The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty

Jordan's POV

"Jordan!" Leah exclaimed, slapping me on the thigh when I got straight to the point and told dad why we were here.

Squinting my eyes at her, "what?" I feigned innocence, then glanced at my father's shocked expression. "Isn't that why we're here to find out about this Evie person?" I added, fighting a chuckle at Leah's red cheeks that's flushed from embarrassment.

Slapping me on the thigh again, "yes but you didn't have to be so blunt!" Gritting her teeth, Leah expressed her annoyance, especially when I started laughing.

"Be right back," dad left, returning with a grape juice, two glasses and an almost empty bottle of his favorite whiskey.

Having gotten over his shock, dad laughs at Leah's discomfort. "That's okay Leah, you know my son don't beat around the bush for information." Dad pours us a shot. "I mean in just one week, he found out where you were from and met your dad." Raising his glass, dad laughs, clinking my raised glass.

"Here's to freedom, that's long overdue," dad says, hastily gulping down his shot.

Putting down his glass, "so I'm guessing your mother mention my high school girlfriend?" With raised eyebrows, dad smirks at me.

Intrigued, I nudged Leah whose still sulking in embarrassment.

Nodding, I finally downed my shot, refusing another one, choosing Leah's untouched grape drink instead.

"Yeah," turning my attention to dad, "she mention something about Evie laughing at her downfall or something like that." I tell him, not missing his soft sad smile.

"Evie and I dated through high school, a relationship both our parents approved off." Dad's eyes got misty as he started reminiscing about his past.

"We got engaged before entering college," dad continued. "Your mom ended up being Evie's roommate and I didn't know it back then but your mother was jealous off Evie and my relationship but nothing happened until the night before graduation, when Evie went to pick up our dinner, her roommate offered me a drink which was not unusual and the next thing I remember, was waking up to Evie screaming at me, while packing and your mom hugging me with a smug smile as we lay naked in her bed." Curling his lips in disgust, as dad recalls his past, with mom.

"Evie broke up with me and moved to other state, to start over as she claims, while I moved back home, exhausted from trying to explain what really happened with your mom." Nodding his head slowly, dad pours another shot, while Leah stared at him in shocked.

"Two months later, your mother along with her family, went to my father with the news that she's pregnant and I tried make it work for you but as you can see, this is how it ended." As dad was pouring another shot, I reached out and stopped him.

Understanding his pain, I remember the woman who tried to force my hand by accusing my grandfather of being inappropriate with her.

"Don't do this to yourself." I turned to Leah, who was no longer shocked at my father shared about his past.

Turning, "I'm sorry," she mouths but I am not surprised, since mom did confess that all she wanted was the money. I guess being pregnant, seal the deal for her.

Maybe grandpa saw through her way back then and didn't give dad all that was supposed, to be his.

As we stepped into the elevator to meet Rosie in the lobby.

"You have already given her shelter, now let her live off the alimony she's getting from your father." Leah whispers, staring at her reflection in elevator walls.

After experiencing life with a greedy stepmother, Leah will not encourage me to be taken advantaged off, even by my biological mother.

"She needs to experience the life she would have had, if she didn't," pausing she turned to stared at me with a horrific expression.

"Do you think your mother, drugged your father?" Leah, covers her mouth, still surprise. "People really do that?" She turned to face me now, pointing at my chest.

"Never take drinks from women and drinks you didn't pour for yourself, especially if I am not around and" with a stern warning, "don't say I didn't warn you." She added.

Pulling her into my arms, "God, even if it's a mistake, I know you won't forgive me." I chuckle, while at the back of my mind, I wonder what happened to Evie.

Lunch with Rosie was a blast, as I ate and allowed the girls to catch up, remembering Vinnie's big plans for my house warming.

"So how are you and Vinnie doing?" I asked, trying to get a feel of Rosie's feelings and how she might react at a proposal.

Glaring at me playfully.

"I wouldn't know since you have been keeping him occupied for the past few weeks." Rosie says winking at me.

Did Vinnie tell her about the house, glancing quickly at Leah who was more engrossed in the her rice and chicken.

At Rosie's nod, I mentally remind myself to strangle Vinnie when get back home.

"So Leah before I forget, I'm organizing a baby shower for you and that's all I'm telling you." Rosie says suddenly, getting Leah's full attention.

Blushing shyly, "a baby shower?" She turns her flushed cheeks to me. "We are having a baby shower," Leah squeals softly, definitely excited.

Throwing an arm around her shoulder, "yeah," I answered. "Am I invited or is it just a ladies thing?" I asked Rosie.

Before Rosie could respond, Leah leans into my arms. "Of course you're invited," Leah nods for Rosie to agree with her.

Before dropping Rosie at the office, "so Vinnie is all yours tonight since Jordan will also be staying in.

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