The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Seven

Leah's POV

I frowned when I saw Jordan sitting in a chair beside my bed, with his eyes closed, his face appearing drawn and tired.

Blinking twice to ensure I wasn't dreaming, confirming also that Jordan's strained look is because of him worrying about me.

Averting my eyes, feeling his fingertips on my protruding stomach. "Jordan?" Even though I didn't want to wake him, I need to let him know that I am fine so he could stop worrying, unnecessarily.

Startled, Jordan sat upright quickly.

"Leah!" Jordan threw himself over me, clutching my shoulders, sighing deeply. "You're awake," he said, crashing his lips on mines.

When Jordan finally lifted his head for a breather, "how long have you been here?" I glance at the clock on the wall of the private room at the hospital.

I have only been asleep for an hour or more.

Following my gaze, Jordan laughs.

"About half an hour." He responds.

Caressing his cheek, aware how worried he is about me because he is fearful about losing me.

I feel guilty for putting him through this extra strain but I can't change it now.

"God Leah, I am never leaving you again," Jordan whispers earnestly, with his face resting against my chest.

"Where's Jade?" I asked curiously, looking at the couch that's situated at the corner of the room, where I last saw Jade, before I fell asleep.

Lifting his head, with a mischievous smirk, "I'm here now so you don't need Jade." Jordan responds lightly, although I know he's happy that Jade was with me.

Staring at him in disbelief, I can't be ungrateful to Jade because she's been with me, since Jordan has been away!

"Hey, be nice," I scold him playfully, smiling when Jade walks in, her hands filled with FOOD!

"Jordan doesn't know the meaning of that word," she glares mockingly at her brother. "Just so know," Jade turns to Jordan after placing her purchases on the table.

"I am staying here tonight and the couch is mines," Jade promise not to leave me and now that Jordan is here, I can't send her home.

Smiling softly, Jordan turned to his sister, "I'm here so you can go home and get a goodnight rest." Jordan hugs Jade, closing his eyes with his lips moving softly.

"Nice try," I heard Jade chuckle, before she shoves Jordan playfully.

Moving towards the table, Jade takes out a fast food container, "now, I got your chocolate cake but you need to eat your dinner first." Jade brought the box of grilled chicken and fries that baby and I were craving.

My mouth started watering at just the scent of my dinner.

Curling his lips, staring at me curiously.

"That's dinner?" Jordan asks, opening the lid of my box wider.

Nodding like a kid at Christmas, "yup and as much as I love you, I'm not sharing." I pulled the box closer to me and took a fry out.

Jordan held my hand, placing the fry between his lips, liking my fingers dry.

"Aww" Jade coos at her brother lovingly, as he fed me. Little does she know that he's helping himself by stealing my food.

Jade was already prepared to spend the night with me, so she sent Jordan home for a shower and a change of clothes before rejoining, us for a hospital sleepover.

While Jade slept on the couch, Jordan joined me on the hospital bed where we talked late into the night discussing what he did overseas and promoting Vinnie, whose knows everything Jordan does and maybe more.

By the time Dr. Mehra came in the morning, Jade had already left, helping me in the shower, although Jordan kept saying that he could handle me.

I saw Jordan breathe a heavy sigh of relief when the Dr. Mehra said that both mother and child are fine, showing him the ultrasound, identifying every detail on the monitor.

"Can I go home then?" I asked Dr. Mehra, my eyes silently pleading with her.

Nodding at Jordan, "my husband is home and he will be take extra care of me." I tried pleading my case to my doctor.

Dr. Mehra lifted her worried eyes to Jordan.

"Because of Leah's blood pressure, I want to constantly monitor her, in case we need to do a early delivery," Jordan eyes widen and darken in shock, while I lowered my eyelids because I didn't mention this information to him, last night.

"What?" Jordan became apprehensive, glancing at me and then Dr. Mehra.

Dr. Mehra reached out, touching Jordan's arm. "The only problem Leah has, is her blood pressure and once we get it under control, we would do a C-section, without any major problems." Dr. Mehra repeated the words, of the three doctors she consulted yesterday.

Sweeping his hands over his face, Jordan held his head and turned away.

I met Dr. Mehra's dark eyes, as she stares back at me with concern.

I am comfortable with the doctors explanation but Jordan isn't because he's afraid that I won't survive, like my mother.

"Jordan?" I finally called him, unsure of what I should say but I knew we're in this together and again I blame myself for causing him this extra grief.

A nurse enters the room and shuts off the machine, before rolling it out of my room.

"I will be right back," Dr. Mehra takes my chart and follows the nurse.

"Jordan?" I called again before Jordan turned around to face me, his eyes blood red.

"Why didn't you say something last night?" He whispered, his voice coming out hoarse.

Shaking my head, biting my lips aware that now is not the time to make excuses but I didn't want him having a sleepless night, worrying about what tomorrow holds.

"I wanted you to sleep properly."

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