The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Five

Leah's POV

Jordan and I kept what occurred with us on the terrace between ourselves but Cole was worried about Jordan's reaction towards him, so he reached out to Vinnie whose reaction turned out to be worse than Jordan's.

"Why didn't you tell me about Gail's sister and what they conspired with your mother to do?" Vinnie walked into the kitchen where Jordan, Mrs. Sanchez and I stood heating some leftovers from yesterday.

Shaking his head, Jordan glanced at me before making light of the situation.

"It doesn't matter now, we dealt with it and that's it." Jordan responds, pulling a plate out of the microwave before putting in another.

Gritting his teeth, Vinnie glares at Jordan, "dealt with who?" I frowned at Vinnie who glared angrily at Jordan.

"Cole and Gail or your mother?" Vinnie barked.

Slamming the microwave door shut, Jordan turned angrily on Vinnie, making me jump.

"What the fuck do you want me to do, huh?" Jordan paused, "What the fuck am I supposed to do?" He shouts.

"Deal with it," Jordan turn to me, then back at Vinnie. "Deal with her or I will let your sister lose on her." Narrowing his eyes, Vinnie threatens Jordan.

Scuffing, Jordan turned away from Vinnie and just stood in front the microwave.

I slapped Vinnie's arm as he was about to opened his mouth again and shook my head when he dropped his questioning eyes on me.

Shaking his head, not hiding his disapproval, Vinnie stomps out of the kitchen, leaving a eerie silence.

Mrs. Sanchez raised her eyebrows, nodding at Jordan's back.

This is not how I expected our first morning in our new home to be.

"Jordan?" I whispered, still rooted in the same spot since Vinnie entered the kitchen earlier.

Normally I would get upset when Jordan ignores me but I already sense that he is vulnerable when it comes to his mother.

When the microwave beeps, I moved in front of Jordan to opened the door.

I could feel his eyes on mines but I just pulled out the plate and moved to the kitchen counter.

I won't force Jordan to forget his mother or their relationship but I will not allow her to try messing with my husband and my marriage anymore.

"I'll be right back," Jordan turns suddenly and walks out the kitchen, leaving Mrs. Sanchez and I staring at each other.

"Even though he won't continue pursuing a relationship with her, she's still his mother." Mrs. Sanchez reminds me softly.

I never knew my mother but is having a mother like his, any different?

"I'm hungry," pulling out a chair, I replaced Jordan's breakfast in the oven and started on mines, hoping he doesn't get into a fight with Vinnie during our first morning in our new home.

"Did you know about this house?" I turned curiously to Mrs. Sanchez who smiled quickly, happy with the change in conversation.

By the time Jordan returned with Vinnie, Jade and Michael in tow, Mrs. Sanchez and I had already eaten and was cleaning up.

"Grandpa called," Jade bounces cheerfully into the kitchen.

I exchanged a brief glance with Jordan as Jade continues to relay Mr. Branson's message to us.

"We're having brunch at a restaurant so don't eat too much," she winks playfully at me, confirming that Jordan still hasn't said anything to her about her mother sending Gail and her sister here.

I rubbed my tummy, "baby and I are full," I moved towards the oven, "your breakfast is in here, are you ready for it?" I asked Jordan.

Nodding, he pulls out his chair, his eyes still showing his concern about his conversation with Vinnie earlier.

I know what I have to do and I will do it without getting Jordan involved.

If his mother persists on being a bitch, I would be the mother of all bitches to save my marriage.

I dressed in one of the few outfits Mrs. Sanchez packed for me, which I consider to be way for formal for brunch but, I downplayed it by only using a watch and my wedding band.

Jordan hasn't spoken to me about his disagreement with Vinnie earlier and I was concern when Vinnie decline Mr. Branson's lunch invitation but I was happy, he's spending the afternoon with Rosie and the girls.

"Vinnie and I are fine," Jordan chuckles as he climbed into the driver's seat, with Michael in the passenger seat, leaving Jade, Mrs. Sanchez and I in the back of his spacious Benz.

As we drove away from our new home, Jade looked back smiling.

"Jordan, this gift to Leah was really a well kept secret," Jade pouts.

"Vinnie and I spent hours adding the finishing touches and I was anxious, until I saw Leah's expression." Jordan admits as he drove towards the city.

"Will you still be working from home, this far away from the office?" Jade question Jordan.

Curious, I met Jordan's eyes in the rearview mirror. "Of course," he smiles. "I'm not leaving Leah's side until the baby comes and Michael is doing a terrific job at the office." He compliments his brother-in-law.

Reaching out, Jade hugs Michael from behind his seat, "yeah, he's a terrific guy." She chuckles.

I could hold back my giggle as Michael blush at his wife's compliment.

Lunch was a huge affair, with my father also present. I got a bit concern when Mr. Branson pull Jordan in a corner for a brief conversation as we entered the private dining room he booked.

"Leah," Mr. Branson calls, as I picked at the enormous lunch he ordered, still filled from my heavy breakfast this morning.

Lifting my eyes, I smile at him expectantly.

"Your grandmother and I would love for you to spend a few days at our home."

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