The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Two

Jordan's POV

The evening was a smashing success and I have Jade and Rose to thank for that.

Together their combination worked and I must hand it to Jade, if she wasn't getting more and more involved with Branson's, I could see making it big as an event planner.

Andrew and dad wept while Leah gushed as she opened each gift that was presented to us.

"This is something your mother bought for you but it was never used." Andrew, gives his daughter a slim square box containing a baby hat, sock, blanket and coat, along with a baby comb, brush and mirror.

The white is slightly discolored but Leah seems loves it more than any of the other gifts she received today.

I still have my personal gift for her but I'm saving the best for after Vinnie's proposal.

Standing from the side, I look on as Leah interacted with her guests but she's mostly interested in what happens after the dinner Vinnie and Mrs. Sanchez planned.

"Just think, if you had given us a chance, we would be hosting our baby shower." A soft voice chuckles from beside me.

Frowning, not hiding my annoyance to see Cole's sister-in-law, smirking beside me.

Shaking my head I ignored her comment to focus on my wife once again.

How the fuck is she even here at our baby shower, in my new home?

I glance around the room, searching for the asshole, Cole.

"Excuse me," I muttered as I walk away to where Cole and Gary stood, socializing.

"What the fuck is your sister-in-law doing here?" I barked, glancing around to ensure no one heard me.

The laughter died in Cole's eyes.

Staring over my shoulder, "man I didn't even know she was coming over." Cole smiles apologetically. "Gail mention she's attending your baby shower and next thing we knew is that she's standing in front our door." Cole averts his eyes downwards, apologizing again.

Leaning closer to him, "keep that bitch away from my wife before I lose it." I yelled bitterly.

As I turned to walk away, I met Leah's eyes across the room and she was staring at me anxiously.

Shaking my head, I walked out needing to breathe and to get away from that bitch, who tried seducing me at Cole and Gail's wedding.

Her tactics were deploring and since then I have been keeping away from events that she's a part off but her fucking sister deliberately brought her here to disturb me and provoke my wife.

Leah and I moved so fast that my friends missed it and now I am glad it happened that way because Gail would have invited her sister along to every event Leah and I attended if we were dating longer.

"You okay?" I spun around, a soft smile creasing the corner of my mouth, to see Leah walking towards me, looking apprehensive.

Smiling brightly, I met her half way, pulling her into my arms and against my chest.

"I am now." I tell her, aware that I'll have to mention Cole bringing unwanted guests in our home.

Drawing away, I turned to look out the garden and the lights that were added because of the occasion.

"Do you think the garden would look good without the decorative lights in the night?" I mused, since this is her home, her input would be helpful.

Ignoring my question, Leah moved to stand in front of me, "talk to me please." Leah's soft hazel eyes silently pleads with me.

"Cole brought someone to our gathering whom I detest." I shook my head and walked away to stare at the trees and flowers that were still visible in the early evening.

I felt Leah's arm around my waist. "An ex?" She asks coolly.

Chuckling dryly, "definitely not an ex but trouble, still the same." I looked into the house from where Leah and I stood on the veranda. "Dinner should be starting soon, let's go in because I don't want to miss Vinnie on his knees." Encircling Leah closer, we return inside the house, as Jade and Rosie were busy ensuring all our guests were taken care off.

Vinnie stood up, knocking his glass to get our attention.

"Ladies, gentleman," Vinnie starts and paused as his eyes landed on Janelle and Shennel. "And girls," he laughs as Janelle whines.

"We're ladies, uncle Vinnie, not girls." Janelle leaned on her chair, pretending to be annoyed.

"And young ladies," Vinnies corrected himself, hi- fiving Shenelle who sat closer to him.

"Are you calling me old?" Grandma gives Vinnie a sideway glance, showing her disapproval at his words.

Laughter erupted around the tables set in dining room area.

Shaking his head, "of course not grandma. I would never in my wildest dreams, insult you this way." Vinnie chuckles, blowing a kiss to grandma.

"Okay, okay stop flirting with my wife," Grandpa joins in.

Saluting grandpa, "sorry boss." Vinnie jokes.

Staring down at Rosie who looks like an elegant Rose beside my best friend.

"And to the loveliest lady in the house," Vinnie smirks at Rosie, who I am seeing blush for the first time ever.

"Stop it," she mouths to Vinnie, shyly.

"Aww, you guys are so sweet," Leah stares dreamingly at Rosie and Vinnie.

Drawing her towards me, "shush." I whispered in her ear, loving the sound of her giggling.

Waving a hand at Vinnie, who was now glaring at me, realizing, Leah knows.

"Carry on Vincent!" Leah leans her head lovingly on me, giving Vinnie permission to continue with his speech.

Staring at Rosie once again, "now where was I?" Vinnie frowns, tilting his head as he fought to remember where he left off.

"You were acknowledging the most beautiful lady in the house, who isn't me." Jade winks at Vinnie.

"Yes, yes I was," Vinnie turns to Rosie.

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