The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Three

Leah's POV

I brace myself for Jordan's rage towards me as the penthouse doors opened up, revealing Jordan followed by his ever faithful sidekick, Vinnie.

When Jordan's eyes met mines, I saw a flicker of relief pass through his eyes and his shoulder slouched as he sighed in relief but without saying anything, he only nod to his office.

"Vinnie and I would be in there, ask Mrs. Sanchez to send dinner in when it's ready." Jordan says while walking towards his office, followed by his stunned friend.

Vinnie lingered behind to give me a light embrace.

"Don't let his fucking attitude fool you," Vinnie whispered against my hair. "He's still blaming himself for suggesting, you know what." Vinnie explains my husband's coldness towards me and even I knew it, it still hurts when he keeps pushing me away.

Nodding against his chest, "I don't hold it against him," I tell Vinnie, moving away to deliver Jordan's message to Mrs. Sanchez.

I didn't bother telling Vinnie about my doctor's visit because he would start ranting to Jordan and I need to be stress free.

"Jordan and Vinnie will take their dinner in his office," I smiled, opening the refrigerator to pull out the box of cheesecake my baby can't go a day without.

I turned to see Mrs. Sanchez staring at me with concern but I lift the box and chuckle.

"Heaven," chuckling I took a fork and headed towards the doorway, "I'll be upstairs." I laugh hoping she believes that all is well because if she doesn't she will report immediately to Mr. Branson and Jordan will be in so much trouble.

After a long shower, I slid under the sheets ready for another nap and hopefully a productive day tomorrow.

Closing my eyes, my mind drifted back to that day in Seattle when Jordan found out I was pregnant while running other tests.


"Maybe we should consider having an abortion until the doctors can confirm that you won't go through what your mother did during childbirth." My head was on Jordan's chest when he made his suggestion, which came out so soft, I wonder if I heard correctly.

Unsure if I heard him correctly, I lifted my head and stared at him in shock.

"What did you say?" I asked still trying to pinch myself, while sitting up as I wait for his response.

Jordan averted his eyes and reached out to pull me against his chest but I moved even further away.

"Jordan?" I called when he still didn't repeat his suggestion to me.

Shaking his head, Jordan threw back the blanket.

"I'm being a jackass as usual." He said. "Just forget what I said," with his back still turned to me, Jordan pulled his joggers over his boxers and walked out the bedroom and that word 'abortion' was never brought up again.


I never blamed Jordan for even suggesting that but pretending that he never suggested it is giant standing between us.

Dr. Mehra kept telling Jordan after every visit that everything's preceding as normal but like Jordan is still expecting the worst and I can't help or reassure him otherwise.

Maybe it's best that he don't attend any of my doctor's appointment again, after Dr. Mehra threaten to put me under bed rest until my pressure is under control.

I fell into a troubled sleep unaware of Jordan coming to bed.

More tired than when I went to bed, I stode lazily into the kitchen to see Mrs. Sanchez hard at work without me assisting her.

"Morning," I pulled open the refrigerator and slammed it shut when I remember I ate the last cheesecake for dinner last night.

"Morning Leah," Mrs. Sanchez appeared in a happy mood this morning and for whatever reason she is happy, I am glad for her.

I really wanted her and my dad to click but he ended up clicking with Ms. Gemma or aunty Gemma as she insists that I call her.

As my mind wander to my dad, I suddenly felt homesick for him, not Seattle.

"Seeing that you missed dinner last night, I've made a heavy breakfast for you." Mrs. Sanchez says in a tone that won't accept me defying her, even though I didn't feel hungry. Nodding graciously because if I am eating bad, that's another thing Mr. Branson would find out about and I don't want Jordan to get into problems with his grandfather because of me.

Forcing an enthusiasm I didn't feel, I pulled the plate of waffles towards me and nod to the empty chair.

"Join me," I told Mrs. Sanchez.

Smiling she continues making more waffles, "there's enough for the both of us," I said only taking a few into my plate.

"It's for you and Jordan." Mrs. Sanchez responds in a carefree manner.

"Jordan?" I asked and she smiles.

Still nodding, "he's working from home today and Vinnie will be here for a late breakfast." I turned self-consciously to see if Jordan was behind me.

"Where is he?" I ask when I didn't see him, wondering if he's already in his office.

Pointing behind her, "in the gym," Mrs. Sanchez says as she continues making more waffles.

Covering the waffles to keep it warm, I stood up slowly.

"Maybe I should tell him breakfast is ready," without waiting for Mrs. Sanchez response I walked off towards the home gym, Jordan has been using more frequently since our marriage.

Happy to hear he'll the working from home and looking for any reason to have him speak to me again, I wandered towards the gym and stood from the open doorway to see Jordan slamming against his punching bag, giving me the impression that the punching bag is winning.

"Hey, breakfast is ready!"

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