The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty One

Leah's POV

"Jordan!" I yelled, pouting!

Sighing in frustration, Jordan lifts his eyes from where he stood, in front the bathroom mirror, shaving.

"What Leah?" Jordan responds, already aware of my reason for being frustrated.

The baby shower is tomorrow and Jordan still hasn't told Jade about the house he bought their mother and about their father's ex-fiance, Evie!

It's not my place to bring her into the loop and the longer Jordan takes the worst Jade's reaction would be.

"You need to tell Jade about your mom and the house you bought for her." I reminded him once again.

Nodding, Jordan resumed his shaving adding to my frustration!

Turning in a huff, clad in one of Jordan's T-shirt, I rummage through my closet for something to wear for the baby shower.

"Did I mention Vinnie would be proposing to Rosie after the baby shower is over?" Jordan says from behind me.

With my mouth wide open in surprise.

I spun around to face him, my bad mood instantly disappearing.

"Seriously?" I squeaked covering my mouth, unable to contain my excitement.

Wiping his face with a hand towel, Jordan nods with a smirk.

I knew he's distracting me about him having a heart to heart with his sister and he succeeded.

This is so huge!

Vinnie's proposing to Rosie!

"Oh my God!" Rushing forward, I threw my arms around his neck.

"We need to go shopping for something to wear," I looked behind at the mess I made throwing clothes on the floor. "You need to give her time off to go with me." I continued excitedly.

Gripping my shoulder, Jordan shook me gently, "calm down Leah." Jordan chuckles. "It's a surprise so we can't spill anything to her." He explained.

Rushing back on the clothes on the floor, I started throwing them into an untidy bundle into my closet.

"No but I have nothing to wear, so she's going shopping with me," raising an eyebrow with a smirk, "unless you want to go with me?" I added, chuckling at the horror that passed across this eyes.

Shaking his head, "not happening," Jordan turns away, leaving me grinning triumphantly.

Rushing past him, "I'm going to call her and make arrangements." Grabbing my phone, I started dialing Rosie, mentally reminding myself to invite Jade.

"Take this," Jordan give me his credit card.

Shaking my head, "I have mines," I tap my handbag lightly.

Snatching the card from Jordan's hand.

"Leah, Leah, Leah." Jade sighs in disappointment. "When will you learn," winking at Jordan, Jade walks away sashaying her hips.

Leaning down, "buy Rosie, Mrs. Sanchez and the girls something beautiful." Jordan whispers.

Holding his chin in place, "yes boss!" Pecking his lips lightly, I followed Jade and Michael, who is our driver this afternoon.

I slid Jordan's credit card from Jade's fingers as I moved pass her.

Rosie and Jade were surprise at the outfits I chose but I had to go formal which was the only way I could get Rosie to go formal.

Jade give kept staring at me curiously, as I only ventured into stores with formal wear.

I ended up getting Jordan a dress shirt to coordinate with my dress.

I secretly loved couple goals but was never bold enough to try it but tomorrow afternoon is about us and our baby!

"Where are we going?" I asked watching Jordan drive away from the city.

I assumed we would be holding the shower at a restaurant or a hotel.

Shrugging, Jordan stares at his phone again for directions.

"Vinnie got a friend to lend us his home before he moves in." Jordan's explained staring at his phone and then the road.

"Oh," I guess today is not just about me but Vinnie and Rosie.

I tug at Jordan's black shirt, with tinges of purple which matches my purple dress.

"This blend looks good on you." I wait for Jordan to contradict me, since his favorite colors are, black, gray and blue!

"This is the first and only time I am allowing you to do this to me." Jordan mutters without looking at me.

I glance at Mrs. Sanchez whose chuckling behind us.

Pouting mischievously, "and I already planned on buying matching colors for the three of us." I turned to hide my smile, frowning at how far the few guests Rosie and Jade invited to the shower has to travel.

"Three of us?" Jordan mutters. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't turn to face him.

Instead Mrs. Sanchez responded to his question.

"You, Leah and young Jordan." Mrs Sanchez comment had Jordan laughing out loud.

"Oh no Leah." Jordan's tone change to his firm business tone. "You are not dressing my son in these girly colors. I draw the line there." Jordan says sternly, leaving Mrs. Sanchez and I laughing at his expression.

"We're here." Jordan says, leaning downwards to stare at the spiraling driveway.

"Wow!" I exclaimed peeking ahead to see the mansion ahead of us.

"Who does this belong to?" I asked turning curiously to Jordan. "This is..." I paused as I tried to get the right words to describe the beautiful exterior of the house. "Awesome." I said but still that doesn't describe it.

Somehow, it reminds me of my dreamhouse.

"Maybe I could offer to buy it from the owner for you?" Jordan's soft chuckle brought me out of my daze.

Shaking my head, "no, this seems to be their dream house. We can't do that." I started unbuckling my seatbelt.

The wide oak doors opened as we walked up the three steps wide oval shaped steps.

"Welcome, welcome!" Rosie and Jade opened the doors wider for us, treating us as royalty.

Clutching Jordan's arms, I walked into the wide corridor that's filled with our closest family, friends and their warm welcome.

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