The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Six

Jordan's POV

This is the first time Leah will be staying at the home I grew up in but she's nervous about me leaving the country on urgent business and leaving her alone.

It's my first trip as the new CEO of the Branson's Group!

"I'm sorry about this but grandpa can't travel right now and dad hasn't been given the green light in the office, yet!" I explained to Leah as she pretends to be okay with me leaving.

Nodding silently, Leah looks away to check out the room, where I spent all my teenage years.

"Feel free to remove anything you don't like," I kept following her gaze, lifting my eyes to the Beyonce poster on my ceiling.

Chuckling at her expression, "I'll get that one removed before I leave." I promised.

"It just feels so weird that I am moving in here after your mother moved out." Leah frowns.

We both knew mom never welcomed her here, so that's why we only came for Sunday brunch!

"Jade will be here but Michael and Vinnie would be travelling with me because grandpa wants Michael to get more involved with the Company." I knew Leah already knew everything I was explaining to her.

Giving me an apologetic smile, "I would have prefered my apartment at Rosie's." Leah whispered.

Pointing over my shoulder, "go tell that to grandpa," I chuckle lightly.

Shaking her head swiftly, definitely not amused. "No way," she responds, flushing deep red, as she shifts hereself to stretch out my bed.

Watching her on my bed, stirred my inside.

"Where were you when I was growing up?" I mused, wishing I had met her way back then.

Blushing, "growing up in Seattle." Leah retorted with a smirk.

Chuckling, I turned around at the soft knocking on the door!

"It's open," I shout out, sitting on the bed beside Leah.

Jade walks excitedly into the room and looks up at my ceiling.

"Can you imagine that you're the second girl to ever enter Jordan's bedroom?" Jade jokes, leaving me puzzled.

Appearing intrigued, Leah pats a space on the bed that's closer to her, for Leah to sit.

"Really?" She lifts her eyebrow staring at me curiously. "And Jordan said that I'm the first girl he's brought into his bedroom," she pouts to Jade.

Pointing upwards, "nah, Beyonce beat you to it. She's the one who got him off every night." Jade laughs out at my flushed cheeks.

Needless to say, it won't make any difference denying it, so I just let it slide.

"I hope you don't take Leah out without grandma and grandpa's approval," I try to subtly warn my sister who would forget that Leah is pregnant and drag her around on shopping trips and outings.

Staring at me straight face, pretending to be hurt, "so you and Michael are allowed to enjoy your trip and you expect us, to remain in the house until you return?" Jade speaks is if Michael and I are going on a holiday.

Turning to Leah, "you're not to step out of this house unless it's to visit a doctor," I instructed her sternly.

I'm aware that I sound selfish but her being safe while I am not around is my number one priority.

Responding to me with an amused expression, "seriously?" She turned to my sister, who was getting angry.

"You're not locking us in this house for an entire week," Jade, stood ready to defy me.

This is between Leah and I, so I decided to leave Jade out of it.

"Leah?" I give her a stern look.

We vowed to obey each other and this is one of the times I need for her to obey me.

I need to know she is safe because I am constantly afraid of her pregnancy having negative developments.

As if she's reading my thoughts, "okay," Leah agreed softly, "but I have a condition," she adds.

Curling the corner of my mouth, with a side smirk.

"I'm listening," folding my arms already aware that her condition is about me going out to detox in bars and clubs after work.

"From your hotel room to the office and from the office to the hotel room with no female guests." Leah drove a hard bargain but I willingly comply.

Stretching out a hand to shake hers. "Deal." I agreed, sharing a kiss to seal the deal.

As promised, Leah remained at home, while Michael and I held back to back meetings with our overseas investors to bring them up to date on their investments.

I kept pushing Michael in the frontline and would only assist, when I saw that he needed it.

On the fifth day of my business trip, my worst fears were confirmed.

Grandpa called to informed me about Leah being hospitalized because she was spotting.

Without a moment's hesitation, I left Michael with Vinnie to communicate with grandpa on his last day, which wouldn't be difficult and headed back home to Leah and our baby.

On my way home, Leah's doctor kept assuring me that all is well but I couldn't sit still.

I felt my worst fears coming through and I felt helpless because I am so far away.

The flight to take me home was suppose to be hours but it felt like days on board the Branson's jet.

"Jordan," Jade stood quickly and ran towards me as I walked into Leah's hospital room but I was focused on my wife who was fast asleep.

Pressing a finger to her lips, "they are both fine" Jade tries assuring me but I am not assured and I am not satisfied.

I have no idea what will actually satisfy me right now but all I knew is that I am never leaving my wife's side again!

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