The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Four

Leah's POV

All our guests were still eating and drinking, with Michael and our dads hosting since Vinnie and Jordan were occupied upstairs with us.

"Can you believe Gail bought that bitch into our home?" Jordan says from behind me.

"Yes and I gave Cole a good piece of my mind when they arrived." Vinnie responded angrily.

I wanted to turn around but for one, I was walking down the stairs and secondly, I trust Jordan.

We all started mingling as we rejoined, the party with my father being the first to approach me.

"Come sit with me," dad, escorts me a table, nodding to a waiter. "Bring us, two grape juices and two slices of cheesecake." He smiles politely to the waiter.

Chuckling, realizing Jordan must have told daddy about my cravings these days.

"I heard that's your favorite and Vinnie ordered extra cheesecake with you in mind." Dad laughs.

Nodding, I tilt my head towards Ms. Gemma, "so what's going on between you and Ms. Gemma?" I asked my father, who followed my gaze, with a soft smile on his lips.

"It's going," dad smile disappears as he turn to face me. "Angie is on parole and she wants to see you." Dad says.

Frowning, confused!

"Do you still talk to her?" I shook my head in disbelief, since I was under the impression that she and everyone from my past are behind me.

Dad shook his head quickly.

"Oh no, sweetheart." Dad explains. "She reached out after her release." Dad added and continued to explain that Angie received nothing from the divorce except the valuables she acquired during their marriage.

"What does she want?" I ask, upset but curious.

Lifting his shoulders in a shrug, "she didn't say, she just wants to speak to you and I already explain about you being unable to travel, so she agreed to a video call or normal phone call." I couldn't believe she's reaching out after all that has happened between us and the family.

Lissa's life has gone downhill with Rawle dumping her in the hopes that I cared enough to come back to him, for money.

Shaking my head, "Jordan won't allow it," was my first response and it's the truth.

Thinking about Jordan, I looked around the room but he isn't here.

Remembering how upset he was about the uninvited guest, I decide to look for him.

"Excuse me," I stood up and walked out staring into the corridor but Jordan wasn't there.

I ventured unto the veranda where Jordan and I stood earlier.

I heard Jordan's raised voice before, two female voice tried intervening.

"I forgive you after your wedding and kept you in my circle but that ends today!" I heard Jordan say as I got closer.

"I'm sorry man," I heard Cole's voice, "I allowed myself to get manipulated." He continued. "I will leave. Come," I heard him speak again.

"What's going on here?" I interrupted a surprise Cole who was facing me.

Jordan lifted his angry eyes which soften the moment our eyes met.

"Just an uninvited guest still trying to throw herself at me." Jordan came forward pulling me into his arms.

As I lift my eyes to Gail, I was thankful for the practice I had dealing with the bitch Evelyn Ambrose.

"You're a friend of my husband and I considered you a friend too." I said but her indifferent attitude angered me.

"Hey," Gail's sister interrupted me. "Don't you address my sister." She walks towards Jordan and I. "If you have a problem with me, then deal with me." She continued, rolling her eyes.

Chuckling, "first of all, I don't know you, so stay out of this before I have you thrown out of here." I dismissed her and turned to address Gail once again.

"Leah," Gail started but whatever she was about to say, was irrelevant to me.

"Oh drop it," I waved off her explanation. "I have no problem with you being here or even bringing a guest but when the people you bring, tries to disrupt my party, then I have a problem." Shifting my gaze to Cole. "I think it's time you leave and how my husband and you handle this is up to the both of you." Tugging Jordan's arm I turned to walk away!

"No wonder Jordan's mother dislike you." Candy's words stops me, even when Jordan pulled me further, I won't budge.

"What?" I stared at her in disdain.

Lifting her chin, proud that she got my interest.

"Leah," Jordan tries to pulled me but I didn't budge.

My mother-in-law has been discussing me with this bitch.

"Yes," Candy's smiled at Jordan and then at me.

"CANDY!" Cole shouts but she ignored him, since she needed to finish what she came to do.

"She said that you deliberately got pregnant to trap her son and I am the girl she wants Jordan to be with." Candy chuckles proudly.

So Candy's here to seduce my husband?

I started counting with my fingers and stopped on the third finger.

"You're the third slut my mother-in-law used to try breaking Jordan and I up but I will tell you this." I moved closer to her, feeling Jordan moved with me.

"Let her know that I am not her and I don't need to seduce someone else's man for money because I was born in into money." I chuckle when Candy's eyes widen in surprise.

"Leah," Candy started but I stopped her.

"And, please let her know that the house she's living in, is mines and I can sell it from under her anyday, anytime, if she continues pimping her whores to my husband." I turned and walked back into the house with Jordan chuckling behind me.

"I love you!"

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