing?" I pout.

Chuckling, "that's not what I am talking about." He shook his head.

Folding my arms, I stared straight ahead, "well I am bored and I need to know who Evie is." Jordan slapped the steering wheel, as the words left my mouth.

"I knew it." He stated.

Glancing at him, his eyes focused on the road, "well when we find out what is bothering you, then you would be more focused on me, again." I retorted.

"Leah," Jordan sighs.

"Jordan," I responded with a soft playful sigh.

I made a quick call from Jordan's phone to let Rosie know that we're taking her to lunch after a brief meeting with Mr. Branson.

Raising an eyebrow, Jordan nods, his eyes glued to the road, resigning himself to do my bidding today.

"Leah," my father-in-law greeted me with a light hug under the watchful eyes of his son.

"Jordan," he then greets Jordan with a nod, indicating the sofa.

"We're here to find out about Evie!"

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