The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Three

Leah's POV

I couldn't contain my excitement, as I stare at Vinnie gazing down smitten at Rosie who now stares awkwardly up at him and then at everyone else around the table we sat around.

"Rosie, you've been my friend for years and now it's time we change that," Vinnie says as Rosie eyes widen in shock, shaking her head, in disbelief.

"Vinnie," Rosie mouths softly in the room that's suddenly gone quiet.

"I want more and I believe that we are both in a better place, to accept the changes life throw at us." Vinnie, oblivious to Rosie's expression continues with the speech he has prepared for this occasion.

Glancing briefly at Jordan, Vinnie nods and gets on his knees.

"I have loved you for a while now and I can safely say that I am in love with you. I promise to love and cherish you and our daughters, till my last breath." Vinnie concludes by opening a small green velvet box, exposing a solitaire diamond ring.

With my hands clasped, I couldn't take my eyes off Rosie's misty eyes, her dark eyes fluttering between Vinnie and the ring.

"Say yes, say yes!" I found myself chanting softly before Jordan covers my mouth.

"Will you marry me?" Vinnie finally asks the important question, we wanted to hear.

Rosie glanced at the girls who both nod in excitement.

Finally she met Jordan's soft smile, turning to Vinnie.

Throwing her arms around his neck, "yes, yes, yes!" She yells, while I start reminiscing about Jordan's proposal to me!

Jordan squeezed my shoulders affectionately, leaning closer. "I love you," he whispers pecking me on my upturned lips.

When we revert our attention to the happy couple of the hour, there were lots of hugs and tears and congratulations from all around.

Jordan and joined the que to share in the love of our best friends.

"You knew, didn't you?" Rosie accuses me affectionately, staring at her outfit. "That's why you insisted we go formal?" Before showing off her dazzling engagement ring.

Lifting her hand for inspection, "but I wasn't privy to this, though." I responded.

"What are you doing here?" I heard Jordan hissed beside me.

Rosie frowns over my head. Turning around I saw a woman, smiling seductively at my husband.

Exchanging a brief glance with Rosie, I turned around to face the woman who by Jordan's expression, is annoying my husband.

"Oh sorry for blocking you," I smiled brightly to the woman, "it's your turn now," I shoved Jordan to make way for the woman to greet the happy couple.

Taken aback, the woman stares at me in surprise before turning to the woman who was approaching from behind her. The wife of one of Jordan's friends, Gail.

Chuckling, "oh don't be silly Leah, Candy and Jordan are close friends." Gail laughs, moving to hug my husband who stares back at them, impersonally.

Nodding at Gail, I smile at her sister. "Hi, nice to meet you but you can go and greet the happy couple and you and Jordan can catch up later." I thugged Jordan's arm, with the same bright smile, not missing the irritation in Gail and her sister's expression, as Jordan and I moved away.

"That was smooth," Jordan, stops and cups my face, crashing his lips on mines.

Drawing slowly away from me, Jordan looks around the room and smiles at the decor.

"Don't worry, I've been stealing ideas for our apartment." I chuckle softly, tapping my feet on the tiles.

Lifting my eyes to Jordan, "do you think the owners would mind if we take a quick peek upstairs?" I ask, already leading Jordan into the corridor and staring at the long spiral staircase.

Taking my hand in his, "we're already here so I'm sure they won't mind." Jordan looks over his shoulder before leading me up the stairs.

I walked slowly, working my fingers on the railing with one hand, while Jordan clutches the other.

"You like it don't you?" Jordan chuckles and I nods slowly.

"Where's the master bedroom?" I frowned after Jordan shows me three guest bedrooms. "Is it off limits?" I wonder aloud.

"I think there's a nursery," Jordan frowns thoughtfully. "Want to steal some ideas?" He laughs but I had my owns ideas for ours.

Shrugging, "sure," I allowed Jordan to lead me into a large room or what I would call a suite.

Without saying a word, I walked around touching everything in the nursery with my fingertips, because the room appears ready to move into.

"The owners has a baby boy?" I asked, even though the room is multicolored, the blues were heavily highlighted.

Laughing at the drawings on the wall, "if I didn't know better, I would think this is my baby room." I turned around to see Jordan dangling a bunch of keys in his hand and a goofy smile on his face.

Even though I was confused, I couldn't help smiling curiously at him.

Reaching out, I took the keys from his hand. "What am I missing?" I glance around the room once again and this time I didn't mask my confusion.

"Is this our baby room?" I had to ask since Jordan just stood with his goofy smile that's beginning to annoy me.

At Jordan's first slow nod, I rushed excitedly into his arms.

"Oh my God, Oh my God," I squealed in delight. Rushing to the adjoining rooms and into the baby bathroom, that's filled with everything our baby would need.

"When did you do all this?" I asked Jordan.

Raising his eyebrow, with his signature smirk, leaving me to guess?

"I'm still waiting on my overtime?" Vinnie says from behind us.

"Goodness Leah," Jade exclaims. "Why didn't you let me help with my nephew's room?"

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